If you're looking for a ‘SEO content writer for SaaS' you're most likely in one of these situations:

✅You're too focused on growing your business, so you don't have time to for content.

✅You're tired of hiring (and firing) writers that don't get your B2B audience.

✅You’ve already invested a ton of resources into content, but aren’t seeing any real results.

If you answered “that’s me!” to any one of the bullet points — I totally get it!

Marketing to the overly empowered consumers of 2020 is no easy feat. Especially when all your time (and energy) is spent managing your business and complex B2B prospects.

…you're gonna need some help.

Enter: Me. Your B2B Content Partner.

SEO content writer for SaaS


I’m Mark Quadros. I write HQ blog articles for  B2B SaaS & Marketing brands that are irresistibly relevant to its target (read: high engagement 💓 ) and rock search engines (read: high rankings 🚀).

Results speak loudest, so let's talk results aka ‘content proof.'

#1: Features on top blog publications

Over the last few months, I've worked my ass off to get my content featured on top blogs like Einstein Marketer, Hack The Entrepreneur & even Jeff Bullas without any prior connects.

Oh! My guest post for Einstein Marketer received 200+ FB shares within a few hours…

B2B content marketing results

#2: Work with Awesome B2B Clients

I joined Pointed Copywriting as a freelance writer in April 2020. Since then, I've had the privilege to learn from the best and create content for top brands in the B2B SaaS domain.

Here’s what Brittany Ryan (Pointed's founder) has to say about my work:

And here's Jon's response (Hack The Entrepreneur) to my Guest Post submission:

#3: I make complex topics feel fun & exciting

Why? Because ain't nobody got time for that boring content (especially in B2B where solutions are already quite complicated!).

For example, I used an existing story to turn a boring WordPress hosting article blog article into fun and engaging copy:

Oh! My Reddit post went viral on r/entrepreneur and got me clients for several months:

(IMO storytelling is the best form of marketing)

#4: Started affiliate marketing blog

On April 2020, I put my SEO knowledge to the test and started my first side-hustle; affiliate marketing blog. 

That's a snippet of my blog's traffic after 60 days, 70K+ words and some SEO stuff…

(Psst… Using compelling content I've already converted few clicks into sales)

Now, let me do for you, what I've already done for myself (and clients).

freelance-content-writer-for saas

I know that I am relatively new to content marketing (read: 6 months experience), but over the last few months; I've hustled hard get better at writing B2B content —  and have real results to back it up.

Bottom line? Here's why you want to work with me:

✅ I get B2B and make complex ideas feel easy and exciting.

✅ I take the time to understand your niche/target, and only then proceed to write irresistibly relevant content.

✅ I understand the importance of storytelling in 2020 (if you don't, read this book now)

✅ I understand the fundamentals of SEO and follow best practices with SEO ready content. 

✅ I'm hands-on and don't need anyone babysitting me.

✅ Pricing should never be a deciding factor, but my rates are super reasonable for the value I provide (for now at least😉).

How’s this gonna work?

I believe that great content takes a lot more than thoughtlessly banging out words on a keyboard. Thus I follow a specific process to develop irresistibly relevant SEO content that gets real results.

1. Discovery session.

First things first, we kick off with some friendly introductions and talk about your brand and its goals and objectives with content.

2. Brand research phase.

Next, I dig deeper and research your brand, niche, and customer to find angles that work for your unique audience.

3. SEO research phase.

After brand research, I whip up Ahrefs and get some juicy keyword and competitor data to please the folks at Google.

4. Execute, execute, execute.

Then, I get to my wordspace (pun intended) and start working on my first draft.

5. Revisions & final edits.

Lastly, I make a few final touches and create a killer final draft.

B2B writing samples

Dhe Real Mark Blog:
B2B vs. B2C Content Marketing?

Pointed Copywriting:
Importance of B2B Buyer Personas

Want more? Check out my entire B2B content writing portfolio.

What's it gonna cost?

Money is important to you and me. So, I base my freelancing rates on a per-project basis. With me, you’re paying for the value of my content, rather than per hour or worse; per word basis.

Short-Form Content


Thought-leadership content for decision-makers.

Up to 1000 words

Keyword research

On-page SEO


Content SEO Plan


Detailed content plan to find gaps in your niche and learn how to beat it.

Extensive Keyword Research

SERP Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Topic ideas + POA

*Price varies based on requirement.

Long-form Content


Extensive content for technicians and enthusiasts.

3000+ words

Keyword research

On-page SEO

The nitty-gritty details:

  • 2x epic headlines for high CTRs
  • Topic-specific SERP analysis
  • Yoast Meta description with the title (for high CTR)
  • Semantic Keyword Research to maximize organic traffic
  • Topic development to ideate a solid content plan
  • Compressed images & screenshots
  • Relevant data stats from 2017 or more recent
  • Expert quotes from relevant influencers
  • Actionable tips for practicality
  • On-page SEO optimization for higher rankings
  • Multiple revisions to solidify your preferences
  • Assistance with WordPress uploads

B2B Content Writing Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to get the answers!

Do you really understand B2B content?

Yes I do, I currently ghostwrite for a B2B SaaS brand. On another note, here’s an article I wrote on B2B vs B2C content marketing.

Why should I hire you over some cheaper alternative on Upwork?

Unlike some Upwork writer, I don’t thoughtlessly bang out words. Instead, I first spend a lot of time and energy to understand your brand, TA, etc and only then bang out words on my keyboard — notice the difference?

How long is your average turnaround time?

I usually take up to 1 week for short-form content, but this can vary based on the complexity and research requirement of the project.

Do you have experience with WordPress?

Yes! In a former life, I built custom WP websites (like www.mediaberry.co & www.rodrigoserrano.com). So I can definitely help you out with content uploads, optimization and Yoast stuff (it’s on me😉)

Do you have experience with SEO? What about some SEO Proof?

Yes! In a former life, I built custom WP websites (like www.mediaberry.co & www.rodrigoserrano.com) and am kind of a WordPress Guru. So I can definitely help you out with content uploads, optimization and Yoast stuff (it’s on me😉)

What content marketing tools do you use?

I currently use two tools Ahrefs (for SEO stuff) and Grammarly Pro (for content stuff).

Do you have any references?

Yes! Feel free to contact Brittany Ryan (my current client) to ask about me.

With every client, my goal is to define meaningful goals, develop a clear strategy and execute content that delivers real results.

Are you looking for an SEO Content Writer?

Let's chat about working together if you have…

☑️ A minimum $600 (monthly) budget

☑️ A minimum 1-month commitment (content isn’t some overnight magic pill)

📧 contact@markxquadros.com.

Cheers! 🥂

(Psst… Afraid to commit? Let me wow you with a trial article and some rad ideas)