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Get four (4) powerful SEO tools for as low as $299 a year when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite.

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If you’re managing a website, you’ll want to get your hands on this SEO powerhouse:

  • Ranking and keyword tracker
  • Website and content auditing tool
  • Link prospecting and management tool
  • Backlink profile analyzer
  • Customizable report generator

Additional perks include:

  • 24-hour customer service
  • Unlimited access to online manuals, training on using SEO, and help videos
  • Exclusive discounts on the most powerful marketing tools

The free edition includes all the most essential features as well. Get the most out of it with a Professional or Enterprise license subscription.

SEO Powersuite Discount Code 2020

SEO Powersuite Discounts

SEO Powersuite is composed of four (4) tools that track everything you'll need to monitor and ensure your SEO Performance.

Plus, it offers the same level of detail for your competitors’ websites too. This capability can help you utilize their strategies for your advantage. Monitoring their performance can also help you ensure that you’re always ahead in the game.

Highly customizable SEO reports prepare all the data you need for export. This feature is useful for entrepreneurs who handle teams and SEO agencies with many stakeholders to manage and update.

Here’s a summary of the core features of SEO Powersuite tools:

ProductKey FeaturesProfessional EditionEnterprise License
Rank TrackerTrack unlimited keywords for unlimited sites and search engine ranking across different locations for you and your competitors$149/year$349/year
WebSite AuditorScans your and your competitors’ website content and technical architecture and provides actionable advice for improvement$149/year$349/year
SEO SpyGlassEvaluate your and your competitors’ backlink profile and stay on top of it. Consolidate all data from several tools into one platform.$149/year$349/year
LinkAssistantCreate and manage link-building efforts in this one platform, and see what your competitors are doing too.$149/year$349/year

While the tools are powerful individually, availing of the SEO Powersuite discount coupon gives you the best price for all of it.

Let’s dive into each SEO tool and see how they help you address your SEO needs.

1. Rank Tracker Discount

Track your website’s SERP and keywords for any location

Search engine optimization is improving how your website ranks for your chosen industry and brand keywords. This software helps you keep tabs on how well you’re doing and the changes in your website’s performance in this area. It’ll even notify you when you successfully get a coveted featured snippet position.

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See your performance for your target keywords with Rank Tracker

(Image from the Rank Tracker website)

Observing trends and timing can help you identify which of your optimization efforts are working and how well.

Rank Tracker specializes in keyword metrics for 500+ search engines and for any location. Even with the free edition, you can enjoy these vital core features.

The data you get from this software include search volume, data competition, and Keyword Difficulty relative to your top 10 competitors.

For more comprehensive information on how your competitors are performing, Rank Tracker can return the same level of detail as it does with your own website.

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See a detailed report on how competitors perform for your chosen keywords

(Image from the Rank Tracker website)

If you’re using several keyword tools to monitor your performance before, using Rank Tracker will be a significant convenience for you. It consolidates data from Google Ads Planner, Autocomplete, Related Questions, Google Analytics, and others.

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Consolidate information from your favorite keyword tools with Rank Tracker

(Image from the Rank Tracker website)

Use the Scheduler to do routine checks. Export it into customized reports for your team and clients.

Rank Tracker Pricing and Discount Coupon Code

Get the Rank Tracker Professional license for $149/year or the Enterprise license for $349/year.

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Compare features and see what’s better for you. You can also download the free edition and use its core features for your keyword research needs.

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Get Rank Tracker with three (3) more powerful SEO softwares when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite!

To enjoy a massive discount, maximize this software for free with the professional plan or the enterprise plan.

2. WebSite Auditor Discount

Audit your website and optimize like a pro

Search engines look at so many things to determine a website's ranking. Suppose you want your site to perform consistently well. In that case, you'll need to monitor –not just your content –but also your structure, user experience, and technical configurations under the hood.

SEO Powersuite’s Web Auditor combs through all of those the way search engines do. It detects broken links and images, duplicate content, and other UX issues that can affect SEO. It also flags you for pages and scripts that are heavy to load.

To see a bird’s eye view of your site’s structure, you can use the Internal Link Checker. The software allows you to address issues without having to leave the interface. Edit your site’s structure, titles, and meta descriptions quickly and easily.

