Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

If you’ve tried to learn anything through online courses or instructional videos, chances are, you’ve seen a whiteboard animation video.

You’re probably here because you found yourself fascinated with the quick drawing process and immersed in anticipation for what comes next. The next thing you know, the video is over, and you watched it completely.

I can guarantee you, I’ve been there. You are not alone! Whiteboard animation videos have taken explainer videos to the next level.

It thrives, first, because of its effectiveness. Watching the drawing process unfold is hugely engaging. The interactivity makes the video compelling to follow, and the information it communicates, easy to retain.

Next, it’s efficient. Unlike traditional videos, whiteboard explainer videos won’t require extensive resources to book locations, hire actors, and others. It’s relatively simple to do. You can create it quickly, even remotely. This makes whiteboard animation videos cost-efficient as well.

Whether you’re presenting a business idea, delivering a sales pitch, training employees, or promoting advocacy, turning it into a dynamic video will surely help your message stick.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Creating whiteboard animation software can be daunting if you’ve never done anything like it before. But thanks to technology, you’ll now find a lot of available softwares that can help you streamline the process regardless of your experience.

Here I’ve compiled some of the best free and paid tools available for you to upgrade your explainer videos.

  • MySimpleShow
  • RenderForest
  • Animaker
  • Doodly
  • Vyond
  • PowToon
  • TruScribe

Read on and see which one you’ll like best.


MySimpleShow is an online web tool that lets you make an explainer video in minutes. It has a freemium package, which means that you can opt to use it for free forever. MySimpleShow is extremely beginner-friendly. It guides you throughout the process, including creating a concise and compelling script and flow for your storyboard.

Key Features

  • Ready-made story templates
  • Guided script creation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • PowerPoint upload
  • Freemium package available

There are three ways to start a video using MySimpleShow:

  1. You can use one of its story templates.
  2. You can start from scratch.
  3. You can start with an existing PowerPoint presentation.

Using a story template is one of the quickest options. All you’ll have to do is pick one that fits your needs, put in a few tweaks and edits, and you’re pretty much done.

Starting from scratch takes a bit more work but is still extremely simple.

The process starts with script creation. If you’re prone to rambling, MySimpleShow will help you filter the most important things you’ll have to communicate using a series of guide questions. After you input your answers, it’ll automatically generate a storyboard, complete with a voiceover and animation.

Of course, this is entirely editable. With its easy-to-use interface, you’re free to rearrange illustrations, change them, or upload your own. MySimpleShow also provides controls for you to polish the hand animation, music, and video speed. Feel free to play it again and again until you’re satisfied.

Finally, another way, you can start a video is by uploading a PowerPoint presentation.

pasted image 0 19

Looking to upgrade your PowerPoint? Here’s a quick way to do it.

PowerPoint presentations have become a standard in data presentation. MySimpleShow provides a quick way for you to elevate them and turn them into captivating hand-drawn explainer videos through this feature. Simply upload your presentation, and adjust and polish it to your liking.

How much is MySimpleShow?

MySimpleShow is free but also has Business, Pro, and Enterprise plans available.

pasted image 0 17

Single users will benefit the most from the Business or Pro packages of MySimpleShow.

Videos you create using the freemium package can still be enticing, but you’ll be limited in terms of your choices for narration voices, background music, and hand-drawn animation options. It also retains the MySimpleShow watermark.

With the free package, you won’t get to upload your music, fonts, and watermark yet.

The freemium features are an excellent way to start your journey. They will be useful to retain if your needs won’t require you to create highly customized and high definition explainer videos.

As you move up into the pricing tier, you’ll be able to use more features that include the following:

  • Watermark editing and removal
  • More options for narration voices, background music, hand-draw animation options
  • HD download quality
  • Ability to upload your own background music, font, watermark
  • Adding animation without hands
  • Team collaboration (Enterprise only)
  • Learning and training resources (Enterprise only)

You can pay all plans monthly or annually and enjoy more savings with the annual billing schedule.

Is MySimpleShow good?

  • Very easy to use
  • Provides ample guidance for scriptwriting and video flow
  • Freemium package available
  • Dependent on internet
  • Customizability is low
  • Starter voiceover sounds robotic

MySimpleShow is a great tool to use if you’re just starting with whiteboard animation videos. Its guided scriptwriting process will help you streamline your narration and create an adequate flow for your video. The freemium package allows you to start with no monetary investment.

Interested to check it out? Try it by making a free account here.


