Best Jungle Scout Alternatives 2019

For those in a hurry…

is it worth going for an alternative over Jungle Scout?

Alternatives, that’s your answer right there.

IMO Jungle Scout is the most extensive Amazon product research tool. Yes, it’s expensive, but for good reason.

But Jungle Scout isn’t for everyone. In fact, it may even be overkill for some (think: Beginners with low budget).

On the other hand, some Jungle scout competitors are really good at specific things which make them an ideal choice for a few users:

(Detailed reviews provided further in the article)

If you are reading this article, you’re most likely (or are planning to start) making money through affiliate marketing earning.


Affilaite marketing is one easiest business to build, especially considering the nonexistential barrier to enter.

However, this means the competition is high with new entrants (think: several thousand) coming in every day!

You’re gonna need some help…

Enter: Jungle Scout.

An extensive Amazon product research tool that provides key insight needed to stay ahead of the competition.

But as mentioned before, Jungle Scout isn’t for everyone, especially those on a lower budget, and the rest that just have different requirements.

In this article, I cover the best jungle scout alternatives that work for affiliate marketers of all tiers. From beginner to expert, you’re bound to find your best amazon product research tool.

So Let’s get started!

But Wait! Is Jungle Scout worth it?

In my opinion, Jungle Scout competitors are just that. JS is the pioneer of Amazon product research tools and has held its group by continuously investing and innovating its features.

Yes, JS is more expensive than its cheaper alternatives. But remember…

what is cheap is not good and what is good is not cheap.

Now, I won’t go into detail and review Jungle Scout as that’s just beyond the scope of this article, but I’d like to share my insight to tell you what makes Jungle Scout a better alternative than its alternatives (Now say that 100x times!).

Jungle Scout helps you narrow down on the product that you should ideally be selling through your affiliate.

Jungle Scout works like any other web page you come across. You go to their website and feed the filters they have per your requirements.

Hit ‘Enter’ and wallah! You get all the listings within the range of your criteria!

It works something like this…

Jungle scout alternatives

Jungle scout competitors

This is no rocket science and if you still haven’t got a clear picture then visit now and try it hands-on! It’s free!

But there is more to Jungle Scout than you think! There is the…

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Extension and Extension Lite are accessed from an Amazon search results page.

You search a product or keyword on Amazon, run the Extension and then are given the data about each product.

The main agenda of Jungle Scout is to provide you will peripheral information about all the products that are being sold on


You can fetch information regarding the average units, opportunity score, revenue generated, sales patterns, rank in the respective category, reviews, seller, and much more!

Jungle scout competitors 2019

An why is this important?

This information will let you augment your content in a way where the probability of you making a sale and generating revenue is the highest!

No further description required! Even if you are new to this, I know you already get it!

Bottom line? Give Jungle scout a try before trying out its alternatives.

What to look for in an Amazon Product Research tool?

Before we start looking into the alternatives, we need to establish a few criteria that would influence our decision when the time comes to make a choice.

Here are the criteria that I shall be taking into consideration to pick the best Jungle scout competitors:


The price plays the most prominent factor as I know most of us are hustling for every penny right now!

While making a decision, I always take the ratio of price to utility (features) before I make my decision. I advise you to do the same.


Perhaps the biggest concern after the pricing is the accuracy of the data.

There are alternatives out there for free but with 60% accuracy and there are paid ones that give you up to 96% accuracy.

You have to ask yourself the percentage accuracy you need and at what price point!

