Netflix Free Trial (Hack) Get Netflix For Free Without A Credit Card

Let me get right to it: Does Netflix offer a free trial without a credit card?


No. It doesn't that, and most “hacks” to get Netflix for free are just viruses or phishing scams.

But there is an alternative 🙌

You can get a 30-day trial off Amazon Prime Video, which offers the same shows as Netflix (if not more!). I recommend giving it a shot.


Netflix 1 Month Free Trial: Does it exist?

Netflix free trial hack

Many of you may be wondering how do I get a free 30 day trial on netflix? Or perhaps want to know is Netflix free for 30 days? Or even how do you sign up for Netflix without a credit card. In this article we’ll explain how to try Netflix free without credit card, as well as answer some common Netflix free trial FAQs like “does Netflix have a 30 day free trial?”, etc.

Netflix used to offer 1 month free trials as an opportunity for customers to try out the streaming service before committing and paying for a subscription to netflix. Unfortunately netflix no longer offers the free trial unless you live in one of the select few countries where netflix is still new.

So, I recommend using the best Netflix alternative: Amazon Prime which does offer a 30-day trial.

On a similar note, check out my guide to get amazon prime without a credit card. It follows a similar method.

About Netflix

Netflix is an online streaming giant that’s got all the best movies, web series, Netflix originals and TV shows you could possibly imagine. From comedy to action to romance Netflix has a show for every mood which means it’s a must have if you’re someone who’s always looking to watch something good.

Once you’ve paid for a Netflix subscription you can watch unlimited movies, shows and series on your Netflix account anytime and anywhere. If you’re not happy you can always cancel with just a few clicks, no strings attached. All you need to get started with a netflix account is an email address and a payment method like a credit card.

Netflix Free Trial Without Credit Card

NetFlix Free Trial Hack

You may have stumbled across many clickbait articles with titles like “Netflix Free Trial Code Without Credit Card”, “How to Make a Free Account for Netflix”, “A year netflix subscription free hack” or even “Free Trial Netflix no CC” sadly most of these are a hoax and don’t actually work. You can’t get netflix for free, it requires some mode of payment with a few exceptions.

Netflix Using Gift Cards

If you’re concerned about entering your credit card details (there’s no need to worry Netflix is very secure) you can always buy a gift card and pay for Netflix using the gift card. Simply go to and type in your code into the box that appears and click redeem.

Using this method you can watch for as long as your gift card balance lasts and you don’t need a credit card.

Netflix Using iTunes Account

You can use your iTunes account to pay for Netflix if you’re watching Netflix on your Apple TV digital media player. This includes using any credit you have on your iTunes account including iTunes gift cards. Of course you need to enter your credit card information to make an iTunes account in the first place so this method may seem a little pointless but you can always use PayPal to pay for your iTunes instead.

Netflix Using PayPal

Instead of a credit card you can select PayPal as the method of preferred payment for your. To do this simply go to the netflix sign up page and enter your email address and click get started.

If you live in a country which still offers free trials then opt for the one month netflix free trial and select your plan. You will be billed after the first one month but you can use your netflix account for free until then.

If not then you will be billed from day one and you won’t have the option to get netflix free for one month but you can still enjoy all the features

When asked for your billing information instead of your credit card opt to pay for your netflix account with PayPal and click “Continue With PayPal”, log into your PayPal account with your email and password and click “Agree and Continue”. Then select your plan and click “Start Membership”.

Netflix Using Geo-unblocking

Here’s the free Netflix trial hack as promised. You can repeat this with multiple email IDs to create several Netflix accounts in order to get netflix for free. This isn’t exactly a netflix free trial without credit card so you will however need a credit card to create the netflix account but you can always cancel your subscription after one month.

All you need to do is get a good VPN service such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Netflix knows when you’re trying to access blocked content so make sure your VPN provider is a good one like the ones mentioned above.

Next use the VPN to change your location to a country that still has a netflix trial free for one month. Then create an account on netflix for free trial and start using netflix free for 30 days. You will still need to put in a legit email and your credit card details.

Netflix Pricing

Netflix charges you once a month automatically on the day you signed up or it bills you on the last date of the month if you signed up on a date like the 31st which doesn't come every month.

Depending on your payment method and membership status you might be allowed to change your billing date.

The actual subscription prices vary from country to country and you can always log in to your account to check the pricing, however here are the plans and prices for anyone watching Netflix in the United States.

There are three plans available on your netflix account:

Netflix Basic, at $8.99 per month (an increase from $7.99 in 2018). Netflix's basic plan doesn't provide high definition viewing and its programs can only be watched on one screen at a time.