RenderForest is a great web-based tool to use if you have video needs that include but are not limited to whiteboard animation videos. It has hundreds of video templates in various categories, including promotional videos, explainer videos, music visualizations, and more.

You’ll have access to over 50,000 unique custom logos, text, images, and color palettes. These will help you give your videos a look that’s iconic for your brand.

Key Features

  • Ready-made story templates
  • Guided video creation
  • Variety of video styles and types
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Freemium package available

RenderForest offers you three ways to go about your video: start from scratch, use a template, or be somewhere along the middle.

Starting from scratch gives you the most freedom but would require more time investment. Still, you can confidently dive in regardless of your experience level. The software provides excellent guidance to help you create your desired outcome.

If you prefer to start with a ready-made template, RenderForest has you covered too. This software animation tool has over 50 available templates covering a wide range of industries –from real estate, healthcare, startups, travel, etc. It also has videos for special procedures and advocacies such as COVID prevention tips.

pasted image 0 18

Choose from many ready-made stories for your video.

If you want the benefit of crafting your structure from scratch, minus the nitty-gritty of full execution, you can opt to go half-and-half: start from scratch and put ready-made scenes together for your final video.

RenderForest’s Freemium package allows you to create 1-min videos and provide your needs’ most essential features.

Upon export, RenderForest gives you the option to download or upload directly to Youtube.

How much is RenderForest?

RenderForest’s plans come in five (5) tiers.

pasted image 0 13

Choose the best RenderForest package that’s right for you.

The Freemium package gives you 300 MB storage, unlimited 360p video exports, and the freedom to create videos that are up to 3 minutes long. You’ll also have access to around 200,000 stock videos and a limited number of music tracks. Since it’s a free tier, you’ll have RenderForest’s watermarks on everything you create.

Paid subscription plans expand the software’s available features as you progress into each package. The features that change along the way are the following:

  • Storage
  • Number of downloadable videos per month
  • Access to stock videos
  • Variety of music tracks
  • Watermark removal and editing
  • Length of video you can create

Take these into consideration when selecting the plan that’s best for you.

Is RenderForest good?

  • Freemium version available
  • Free trial available
  • Good customer support
  • Cannot be used offline
  • No mobile app
  • Limited font choices
  • Cannot copy a scene from one project to another
  • Cannot create square videos

RenderForest is an excellent option if your video needs are casual and standard in size and dimensions. Its freemium package lets you create excellent whiteboard animation videos and gives you options to customize it as you wish. The paid versions will expand these features but will still limit you to one video size. This limitation makes RenderForest a less than ideal choice for publishing in multiple social media channels.

Purely cloud-based, you can access it anywhere using your browser. Support is available with a live representative, 24/7.

If you want to learn more, you can RenderForest out through their website or create an account for free.


Animaker dubs itself as the “Swiss Army Knife of creativity”. It’s a web-based whiteboard animations software that has a massive library of over 100 million stock assets. You can use these to execute all your ideas freely.

The software lets you create videos of various sizes and quality options. Best of all, it has a collaboration feature that lets you work with your team  on one project in real time.

Key Features

  • Massive stock asset library
  • Automated animation features
  • Collaboration
  • Easy resize
  • Export to social
  • Freemium package available

Animaker gives you the option to use a template or start from scratch when you make your videos.

Both options will give you access to its massive library that contains over 200,000 animated characters, properties, backgrounds, props, icons, images, and more. It also integrates Getty and Giphy for easy finding of pictures and videos. Music has over 100 royalty-free tracks and sound effects that you can use for free.

What’s more, Animaker lets you create “whiteboard videos” in several visual art styles: namely, blackboard, notepad, switchboard, or glassboard, aside from the standard whiteboard. While these retain the appeal of hand-drawn animations, it lends a refreshing feel to help your video stand out.

pasted image 0 11

Choose between these five (5) different styles to set your video apart from others!

Easily add a realistic feel to your characters and video by choosing from over 20 facial expressions and maximizing the software’s automated animation features. Auto Lip-Sync makes it look like your characters are part of your narrative and will surely increase immersion. The Smart Move feature, on the other hand, lets you deploy smooth prop animation –which usually takes a lot of time to do –with a press of a button.

Once your video’s done, you can export it in various sizes. It also gives you the option to export it directly to Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, or as a GIF. This feature makes it an excellent tool for content creation.

Collaboration features enable you and your teammates to work on the same project together –quite similar to how you usually would when working with Google Slides.

Enterprise subscriptions are priced differently than regular subscription plans (more on this in the next section). This is customized based on factors such as team size and company needs. A notable feature available for Enterprise subscription plan users, however, is a brand kit.