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Visualize your site structure with Web Auditor

(Image from the Web Auditor website)

Finally, aside from just pointing out problems, WebSite Auditor gives you advice based on  TF-IDF evaluations. From its findings, it provides action points for you and your team to increase your site's topical authority in your keyword of choice.

It’s a webpage auditor and reporting tool in one.

WebSite Auditor’s powerful capabilities can also be used to evaluate your competitors and learn from what they’re doing to outrank them.

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Find action points by checking keywords from your top 10 competitors

(Image from this WebSite Auditor video)

For example, the software can run an analysis of your and a competing website. From there, you'll see which keywords you need to use more of, start using, add, use less of, and more, based on what it found.

Schedule regular audits using the Scheduler and export customized reports for your team and clients with the Reports module. With so many factors that can cause your ranking to drop, Web Auditor gives you a way to continually check on all of them with one click.

WebSite Auditor Pricing and Discount Code

Get the WebSite Auditor Professional license for $149/year or the WebSite Auditor Enterprise edition for $349/year.

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Compare features and see what’s better for you. You can download the free version and enjoy its core features.

To enjoy a massive discount, maximize WebSite Auditor for free along with all the SEO software you need with an SEO Powersuite subscription.

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Get WebSite Auditor with three (3) additional SEO tools when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite!

3. SEO SpyGlass Discount

Get your backlink profile to monitor your link-building performance

Did you know that domain diversity and quality backlinks far outweigh the effects of on-page factors when it comes to Google rankings?

Optimizing your pages and content is essential. But optimization efforts outside your website is also crucial if you’re serious about building authority through search engine optimization.

Your backlink profile tells you which sites are linking to your websites. The more you have means that more find your content useful and reliable enough to reference on their own.

When more trusted websites link to you, your position in search improves. Alternately, being connected to low-quality websites can hurt you too.

SEO SpyGlass lets you monitor your backlinks through its Linked Pages module. Here, you’ll see which of your pages bring the highest number of backlinks. You’ll also get notifications if you’re in danger of being penalized for spamming links.

To calibrate your strategies, check your past performance through the Historical Data module to evaluate which of your link-building campaigns worked and which ones didn’t.

Similar to the different SEO tools in SEO Powersuite, this software lets you peek into your competitors’ performance. You can also use the information here to adjust and evaluate your plans if needed.

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Use the Link Intersection module to peek into your competitors’ backlinks!

(Image from the SEO SpyGlass website)

Using the Domain Comparison Module and Link Intersection Module, you can check their backlink profiles. It comes with details on the number of backlinks they have and who they're getting them from. This can help point you to partners you might not have considered before.

This backlink monitoring software boasts having the most up-to-date-database. This way, you know that the results you get are the most reliable in the market. It can also get information directly from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many other integrations and consolidate them in one place.

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(Image from the SEO SpyGlass website)

Now, isn’t that immensely convenient?

Finally, suppose you or your teams prefer to use the software's index outside this backlink checker. In that case, you request its API and use it in your own dashboard if you have an Enterprise plan.

SEO SpyGlass Pricing and Discount Code

Get an SEO SpyGlass Professional license for $149/year, or the Enterprise edition for $349/year.

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Compare features and see what’s better for you. You can also download the free version to enjoy its core features for as long as you want.

To enjoy a massive discount, maximize SEO SpyGlass for free along with all the SEO tools you need when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite.

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Get WebSite Auditor with three (3) more powerful SEO tools when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite!

4. LinkAssistant

Manage link outreach and relationships in one dashboard

New sites find it so hard to catch up on Google rankings because they lack trust signals that search engines are looking for.

The best way to boost this is by actively working on link-building.

Links essentially act like seals of approval that other websites give you. They tell search engines that you have good content, and it can trust you to address its users' queries.

But alas, acquiring new links is often a numbers game.

Not everyone you approach will say yes. At the same time, not everyone who decides to link to you will actually boost your ranking. You’ll need to prioritize and make sure that your links make you relevant in your niche, location (if this is relevant for your business), and industry.

In link-building, both quantity and quality are essential. LinkAssistant helps you manage both.