Free Trial 

Personally, I always take a trial of whatever I purchase. Software, clothing, even my cocktails 😉

A trial lets me test out my satisfaction with the product, especially software. I find it essential for every software to give out free trials. The longer, the better 😛

Jungle Scout Competitors Comparision Chart

ProductPrice Free TrialMarketplace SupportedProsCons
Jungle Scout$97 /yr14-day refund policyUp to 9 except Japan– Consistent and accurate – Good customer support– Japan is a big market
Helium 10$17 /monthYES, 1000 usesUp to 10 with the right extension– Great accuracy – Comparably cheaper- Great potential with extension– Needs an extension to operate
Viral Launch$49 /monthYesUp to 9– 100+unique filters- Market trends- Historical Data– Expensive if you want to buy pro
ASINspector$97 / month then $10 /month30-day refund policyUS, UK, CA– Quick results- Simple to use UI- Inexpensive if thinking long term– Only Pro version differentiates b/w organic
Unicorn SmasherFREEFREEUS, UK– FREE- Decent no. of tools– Accuracy
Scope$33 /month web appYesUS– Pricing- Free extension-Unreliable- Sad UI
Amachete$29 /month web app14-day free trial10 market places– Reasonable pricing- Good coherence with the ext.– Basic Features reflecting the price
AMZScout$20 for ext. $10/month for app15 free usesUp to 9 except Japan– A broad category of data- Deep analysis- Customizable-Overestimates which leads to inaccuracy

Best Jungle Scout Alternatives 2019:

Instead of just talking about the alternatives, I decided to compare Jungle scout vs its alternative, so as to provide a better explaination.

Jungle Scout V/S Helium 10

Jungle Scout alternative Helium


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Helium 10 – 5/5 Stars

When tested out by professionals, both the applicated performed identically to each other. Although there was a slight difference in the accuracy percentage where the Helium 10 beat Jungle Scout by a small margin.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Helium 10 – 5/5 Stars

Jungle Scout bags this round. It is definitely the cheaper option amongst the two but, Helium 10 gives you a small bunch of features more than the Jungle Scout. It is up to you to decide if those extra features are worth the dough.

There is no way of comparing which is better, a 1000 free trials or 14-day return policy. But if it were me, I would have used the app at least 5000 times in those 14 days haha 😛


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Helium 10 – 4.5/5 Stars

Where the Jungle Scout losses out on the Japanese market place it makes up in the additional features. Apart from all that Helium 10 has in stock, the Jungle Scout has more to offer.

The product tracker niche hunter in itself is an excellent addition to the software which lets you hunt your niche category down.

Jungle Scout V/S Viral Launch

Jungle Scout competitor Viral Launch


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Viral Launch – 4.5/5 Stars

Viral Launch has a tendency to overestimate sales predictions mostly. Never underestimate. While testing, the result was ahead of the actuals by a good percentage.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Viral Launch – 3.5/5 Stars

For the extension and the database, Viral Launch costs you $49 a month while Jungle Scout costs you a one time fee of $97 and $40 a month for the web app.

Now if you are thinking long term, you will break-even with Jungle Scout in 11 months (one-time fee) and then operating Jungle Scout will fall cheaper.


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Viral Launch – 5/5 Stars

Viral Launch and Jungle Scout share almost the most identical features. The accuracy rating on the two is the same, but Jungle Scout beats Viral Launch by an insignificant percentage.

In the end, it boils down to the pricing, but if you sign up with Viral Launch today, you get a 15% discount!

Jungle Scout V/S ASINspector



Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

ASINspector – 4/5 Stars

The ASINspector estimates the actual sales and all peripheral information quite a bit for a paid application. Giving this app a 4-star rating seems a little excessive as well.

Nevertheless, there are many other search criteria where the ASINspector gave satisfactory results.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 4/5 Stars

ASINspector – 5/5 Stars

The pricing of Jungle Scout can never beat ASINspector. ASINspector has a one time fee of $97 and then $10 a month to keep the application running.

They have a 30-day return policy so you might just get to use the app a lot to find out if it is giving you decent utility.


Jungle Scout – 4/5 Stars

ASINspector – 5/5 Stars

The feature ‘open in-store’ helps you seek listings from Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress and even Walmart. This is not just restricted to Amazon. There is a handly profit calculator at your disposal as well.

ASINspector knocks out the Jungle Scout in this category, but many are not ready to compromise on the accuracy.