The brand kit lets you upload your logo, colors, fonts, and others. This way, your team can access them quickly and retain a consistent look with all your company’s materials.

How much is Animaker?

Animaker has four (4) pricing tiers, including a freemium version.

pasted image 0 16

Get a Starter Kit to try Animaker now.

The videos you’ll create with the freemium video will have the Animaker outro and watermark but still offer real-time team collaboration, smart animations, and lip-sync automation features. It also lets you download your videos in HD but limits you to 5 downloads per month. It’s also limited in custom character features, asset usage credits, free available music tracks, and premium templates.

Paid tiers will give you more freedom with your video quality, the number of video downloads, available customization options, and others.

All subscription packages give you the option of being billed monthly or annually.

Is Animaker good?

  • Fun to use because of options and easy interface
  • Can create GIF’s
  • Good customer service
  • Freemium has so many limitations
  • Some objects in the asset library are not usable which makes it confusing

Animaker is your ultimate go-to if you want to create videos for social channels. The tool’s easy resize feature lets you optimize your materials for all available channels. It also lets you upload finished videos directly to streamline your workflow.

Animaker’s interface is highly reminiscent of Canva. It’s intuitive as it is, but familiarity with the mentioned program will lower the learning curve needed for Animaker.

Check it out and see it for yourself at Or even better, try it here now.


Doodly allows anyone to create doodle software with a push of a button. It has a very minimalist interface that lets you save projects from the cloud. It’s a hybrid between a cloud-based application and a desktop app available for Mac and PC. Although it’s a downloadable program, you’ll need an internet connection to use it.

Key Features

  • Minimal and efficient interface
  • Smart Erase and Smart Draw (proprietary animation technology)
  • Multiple computer installations
  • Upload fonts

Doodly features a minimalist drag-and-drop interface that’s intuitive and easy to learn. It offers a layout that gives you everything you need within reach.

Create your videos using done-for-you scenes or with hundreds of characters, props, music, and more, at your disposal. If you don’t fancy any of the options they offer, you’re free to upload any of your own.

Styles for your “whiteboard animation” can vary. You can decide to have your animations are drawn on a blackboard, greenboard, glassboard, or the classic whiteboard. It also lets you edit how your camera pans and how scenes transition to the next. Although hands are usual parts of whiteboard animation videos, Doodly gives you the option to create parts without them for a cleaner effect.

What sets Doodly apart from other whiteboard animation softwares are their proprietary technologies. Smart Draw allows you to trace a draw path along the images you upload. This direction defines how the animated hand should move as it makes your image appear in the final video, making the drawing action feel more natural and realistic.

On the other hand, Smart Erase is the integration of an erasing action in the drawing animations as your video progresses. Like Smart Draw, Smart Erase aids in making your video feel more realistic and engaging.

Doodly lets you export in a variety of formats, sizes, and quality. A single account also enables you to install the software on different machines, so you have it on hand whether you’re working at the office or home.

How much is Doodly?

Doodly has two (2) simple pricing tiers: Standard and Enterprise.

pasted image 0 15

Choose between Doodly’s simple pricing tier.

You can download both packages on unlimited computers, and you’ll also get free software updates with your purchase, as they come.

Both offer the essential features that make Doodly great, but Enterprise gives you more characters, props, and music. You’ll also get access to the Doodly Club, which is a community of people who love putting their explainer videos to the next level.

Doodly doesn’t have a freemium version but has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Doodly good?

  • Realistic animation
  • Lots of options for props and music
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy upload and integration of fonts and assets
  • Can be installed on many computers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Assets differ too much in style and lack consistency
  • Backgrounds are not searchable
  • Internet-dependent
  • No free trial

Doodly is incredible because of its proprietary technologies geared towards making your videos look exceptionally engaging. This smoothness and organic feel, coupled with multiple customization options, give your video an edge in the world’s increasing sea of content. It also allows you to export videos of your quality, size, and format of your choice, making them flexible to your needs.


Vyond is an online animation software that lets you create professional videos with various templates, sounds, and props.  It has a drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to use. It also has a character lip-sync feature that lets you make it look like your characters are talking.

Key Features

  • Colorful videos and different styles
  • Customized characters and realistic movement
  • Export as video or GIF
  • Automated lip-sync

Vyond is incredibly easy to use with its simple, drag-and-drop interface. Creating a video in Vyond, you can choose between different styles: Contemporary, Business Friendly, or Whiteboard.

pasted image 0 14

Get unique looks for your videos and characters with Vyond.