Netflix Standard, at $12.99 per month (an increase from $10.99 in 2018). The Netflix standard offers HD videos and allows for two simultaneous viewings.

Netflix Premium, at $15.99 per month (an increase from $13.99 in 2018). This offering includes the ability to watch four screens at the same time. It's also the only item on Netflix that offers a 4K viewing option.

How can I get unlimited Netflix for free?

Earlier while the free trial was still in place, as long as you used a different email each time to create several accounts netflix would remain free for a month on each account. By using this free trial hack you could get Netflix free. Of course this is a lot of work for a free Netflix account.

By tweaking this slightly you can still get netflix free. All you need is a good VPN such as Nord VPN or ExpressVPN and you can change your location to a country where Netflix still has a free trial. Then using the above method, create several accounts and get netflix free. Remember that on each account you only get Netflix free for the first month and after that you’ll have to use a new account.

Should I use a VPN to watch Netflix?

Watching Netflix with a VPN does have its perks. Think of a VPN as a secure tunnel that allows for the smooth transfer of data between your devices, the internet and the VPN server. So what exactly can it do for you? For starters a good VPN such as Nord VPN or ExpressVPN will allow you to hide your IP address and even make it seem like you’re watching from another country. This little hack would enable you to stream content that otherwise isn’t available in your country. Further if you’re looking to make use of the free trial offered you need to be in a country where Netflix still offers a free trial. Normally Netflix can tell when you’re trying to access blocked content but a good VPN service will help you work around that and this little hack can give you access to a Netflix free account.

The Netflix free account of course depends on how many times you utilise the first month free trial. For example if you want a Netflix 3 month free trial you would need to make three separate accounts and use them for a single month each. In this way a trial that normally would end after the first month can be extended.

In addition to this VPN services like ExpressVPN don’t log any of your browsing data so you can be sure that your privacy is protected. This makes it useful for much more than just making a Netflix free account. It also keeps your data safe from hackers and anyone trying to spy on you. It also protects your data from your Internet Service Provider’s prying eyes.

Consider using a VPN for these reasons if a trial with a Netflix free account isn’t enough. It also helps that most paid VPN services such as ExpressVPN also offer a trial period. You can try ExpressVPN and get your money back with a full refund if you aren’t happy during the trial period. You can even try both out at the same time and save your money by using the free trial with the VPN at the same time as your trial on your Netflix free account. What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Apart from NordVPN, you can use NameCheap VPN or Express VPN to use Netflix. Also, I have an article to get Express VPN free trial if you're looking to save money.

Cancel Netflix Free Trial

If you want to get netflix for free you’re probably going to have to cancel just before you get billed and your free trial ends otherwise Netflix will charge your credit card at the end of 30 days. To cancel your free netflix account just go to “Account” and under “Membership & Billing” click on “Cancel Membership”. Your Netflix account will not be charged until you restart your account. If you cancel early or before your membership is over even if you’re on a free trial, you can continue to watch movies, shows and series until the current month that you’ve paid for is over.

Netflix FAQs

  • How do I get Netflix free trial without credit card?

It’s not possible to get Netflix free trial without credit card, unless you live in a country where Netflix is still relatively new. Then you can create a free Netflix account for the first month. However once your free trial is over your credit card will be charged.

  • Can I make a free Netflix account?

Netflix is a paid subscription and so requires some form of payment. It is not possible to get a free account unless you’ve been given a Netflix gift card which has been paid for by someone else.

  • Is there a Netflix free trial 3 months long?

There are no such deals on Netflix currently. Apart from the one month free in select countries, there is no existing Netflix free trial 3 months long. Beyond the first month, you have to pay monthly and it’s not possible to have a free Netflix account.

  • Are all movies on Netflix available in all countries?

Different countries have different licensing agreements and so your account may not have all the same content as another account in a different country. You can bypass this by using a good VPN service such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN ( for more info, check out my article on whether Express VPN is safe)

  • Will I still be charged if I cancel my free trial midway?

A free trial is exactly that – FREE. You can cancel anytime before your free trial is up and you won’t be charged.

In Conclusion

In this article, we’ve gone over how to get Netflix, try it out without losing any money, and even the benefits of using a VPN. To make it risk free you can even avail the money back guarantee from ExpressVPN and try out both the VPN service as well as get free Netflix for that time period. You can always cancel if you aren’t happy and feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth. So don’t worry about losing anything because you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. Now go start streaming your favorite shows already


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