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TL;DR Here are the best book editing software recommendations that I will be reviewing in this article:

If you ask any writer what part of their job they want to avoid, you will hear the same answer every time, editing. Writing is a challenging task, as writers are struggling with their ideas.

When writers finish their writing, they face another challenge that is “editing.”

But don’t worry, I’ve handpicked some of the best editing software for you. These tools cover various aspects of the editing process: spelling, grammar, logic, background information, and readability. You will like this editing software.

Software for writing a book

Best Book writing software: 7 Recommendations

Best Book Editing Softwares

1. AutoCrit

AutoCrit: Best Features

Feature 1: Progress Tracking

For authors, it is essential to know how far they have gone in editing their manuscripts. That’s why AutoCrit comes with scores and report features that show authors at a glance how far they can shine their Work.

Feature 2: Word by Word Analysis

This tool will analyze your entire script and suggest practical improvements in terms of repetition, word choice, writing power, pacing and speed, and more. The report will force you to reconsider every sentence and paragraph.

Feature 3: Dynamic Summary Report

With AutoCrit, there is no need for authors to finish everything from the beginning of the manuscript. The software analyzes the entire content and provides a summary that tells the author where they should begin their edits and also provides them with accurate recommendations.

2. Hemingway App

Hemingway App: Best Features

Feature 1: Color-Coded Highlights

This application uses multiple colors to classify various readability issues. Yellow, red, purple, blue, green color respectively represent long, hard to read, substitute text, grammar improvement, and type of voices.

Feature 2: The software is easy to use

Hemingway Editor is a direct editing app. All you have to do is paste, and you will have an analysis of your piece ready to go immediately. As you copy and paste, you will get a highlighted version of the content.

Feature 3: Cost-effective

The Hemingway app offers a desktop app for a one-time $ 19.99 purchase. This purchase allows you to download the application and use it whenever and wherever – even offline.

3. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays: Best Features

Feature 1: Multiple types of Work Covered

There is no need to pay tons of money to edit content. You can hire a professional editor at essay writing service NinjaEssay. It is an essay writing service that changes the game by providing essays, research papers, term papers, etc.

Feature 2: Cost-effective

A qualified team of ninja writers has all the skills necessary for your success. Quotes are still very cheap; the organization provides the best quality services. The best thing is that you will be able to collaborate with the editor and share your opinion on the changes in it.

This process means that you will end up with a version that has nothing to do with your style and approach. You will find a polished book that is ready to be published.

Ninja writers jump right at your command to complete it quickly and on time.

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid: Best Features

Feature 1: Best Writing Style

ProWritingAid is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing in a package. This online tool will analyze your content in terms of repetition, sentence length, correct usage of phrases, writing style, and more.

The software automatically explains the improvements to the style you can edit. Nothing makes a writer lose credibility faster than spelling and grammar mistakes. ProWritingAid provides error-free writing & Easily remove errors.

Feature 2: No Word Limit

There is always a place for improvement. Remove your bad habits and common mistakes. You can analyze the text of up to 3000 words with the free version.

5. SmartEdit Writer

SmartEdit Writer: Best Features

Feature 1: Specially made for Short stories & Novels

If you are a novel and short story writer, then this online tool is specially designed for you. This tool is aimed explicitly at editing novels and short stories.

That means you do not need to cut multiple segments to run the text through software. This process will save your valuable time that you can use to think up more creative ideas for your next book.

Feature 2: Automatic backup

It is easy to move through your scenes using drag and drop. Store your research material, pictures, and bookmarks for future reference. It also has an automatic backup feature.

Feature 3: Tracking and individual checks

This instrument runs a series of 20 different tests on the material. Then, it exposes potential problems, such as misused or misspelled words, adverbs, repetitive words and phrases, and more. Your daily words matter to keep you motivated and to know your productivity. Enhance your creative process.

6. WordRake

WordRake: Best Features

Feature 1: One-Click Editing

Your book will magically become more appealing when you cut out all unnecessary phrases and words. WordRake will help you do this with just one click.

Feature 2: Expressive Writing

When you read the draft version, it is a difficult task, because you want to express yourself with more and more words. WordRake software will increase your awareness: You can make a strong impression by using fewer words.

With the help of WordRake, you can write on point. WordRake strengthens, tones, and clarifies your writing. WordRake checks for unnecessary words and cumbersome phrases through its document.

7. After the Deadline

After the Deadline: Best Features

Feature 1: AI & Language Processing Technology

It is a grammar checker that is much more efficient than the grammar and spelling characteristics of words. The main difference is that the focus is on the context after the Deadline. They use artificial intelligence and language processing technology to find your errors.

Feature 2: Interpretation of issues

When you run the content through this software, it will outline all the possible problems. However, the tool also provides explanations that help you make the text flawless and more readable.

Automated tools for spelling and grammar checking are great but don’t forget that you should not rely on them unconditionally. The right combination of tools will help you shine your manuscript to perfection.

Best Novel writing software: Final Verdict

No software can replace an actual editor, which is why I offered the right combination of tools; this will help you shine your book to perfection.

There is no need to be afraid of editing steps.

When you try to proofread and edit a book you’ve written, you don’t have to aim for perfection. Clean it as much as possible before forwarding it to the editor & you are ready to publish!

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