While they all look premium, each will convey a different feel. The  Contemporary style is the one that’s sleekest and most modern-looking. Business-Friendly is described as “2D characters with a TV look”. Finally, if you want to go for a hand-drawn look, then the whiteboard animation style is your recommended go-to.

Character customization includes a lip-sync feature, so they can easily integrate into the scene you’re creating.

Searchable pre-built templates are available for efficiency and inspirational purposes. You’ll instantly see that it caters to a lot of industries and scenarios. Simply look for one that suits your liking, customize text or characters, add voice and music, and you’re done!

How much is Vyond?

Vyond has four (4) pricing tiers and no free version.

pasted image 0 20

Pick the best Vyond pricing plan that fits your needs.

The most affordable option is the Essential package. With it, however, you’ll have the Vyond logo imprinted at the bottom left side of each video. Another critical thing to note is that your video quality is limited to 720p, and you can’t export it as a GIF.

Premium is where you can the Vyond branding disappear. It also includes high-quality exports (1080p MP4) and live chat support. Exporting 8-second GIF’s is also already available. This package is an excellent choice for single users or small businesses.

Professional and Enterprise are best for bigger businesses. Availing these subscriptions gives you access to advanced features such as team collaboration and priority customer service. Enjoy shared libraries, management panels (to administer team accounts), and font uploads for branding. The Enterprise version will also have more security features, training and onboarding assistance, and a dedicated account manager, so you’re sure that you’re always supported.

Try it free for 14 days free to see if it’s something you’d like to invest in.

Is Vyond good?

  • Easy to put things together and switch out props
  • Can upload fonts and change colors of things in the Character Studio
  • Timeline is helpful
  • Can assign character movements, expressions, and emotions
  • Limited number of characters
  • No way to get a quick playback of scenes to check without rendering the entire video

The stand-out features for Vyond are its attractive character styles and its ability to change your props’ colors. This feature gives you more freedom to inject relevant brand colors or personality into your videos. The interface is also well-loved because it’s clean and intuitive.

Learn more about Vyond through their official website, and download it for free for 14 days.


Powtoon is the web-based tool of choice by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of your skill level, this tool helps you create premium videos because of its sleek and modern graphics. It also integrates with social media channels and ad tech, content communities, and more. This arsenal makes it easier to incorporate it into your workflow and business goals.

Key Features

  • Graphics are modern and sophisticated
  • Flexible video sizes
  • Convert to PowerPoint
  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop
  • Direct export to social channels
  • Integration to advertising platforms and others
  • Team collaboration

Videos made with Powtoon are remarkable because of how the tool provides you with excellent raw materials. Its art style is sleek and modern. In turn, your videos are sure to look professional and attractive to today’s audiences.

Export your videos into several sizes and aspect ratios, depending on how you want to use them. For standard presentations, you can even choose to turn it into a PowerPoint.

Inversely, upgrade your PowerPoint presentations by turning them into a video. Powtoon preserves your effects and animations. But it improves it by adding royalty-free footage, soundtracks, animations, and more.

Powtoon stands-out because of its innovations brought about by its integrations.

First, it integrates with Adobe Photoshop, which is the most used photo editing software by industry professionals. It allows you to import artboards from Photoshop and turn it into a video to make your portfolio more engaging to browse. What’s more, this integration lets you edit images you’re using in your Powtoon video in Photoshop without having to export or import anything.

Next, it integrates with social (Facebook, Youtube, etc.), content communities (Vimeo Skillshare), ad-tech (Hubspot, Wistia, Kaltura), and media collections (Flickr, Storyblocks). It also offers several app extensions.

This feature lets you upload your videos directly into social channels, effectively evaluate their effectiveness for your campaigns, and get access to more media sources.

If you’re working with a team, you’ll enjoy shared media libraries so that you all have access to your company’s essential graphics and assets.

How much is Powtoon?

Paid annually, the most affordable Powtoon plan is Pro.

pasted image 0 12

Ready for takeoff? Download Powtoon now.

Videos exported in the freemium version will contain the Powtoon branding. A free account grants you100 MB of storage, access to free soundtracks and royalty-music, and aesthetically pleasing objects. However, it limits your video downloads to 3 minutes, if you’re downloading in HD.

The paid plans are Pro, Pro+, and Agency. All of them remove the Powtoon branding and let you download videos as MP4 in full HD (1080p). You’ll also have complete privacy control, commercial rights, and 24/7 priority support.

The paid plans escalate with the number of premium exports, length of HD full HD videos, storage, and access to royalty-free music and objects.

