Best Turnitin Alternatives in 2020

Without delay, here's a list of the best Turnitin Alternatives in 2020:

    1. Grammarly – Much more than a plagiarism checker – $11.66/mo (get 60% off)
    2. ProWritingAid – Budget Plagiarism checker – $6.58/mo
    3. QueText – Pay per order plagiarism checks – $9.9/mo for 100k words

And what's my pick?

Easy. Grammarly!

Unlike Turnitin, Grammarly has features ranging from grammar & vocabulary enhancements, intensive plagiarism checks, and nifty integrations with MS-word and Google Chrome.

As an added bonus, when you sign up for Grammarly and upgrade, you get a 60% discount. 🙂

(FYI: I run a content agency and use Grammarly for all content-related checks).

In every second, fresh content are conceived and born by writers.

Content creators are all in a frantic race to dish out originality.

Oh! Seems everyone now knows that “Content is now the new Oil.”

Thought I was the only one who knew that.

We all realize that being the best means of owning the best.

Without beating about the ‘forests’, one can only achieve this by having contents that are not ripped off from the ingenuity of others.

These are the kind of content you can go down on one knee and place the ring.

But, the nature of man is unpredictable.

Even I don’t know what I can do in the next minute.

This is why measures have been adopted over the years to save intellectual properties from being flushed down the drain by some “Copy and Paste” schemers.

And for your knowledge, I will explain to you what the Turnitin program is and the alternative programs you can use in 2020.

What is Turnitin, and how does it help with plagiarism?

Being an original content creator that you are, I want you to picture yourself sitting for hours doing your research with your coffee beside you.

And after publishing your data, you tell your students to check online for your material.

Only for you to be told that your published sweat had been copied or rebranded without any referencing to you the original author.

It’s painful, I know!

Either your work has been plagiarized or scraped, unauthorized and malicious publications checking tools can track such contents.

Tools like Turnitin, Typesy, QueText, Plagramme, etc. are specially designed to enable original content writers like yourself, get the benefits of your hard work.

Best Turnitin Alternatives 2020: Reviewed and Compared

Turnitin alternative

“Hakuna Matata…” though a wonderful phrase—still much to worry about these content robbers.

Is it me or don’t you feel these content thieves are always waiting for your published works?

It seems there is no rest for genuine content creators.

Oh! Yes, I’m talking about you and I!

Is it the time and resources we put in making these our babies, and someone somewhere with their black masks is ‘content-napping' them from us?

What do we do?

Well, it may interest you to understand that there are various plagiarism checking tools available online.

And Turnitin is one of such plagiarism checking tools that you can rely on.

I won’t bore you with much tech grammar.

Who has that time? Not you, I trust!

Turnitin is merely an education-based plagiarism-detection program.

Simple as A, B, and C.

It is one web-based program that is used by Universities, High schools, and any other educational establishment.

Great 2020 alternative plagiarism checking tools to the Turnitin are listed below.

With their features and database, users can trust these programs for a proper check on every content tested.

Let’s get to it!

1. Grammarly

Grammarly vs turnitin

Grammarly ranks top among the best grammar and spelling checker that also serves as a plagiarism detection program.

The highly-functional Grammarly in its splendor helps to check documents for spelling errors, punctuation, and even offer suggestions for users.

The paid version, called the ‘Grammarly Premium’ is an advantage for writers as it allows users to choose the genre they wish to edit.

For example, our tone can be academic, informal, general, or whatever the user wants. It's undoubtedly a treasure to buy.

Key Features:

  • Spelling and grammar checker for all versions
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Vocabulary
  • Reports
  • Huge database

Best reasons to make use of the Grammarly plagiarism checker

Reason 1: Best plagiarism checker

Coming with the paid version of the Grammarly, users experience the option of the plagiarism checker.

It can be useful for writing academic works, blogs, or marketing content.

Also, students can use this feature when editing their content to make them original enough.

Reason 2: Report accuracy

Grammarly is simply the best when it comes to the accuracy of plagiarism detection and grammatical errors.