Jungle Scout V/S Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher Jungle Scout competitors


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Unicorn Smasher – 2.5/5 Stars

Ahh, remember when I said if it’s cheap it is not good and if it’s good it ain’t cheap? This is the perfect example of that. This application overestimates the figures by a vast number.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 0/5 Stars

Unicorn Smasher – 5/5 Stars

Undoubtedly, we cannot compare a freebie with any paid application. Anything free is the best haha 😛 (pun intended)


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Unicorn Smasher – 3/5 Stars

The features in the Unicorn Smasher are very basic, needless to say. If you are a newbie, this should be perfect to start off but do not expect a lot. When the time comes, and you don’t see your blog generating sales revenue, don’t blame the app.

The Unicorn Smasher can also be coupled with the AMZ tracker for better results, but the AMZ tracker has its costs.

Jungle Scout V/S Scope

Scope jungle scout


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Scope – 4/5 Stars

Frankly, I was surprised to see that Scope performed exceptionally well for a free application. The data provided was not as accurate as Jungle Scout but it was consistent. That is something I highly appreciate.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 2/5 Stars

Scope – 5/5 Stars

The Scope is not entirely free. The chrome extension is free to use but the web app costs $33 a month. Which is not as high but it is not cheap either.

If you are starting out, the extension is sufficient in itself, but you will soon find yourself longing for additional features.


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Scope – 3.5/5 Stars

I am considering the web app and the extension here. The Jungle Scout definitely has many more features to offer when compared to Scout. The Scout is just a little more basic than other paid options.

Scout has the most basic features any other product tracker has.

Jungle Scout V/S Amachete



Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Amachete – 4/5 Stars

Amachete, like many others on the list, has a liking towards producing understated results. Not by a grave margin, but the accuracy in a percentage is lower than that of Jungle Scout.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 4/5 Stars

Amachete – 5/5 Stars

The Amachete would cost you $29 for a month. This is the web app, and the extension is free to use. This is decent pricing for a basic yet reliable application.

You also get a 14-day free trial, which is brilliant. 14 days should be quite enough to find out the response of the application and whether or not you want it in your arsenal.


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

Amachete – 3/5 Stars

The Jungle Scout has been around for quite some time now and has been optimizing their services to the new and bigger requirements.

Amachete has the most basic features like rand and inventory tracker, profitability estimator, competitor analysis. There is no doubt that Jungle Scout has more to offer.

Jungle Scout V/S AMZScout

AMZScout Jungle Scout Alternation


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

AMZScout – 4.5/5 Stars

The reason behind AMZScout receiving 4.5 stars for accuracy is that it overestimates the sales of a product by 10-15% every time. This is the biggest set back of this application.

Although people say that reducing your data will help you make better decisions.

Pricing And Free Trial 

Jungle Scout – 4.5/5 Stars

AMZScout – 5/5 Stars

AMZScout charges $20 for their application and an additional $10 a month for their Chrome extension. Perhaps this would render to be the most expensive alternative in this review.

Another drawback is that you get a mere 15 uses trial. I do not think that is sufficient for anyone to get the hang of the application.


Jungle Scout – 5/5 Stars

AMZScout – 4.5/5 Stars

AMZScout does not lag back on features, surprisingly. I mean with the basic package and that costing you would expect something really mediocre, but that is not the scenario.

Apart from the usual, AMZScout has the Amazon to eBay comparison tool as well, which should come in handy.

Winding Up on the best Jungle Scout alternatives

If you still are bewildered as to which application to start your free trial, might I suggest using case scenario? And to do that, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

What is your budget?

What accuracy do you need?

And what all the features do you require?

You do not want to be spending a bomb for features you will not require immediately if you are just a  beginner in this game.

Once you have decided what factors play the biggest role I need you to go back and check out the star ratings. That will help you create a measurable chart of the different application.

Most of them give out free trials, and you should capitalize on that. But do remember, switching applications a lot might be the best idea as there will be no consistency.

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