With one click, LinkAssistant gives you hundreds of opportunities that are fit for your brand utilizing ten (10) prospecting mechanisms:

  • Guest Posts
  • Comments
  • Forums
  • Link Submission Forms
  • Topical Blogs
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Link pages
  • Directories
  • Competitor Backlinks (best prospects based on what your competitors are using)

Automatically, it gathers contacts' email addresses so you can reach out to them right away using their built-in outreach tools. It also comes with handy templates you can start with, to send personalized emails to each candidate.

Can you imagine how much valuable time and effort this saves? If you’ve tried manually combing through the internet for each source, you probably do.

But wait, there’s more.

LinkAssistant doesn’t stop at acquiring. Its Link Verification Tracker helps you make sure that after you get a link, you stay linked. Because unfortunately, there are so many things that can happen even after all your efforts. Links can be taken down, switched to no-follow, placed in the wrong anchor texts, etc.

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Make sure your links are still active with LinkAssistant

(Image from the LinkAssistant website)

The Link Verification Tracker notifies you when these happen so you can get in touch with your partners right away. And honestly, it almost always does.

LinkAssistant Pricing and Discount Code

Get the LinkAssistant Professional license for $149/year or the LinkAssistant Enterprise subscription for $349/year.

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Compare features and see which license is better for you. You also have an option to download the free version and enjoy its core features.

To enjoy a massive discount, maximize this software for free with an SEO Powersuite subscription.

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Get LinkAssistant with three (3) more powerful SEO tools when you subscribe to SEO Powersuite!

Can I trust SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite is used by several big corporations, such as Microsoft, Audi, G&G, Heineken,, Disney, HP, 3M, and Toshiba, to name a few.

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(Image from the SEO Powersuite website)

Reviewers in TrustRadius gave it a 9.1 out of 10. It also has a 90% user satisfaction rating from Finances Online.

Here’s a summary of what they’re saying.

What’s great about SEO Powersuite?

1. Unlimited Keyword Tracking

Even with the free edition, you can track unlimited websites and keywords with the Rank Tracker.

2. Focus on Multiple Search Engines

Although Google is the most widely-used search engine globally, SEO Powersuite doesn’t discount the power of all search engines available.

3. Comprehensive Competitor Research

As discussed in the previous sections, SEO Powersuite gives you detailed competition analysis so you can calibrate and adjust as needed.

4. User Experience and Clean Design

Its stunning user interface is one of SEO Powersuite's many selling points. Full retina and Ultra HD display are supported. You can also customize your workspace according to suits your needs.

5. Content and Website Foundation Audit

Your performance in search isn't just affected by your content. Just as important are your settings under the hood. SEO Powersuite puts all these to light with its site audit feature. From heavy scripts to broken links, you can now address all those issues immediately.

6. Offsite Optimization Assistance

Link-building and promoting your site can be immensely tedious. Software tools such as SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant from SEO Powersuite can make your workflow efficient and massively effective.

7. Customizable SEO Reports

All the software included in the SEO Powersuite features customizable reports that you can share with teams, clients, and stakeholders.

What’s not so great about SEO Powersuite?

1. High Learning Curve

Because SEO Powersuite is composed of four (4) SEO software instead of an integrated tool, it requires more effort to learn.

2. Desktop Application

Being a desktop application makes its performance depends on your system's capabilities. It runs on Java, which can be slow. Whenever there are updates, you'll need to take the time to download them as well.

3. Can’t Access on Many Devices

Although you can install it on many computers, the fact that it's not on the cloud makes it inaccessible when you're on the go.

As with any product, SEO Powersuite has its own slew of pros and cons.

Can you trust it? It absolutely delivers well on its promises.

Is it right for you? It really depends on what you need.

SEOPowersuite discount offers

Short answer: Yes.

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Get all four (4) SEO tools with SEO Powersuite

Suppose you want your business to stand-out in the digital age. In that case, you'll need to invest resources in optimizing your site for SEO. Why?

Using SEO well helps you with organic traffic and conversions at the same time. By assisting customers exactly when they need you, you're positioning yourself as a trustworthy and reliable company.

This said it makes sense to invest in it and make sure it works for you.

SEO Powersuite has everything you need to manage your website’s SEO performance. Why wait for a Black Friday sale? Get it at a discount today.

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