Other types of plans available are Educational Plans and Business Plans. Educational Plans include Powtoon EDU branding and is for students, teachers, and classrooms. Business Plans are for Team, Corporate, Enterprise. You can request for their prices through a quote.

Is Powtoon good?

  • Templates are organized by type of event or industry
  • Pricing plan variety
  • Integrations and direct exports to social, ad tech, and others
  • PowerPoint and Photoshop integration
  • Continuous software development
  • Great support team
  • Templates are not searchable
  • Reliant on internet

Powtoon is powerful because of its features and integrations. These abilities make it an excellent tool for businesses because it integrates seamlessly into existing workflows. It has success stories shared by companies like Skyguide and Dun&Bradstreet. Many Fortune 500 companies also use them. Powtoon’s variety of pricing plans and usability makes it a good staple for anyone.

Learn more about it through its official website


TruScribe is more of a service than it is a piece of software. It’s a platform that connects you to an experienced team specializing in hand-drawn videos that deploy the Scribology Method: a science-based procedure of making engaging videos that ensure a higher retention rate.

Key Features

  • No learning curve needed
  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible time frame
  • Science-based animation structure

The TruScribe team specializes in creating creative content for businesses through hand-drawn whiteboard animation videos, custom infographics. They are highly proficient in the Scribology Method, a scientifically proven way to attract attention and ensure retention among viewers.

Because you’re hiring experts, the learning curve is non-existent. Just align with the team, communicate your vision, and you should be all set. How you start is entirely flexible. If you have a script, they can help you translate it visually. If you’re in need of writing assistance, their copywriters would be happy to jump in.

As for narration and voice talent, TruScribe will readily give you options. This plan of action will save you time for talent scouting and more. With TruScribe, you will choose all the objects, sounds, backgrounds, and props in your video. If you have additional requirements such as infographics and digital images, you can request TruScribe for them as well.

The team promises a turnaround time of 20 business days, but you’re free to negotiate for the time frame as needed.

How much is TruScribe?

Pricing varies depending on your needs and will be quoted based on your requirements. Because it's a service, there are no free tiers or trials. However, they offer a money-back guarantee if their work doesn’t satisfy you.

Is Truscribe good?

  • Time-saving
  • Zero learning curve
  • Flexible requirements
  • Customized according to your needs
  • Price will be based on needs
  • Price may be relatively higher than softwares because you’re also paying for skill
  • No free trial

Hiring artists and freelancers are great options when you’re creating a video. This option eliminates the need for you to invest time learning software and other skills related to scripts, etc.

This service’s human element guarantees a video that’s made just for you and your company’s unique needs. The zero learning curve lets you focus on other parts of your business that will require your specialties if it’s not video editing.

Get in touch with the team through their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a whiteboard explainer video?

You can create a whiteboard explainer video by hiring someone to do it or by making one yourself.

Getting work-for-hire services will eliminate any learning curve you’ll need otherwise. For this route, you should allot your time to make sure you’re working with a reliable team with sufficient expertise and an understanding of your needs. TruScribe is an excellent option for this. You can also opt to look for freelancers in Upwork, Fiverr, or other job boards.

If you want to make your own, you’ll need video editing software to help you weave visual and audio elements together. As with any software, there’s a learning curve for this. It’s recommended that you go for easy to use if you don’t have much video editing experience. Great for this purpose are MySimpleShow, RenderForest, Animaker, Doodly, Vyond, or Powtoon.

Can I make a whiteboard video for free?

Yes. Whiteboard animation software such as MySimpleShow, RenderForest, and Animaker, have freemium packages that you can take advantage of, with no financial investment.

What’s the best animation software for PC and Mac?

Tools such as MySimpleShow, RenderForest, Animaker, Vyond, Powtoon, and TruScribe are web-based applications accessible using PC or Mac. Doodly is a hybrid desktop app connected to the cloud available for both operating systems, as well.

What’s the best whiteboard animation software for Youtube and social media?

You can use any whiteboard animation software for Youtube and social media as long as it can provide each platform’s optimized size. Animaker and Powtoon let you export and upload videos directly to your social channels.

Final Words

Companies in the world have used whiteboard animation for internal and external functions. The process of following a sketch and the anticipation of what appears next is a great way to keep your viewers glued to the screen.

Even with no video creation experience, whiteboard animation software can help you make your explainer videos more engaging, creative, and memorable. Pick the one that fits your budget, the interface that makes you most comfortable.

Which one of these whiteboard animation softwares caught your eye? Have you tried any of them before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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