Grammarly helps you to accurately identify mistakes like confusing prepositions, repetitive words, passive voice, spelling errors, etc.

It makes Grammarly a must-have for its accurate, detailed reports.

Reason 3: User-friendly

The best thing about Grammarly, when compared to others, is that it functions without stress.

The reports received from Grammarly are automatic, and you get to see your performance percentage.

Also, when clicking the plagiarism icon, the plagiarized texts becomes automatically highlighted, and you get to see the sources.

  • World-class spelling and grammar checker
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Large ProQuest database
  • Detects only exact similarities
  • Expensive premium version
  • Only online editing

On another note, here's a detailed review of Grammarly's plagiarism checker and another review of Grammarly premium.

2. Plagramme

Turnitin Competitors

It is one of the best online plagiarism checkers that are free for all users. Yes, free!

The scan for plagiarism is free and fast but contains no detailed report unless you get the paid version.

Another unique aspect is its multilingual feature that supports diverse languages.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual
  • Free check
  • Detailed report
  • $12 average price for detailed reports

Reasons to use the Plagramme checker

Reason 1: Similarity Check

Plagramme stands out among others because every report it presents has the similarity check.

The similarity check is the number of similarities in your document when compared with other sources.

The more the similarities, the higher the risk of copyright infringement.

Reason 2: Multilingual Detection System

The multilingual plagiarism detection feature is quite extraordinary and identifies stolen texts in various languages.

This particular feature that Plagramme possesses makes it many countries' choice as their plagiarism checker.

Reason 3: Ease of Use

One would expect that with all the features the Plagramme detection system has, it would be a sophisticated program that only a tech genius will understand.

Instead, this is not the case as it is incredibly user-friendly, and the interface is straightforward to understand. No need for you being tech-savvy.

  • Multilingual detection
  • Great database
  • Accurate plagiarism detection
  • Slower than other plagiarism checkers
  • Creation of account for a free trial
  • Removal of paragraphs which alters the arrangement of documents

3. QueText

Turnitive alternativ que text

QueText is one of the leading plagiarism detection and citation software that has a huge database to detect duplicated content and plagiarized works.

With over a million users globally, QueText ranks among the best for professional writers, bloggers, educators, students, and even spirits! Just Kidding!

Key Features:

  • DeepSearch database
  • Multiple Languages
  • Detailed reporting
  • Quick test

Reasons to get the QueText plagiarism checker

Reason 1: Large data source

For the premium users, QueText draws its data through the DeepSearch technology which solely exist for the prevention of plagiarism.

Now, that’s what we’re talking about! Data is got through the DeepSearch tech connect to billions of websites, millions of books, and even journals, and they give no room for intellectual thieves.

Reason 2: Multiple file uploads

Unlike some of the simplest plagiarism checking software, the QueText program allows multiple uploads which still scans efficiently for plagiarism.

The QueText, being an incredible detection program, allows more than four documents in MS Word, Text, and even PDF formats.

Reason 3: Accurate performance

Are you puzzled as to how well the QueText plagiarism checking program performs?

Be assured that the QueText is true to the purpose of its existence. DeepSearch technology guarantees accuracy.

  • Multiple languages
  • Easy to use
  • Exporting of detailed reports
  • Limited word counts for a free trial
  • Has no grammar correction feature
  • False plagiarism mark

Winding up Turnitin Alternatives

There you have it folks, an all-you-need-to-know buffet of the alternatives for the Turnitin.

Choosing the best plagiarism checking program out of these depends on the purpose of the content.

While the QueText program is a strong tool with promising features, you still have to seek a grammar correcting tool.

Nevertheless, its multiple uploading feature is one of a kind.

Also, Plagramme looks a promising program that has a special multilingual feature.

This makes its countries’ choice when checking for plagiarism on their local languages.

Grammarly, on the other hand, has an easy interface as you don’t need a tech dictionary by your side to operate.

Whichever plagiarism checking software you pick; you can never go wrong.

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