Lucas Luggage Review

Lucas is a luggage brand which is a prominent manufacturer of the luggage. Lucas makes the affordable luggage. If you are looking for a suitcase which is pocket-friendly, then Lucas is a brand you should purchase.

Is Lucas luggage worth it?

Lucas has a wide range of the suitcases to choose from their hardside and softside luggage suitcases. They also have various types of bags in multiple sizes. So, I will review the best luggage from the Lucas brand.

Here are the different types of luggage models from Lucas luggage:

Size of the luggage: Lucas Luggage makes suitcases in various sizes ranging from 20 inches to 31 inches as per standards. In my review, I will tell you all the details about the dimensions and expandable capacity of the luggage. Do not forget to check it out.

Soft-sided & Hard-sided case: Lucas luggage comes in both hard-sided and soft-sided cases, but, I honestly prefer hard-sided suitcases are a better choice than soft-sided suitcases because of the added security.

Set of Luggage: You can save your money buying the luggage set rather than purchasing an individual suitcase. This thing gives you an advantage when you are not sure which size you should buy.

Lucas Hard-side Luggage:

Lucas hardside suitcases are very elegant durable having hard-shell for absorbing shocks and make the suitcase last very long. Lucas hard-side luggage comes in various sizes and attractive colors. Now, let us see the best hard-side suitcase collection from Lucas.

1. Lucas Outlander Carry-On Suitcase

lucas outlander carry on

  • Durable
  • Lined premium interior
  • ABS-Plastic shell
  • Handles can be strong

Construction: Lucas Outlander Carry-on Suitcase is the most successful product of the Lucas. Outlander collection of the Lucas has single spinner wheels, a telescopic aluminum build handle with extra side handle and two spacious luggage compartments.

This luggage has fully lined interior having zippered separator in one compartment and elastic straps in other for holding your luggage firmly.

Size of the Luggage: You can buy Outlander luggage in three variants 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. The main advantage is you can purchase all three options for $190! The Outlanders are slightly larger than regular hard-side suitcases.

Portability: This luggage has guarded corners, which make them more durable than other suitcases. The hard-shell is made using ABS-plastic so they can survive some severe shocks and make them resistant to scratches and abrasion.

2. Lucas ABS Large Hard Case

Lucas ABS

  • Durable handle
  • Fits in overhead space.
  • Shell may get crack on shock

Construction: Lucas ABS Hard-side suitcase has almost the same features as Lucas outlander with some difference. The interior lining of the compartment is the only thing that makes the difference.

Size: Lucas ABS suitcases are very durable because of the ABS-shell. Also, the bag comes in four different sizes 20, 24, 27, and 31 inches. These collections of luggage have five various groups Allure, Stratus, Cosmo, Avalon, and Genesis but with the same features.

Portability: All these suitcases have double spinner wheels, adjustable aluminum handle, and expandable luggage capacity. They also have reinforced corners for resisting damage.

Unfortunately, there are no locks on this luggage.

Lucas ABS Large Hard-case comes with two divided compartments with zippers and zipper covers. The ABS plastic makes this bag durable and light-weight. All these suitcases have 90% ABS and 10% polycarbonate used to make the hard-shell.

3. Lucas Luggage Treadlite

Lucas ABS Large Hard Case 28 inch Checked Suitcase With Spinner

  • Affordable price.
  • Telescopic handle
  • Do not have TSA lock

Construction: Lucas Treadlite luggage looks like classic hard-shell suitcases. The ribbed shell on the case makes the suitcase scratch resistant. Made from ABS plastic the hard shell is durable. The price of the luggage is affordable than the luggage made from polycarbonate.

Sizes available: Treadlite collection has three sizes 20 inches carry on, 24 inches and 28 inches checked suitcases. Treadlite has expandable luggage option and equipped with single spinner wheels. This bag also has two handles one telescopic and other at the side.

Features: There are two compartments in the suitcase having lined interior. The top compartment of the bag has zippered divider with a mesh pocket. There are no locks on the bag are given you have to buy a separate lock for extra security.

Now, talking about the checked bags which can be out of your site for hours then it becomes mandatory to have a TSA-approved lock for the suitcase.

Side note
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Lucas Soft-side Luggage:

There are very fewer suitcases available in the Lucas softside luggage collection. You can buy them on Amazon maybe with some discounted price. Soft-sided luggage has some advantage on the hard sided luggage as they have a flexible outer shell.

1.Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight

Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Large

  • Ultra light-weight
  • Compact design
  • Affordable price
  • Zipper gets damaged
  • No side handle
  • Size slightly varies than actual

Construction: Lucas luggage provides a premium traveling experience. It has the aircraft grade aluminum handles. If you purchase a luggage set instead of a single piece, then you will save $50.

Size & Weight: Made from polyester material the Lucas Ultra Lightweight collection is not as durable as hard-sided luggage. You can purchase this collection in three different sizes 20, 24, 28 inches in size. The external pockets are slightly thinner than the rest of the suitcase.

Portability: The compact design and excellent quality of the luggage will keep you stylish when you are traveling. As luggage names say, they are very light-weight. The enormous suitcase weighs only around 7 lbs, which is pretty satisfying.

Other Features:Equipped with 100% PU dual spinner wheels which makes them very durable and smooth. These spinner wheels make the bag 360 degrees movable. This suitcase comes with an additional 12 liters of expansion.

2. Lucas Luggage Sport Upright

Lucas Luggage Sport 29 VPM

  • Durable
  • Sporty design
  • Handle stops extending
  • No side handle

Construction: This suitcase collection is fascinating. These suitcases are much more than a single suitcases, and they are also duffel bags and backpacks all in one. If you like the design of this bag then you should check out the Lucas Luggage Sports Upright collection from Lucas.

Sizes: You can buy this collection in a set of three so that you can save some bucks on the combo set. The set includes three suitcases and a regular duffel bag. If you want to buy 2-inch suitcase, then you have to obtain a combo set as this is available only in collection for now.

Other features: The features of the bag are very average, not very significant. You will get in-line wheels, which means that you have to hold this luggage in tilting position to roll them smoothly. You can get some stress due to this on your arms.

This suitcase has a telescopic handle that locks itself when in the proper position. This bag has a single packing compartment with cross-straps to hold your luggage in an appropriate place. You can put some stuff like bottles and toiletries in the small external pocket.

3. Lucas Printed Softside Luggage

Lucas Printed Softside

  • Telescopic handle
  • Easy to maneuver spinner luggage
  • Looks more casual

Construction: Lucas provides premium travel experience with its printed light-weight collection. This luggage has 360-degree spinner wheels. This bag enhances your look.

Portability: Telescopic handle with push button system allows you high stability over any other suitcases, especially on crowded places like airports, stations, and sidewalks. The bag gets maximum protection when traveling.

Size and Shape: The dimensions of the suitcase, including wheels, handle and external pockets are 29.5 X 18.2 X 12.8 inches. And the dimensions of the bag without handle and spinner wheels are 28 X 18 x 10.5 inches.

The storage capacity of the suitcase is almost 100 liters, which cannot expand further. An additional 12 liters of luggage is provided in the briefcase for expansion when needed. This printed luggage weighs around 10 lbs. The suitcase covers five years of warranty.

Wrapping up on Lucas Luggage

From the detailed review of the Lucas luggage, you have an idea of the Lucas Luggage. I think that you should look for the features you want in your luggage. It can be anything like different sizes, colors, or type whether it can be hard-sided or soft-sided.

Now, go for the luggage which is perfectly suitable for you. I hope my review of best Lucas Luggage will help you through your shopping of luggage. Thanks!

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