Buy Skillshare Premium Cheap: Can you get a discount?

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Buy SkillShare Cheap: Discount Codes, Free Trial and more

If you google ‘sign up for 2 months free Skillshare’ you’ll probably end up with a ton of results, so we thought we’d break down some frequently asked questions and provide a mini SkillShare review for you.

SkillShare Free Trial

SkillShare Free Trial FAQs

1. Can you cancel SkillShare after free trial?

Yes, you can cancel your Skillshare free trial, we have seen some people on SkillShare reviews saying they’ve had issues, but these arise when people don’t end the trial prior to the end, so to avoid making the same mistake we’ll run you through it.

2. How to cancel SkillShare Free Trial?

As mentioned above you want to ensure you cancel your SkillShare before your 2 months free trial has ended to avoid having similar issues to other users.

But SkillShare has updated their cancel system, now emailing you a reminder 3 days before your 2 free months is up allowing plenty of notice to access your account and cancel.

To cancel you can visit your account summary page and go to payments and cancel your subscription.

3. Does SkillShare have a free membership?

Yes, SkillShare has an option to sign up for free and there’s a few different classes you can get access to for free. The free membership has ads so does add time and interruptions to your free classes, so does give more incentive to get the upgrade.

If you’re looking to learn, even more, accessing the full website via the premium subscription and accessing 25k+ courses is definitely a good idea.

4. How long is the SkillShare free trial?

Traditionally the free trial SkillShare has available is 1 month, but we have secured a better offer for you, a 2 month free trial, to try out whichever class you want, anytime, around the clock.

You should get a good feel for the SkillShare website in a month and in the second month, you can just enjoy the classes and the trial.

There is talk of a SkillShare 3 months free trial on some sites, but there’s nothing on the SkillShare site about this, so I’d recommend avoiding that.

5. Can I get a free trial without a credit card?

We’ve seen a few of these ‘offers’ out there, and there’s a lot of websites making misleading claims about SkillShare premium free trials without credit card, these are fake.

This is a safety measure put in by SkillShare themselves to stop people from abusing the system.

Important note – By credit card, it actually means a form of payment so this doesn’t necessarily mean ‘credit’, so this could be prepaid, debit, or virtual.

6. Can I sign up for SkillShare multiple accounts same credit card?

As alluded to above, no you cannot sign up for multiple SkillShare accounts, hence the need for the card as a form of identification, this is so people don’t abuse the system and keep getting a free month or two, but you’ll get plenty of chances to enjoy it.

7. Does the SkillShare free trial work globally?

Yes, SkillShare is a US-based company but you can access the content and learn anywhere in the world, via the website or the mobile apps, so regardless of where you are you can enjoy the free SkillShare trial.

8. How much is a SkillShare premium account?

SkillShare premium has a couple of different options, starting at $15 USD a month or $8.25 USD a month if billed annually ($99 if done in a lump sum).

9. What do you get with SkillShare Premium?

With a SkillShare premium membership you can take advantage of the over 25,000 courses on the website and with a tight-knit learning community, and a plethora of interesting classes you might even want to stay.

SkillShare is open to anyone who wants to learn (or teach) and the 2 months free helps give you the time to access all the website has to offer.

With a myriad of different classes and skills to learn, two months might not even be enough time, but hopefully, it gives you a flavor for what the website has to offer its community.

Everything from business, creative arts, lifestyle, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and technology is covered, if you can think of it, there’s probably something on there for you.

10. How good are the SkillShare classes?

SkillShare classes are taught by industry professionals in each field and are all video-based, all of the classes go through a vetting process, while most are pretty short and digestible some more complex topics can be over an hour.

Personally I love anything that can teach me something new in a short period of time, so the format is great for the majority of people who use the platform.

Even if it's not for you or within your budget (even with the very reasonable price point), I’d always encourage people to take a look because of the sheer variety available.

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love even if you cancel after your two months free trial. I always recommend trying something outside of your traditional skill area, you might find your new passion!

11. Is SkillShare worth it?

I’m always pretty skeptical when someone says free anything, but with a ton of companies offering free software trials, it’s just the way the industry is heading.

SkillShare free 2 months allows you plenty of time to use your membership and decide if you want to learn what they have and get access to all of these classes whenever you want.

In short, if you think access to thousands of high-quality courses for less than two drinks at a bar, it seems like a no brainer to at least not try the SkillShare free trial (as long as you cancel on time, more on that below).

12. Who is SkillShare for?

Because of the wide variety of classes, SkillShare has, students can be anyone.

If you’re looking for help in a subject, want to try something new, start a new line of work, or create a new company, SkillShare is an easy way to make steps towards your goal.

Whether your reason to join is the need to learn, find a new passion, build a new skill set or just increase your productivity, the method of teaching is very easy to click, use and watch.

SkillShare targets its membership at pretty much anyone who wants to learn, they have great account support and can answer questions, the mobile app opens up a lot of accessibility for learning on the go too.

Should you Try Skillshare?

SkillShare is an innovative online learning community with nearly 30,000 classes available in a range of topics and is an industry leader in digestible online learning content. Industry experts are always adding new content so it’s a website that is always growing and developing.

With an easy to navigate interface and search functions, it makes it simple for teachers and students alike. There is no shortage of topics to choose from so whatever your passion or need, you’ll be covered by the huge database and platform.

We would definitely recommend checking it out for a month or two and see for yourself, just be aware of canceling your free trial early to avoid mistakes made by other users.

Note – the courses are not accredited but are definitely of value.

If you have any more questions about SkillShare, the free trial, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in contact, otherwise, happy learning!

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