So, you want to know more about me?

A little nosey but I can understand why you'd like to know more about me so I'm going to lay it all down so you know “DheRealMark”.


Why “Dhe Real Mark”? ?

That infographic pretty much sums up how I've spent my last 6 years.

spoiler alert: It wasn't genuine.

I was always chasing and doing things because society deemed it the “right way of doing things. In fact, it reached a point where I had no absolutely no connection with myself. I didn't care about what that little voice inside me kept telling me until 2018.

I started out with pre-med then moved on to Finance but soon realized that wasn't me. They say you first find that one thing by first finding what you don't like and this was EXACTLY that!'

Which finally brings me to “Dhe Real Mark” which depicts the genuine me or the real me!

The Story of My Life?

I was born into a middle-class family in Goa, India. My parents didn't really have any formal education but were financially fine and kind enough to support my education. Unfortunately, I had no one to seek advice from and being an introvert didn't help as I never asked for advice when it came to my career which is how I ended up in pre-med and finance.

College ?

Unfortunately, I went to a college that was geared towards the corporate lifestyle and for a brief period, I did try to pursue it because well finance was supposedly the field that would make you rich.

I soon realized there were a lot of tradeoffs like a fake lifestyle to impress bosses and the infamous rat race. I had lost myself for a brief period but then I decided to drop pursuing finance and look for another option.

College wasn't all that bad though

Sure I met people and made memories but at the end of the day, I always knew college wasn't for me I soon stopped paying attention to my curriculum or even attended classes for that matter and started questioning everything I was learning.

It wasn't just me though most of my friends also hated college however they had already accepted the supposed reality of getting a 9-5 job by the end college was over. On the other hand, it wasn't exactly the same for me I knew I just couldn't do that and I had half a year to figure out how I can do this.

Learning from the Internet?

I decided to look in the one place that I loved hanging out on; The Internet. I soon discovered a whole new side to the world people or digital nomads I used to say were traveling the world making money online others making millions through their online businesses some others from their blog. Even my high school friend Jeremy who had dropped out of college was doing quite well and had been traveling the world for a while.

I loved the concept of the digital Nomad and being able to work without any working hours it was the only thing that made sense to me so I decided I was going to be a digital Nomad.

It was during this phase I learned more than college could ever teach me. In fact, it reached a point where I started reading books in my class and even got one confiscated because apparently, I wasn't being productive. (yeah right)

Post College?

Many of my friends had gotten jobs and prospects but I, on the other hand, hadn't applied to a single one. The fear and anxiety were through the roof and more so because I was moving back home with a goal of becoming a digital Nomad but had no idea how I was going to do it.

It was pretty hard because my parents had huge expectations of me and by not getting a job I was in a way letting them down. However, I knew that was a whole bunch of bull and it was nothing more than another excuse I used to not pursue my dream.

Dad Loses his job ?

My dad always had issues with diabetes and soon it got to a point wherein he had to stop working. This was a totally unexpected event that made things much harder for me as he was the sole earner of my family and that put all the pressure on me to become independent and start making money on my own.

I no longer could rely on my family to support me and had to cut down on my usual lifestyle by quite a lot.

The Broken Hustle?

The one skill I picked up during this phase was website development and Graphics design there was only one problem I wasn't making any money from it.

I soon began to realize how difficult this goal of becoming a digital nomad was, unfortunately, I wasn't strong enough to deal with this and a spent a month procrastinating and playing the “blame” game you know how everything else apart from yourself is the reason your life isn't going how it should.

I had spent a whole bunch of time trying to formulate a perfect plan but never really did the most uncomfortable thing i.e reaching out to get actual clients.

The dirty truth was: Living off my parent's income had made me soft and college had put me in an entitlement trap.

The First Win?

I had spent months and made absolutely no money I was ready to give up and even looked into getting a job I knew I would hate. I started complaining to my friend Jeremy on how it is not possible to get clients online I said:

I can't possibly find work online.

Who would ever pay hundreds of dollars to a random stranger online.

I'm not good enough.

The competition is too high in 2018

He soon made me realize I had done nothing to actually get clients and had been just procrastinated focusing on the unimportant things.

So I finally took his advice and posted on Reddit and Facebook:

To my surprise, within an hour I had an actual LEAD and within a few hours, I had TWO CLIENTS! This was the first win I had and the only thing I needed to keep going. Fast forward 3 months and I worked with people from around the world and made almost 3000 USD!

FUN FACT: The salary of a financial analyst in India is about 5000 USD a year so this was a HUGE win for me.


I was now making enough money to be independent but there was one problem I still had that fear and anxiety of what if I don't make money and go broke?

I soon grew tired of my hometown and when my productivity hit a bad low I decided to book a one-way ticket to Denpasar, Bali and travel Indonesia for the next 2 months.

I call this my “Workcation”  because I set a new goal to develop and start this blog.

To Be Continued…