Is Grammarly worth it?

▶️ Are you searching for a trustworthy and detailed review of Grammarly – a popular grammar checker?

▶️ Or are you on the question of whether you should invest in Grammarly Premium?

▶️ Or are you finding more reasons to persuade yourself that Grammarly is an amazing grammar editor? 

As a long-term user of Grammarly, I will give you a deep insight into this helpful assistant in your work of writing.

Is Grammarly worth it?

Is Grammarly worth it: What is Grammarly?

If you are a content creator, a writer, or work in any fields that relate to English writing, Grammarly may not sound strange to you as an online checker for the details of your work.

With more than 10 million active users per day, Grammarly is now one of the most frequently chosen companions on the Internet. Also, being on the market for more than 10 years, the quality of Grammarly has been improved and elevated based on the feedback and comments from the users.

What has made Grammarly more and more popular is that Grammarly offers more than just checking simple grammar and spelling mistakes that other applications usually do.

There’s a controversy about if Grammarly is really worth it. Let’s together find out your own answers after reading this article.

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Grammarly Review: Pros and Cons

1. Pros

#Simple and user-friendly interface

Complicated as Grammarly might seem, it is super easy to register an account, to instal and start your first work with Grammarly. The interface shows clearly all the functions and leads users to get accustomed to it steadily.

In the beginning, it took me a quick tour in a few minutes to figure out how it operates.

#Grammarly is usable on almost any platform

Whether you are on your computer or mobile phone, whether you are online or offline, Grammarly is accessible in different ways.

– Online personal editor – Click “New”, then copy and paste your writing directly in the text area. The tool will automatically detect and underline mistakes in various colors.

The Grammarly web tool to simply copy and paste your writing directly into the Grammarly web tool.

– Desktop app for Windows or Mac. – Grammarly can also be installed on your computer. The display is quite similar to the online one.

– Microsoft Office add-in – You might wonder why you need to install this add-in while you have the supported checker from Microsoft Office. The point is that Grammarly gives you more than that, i.e. more specific and detailed suggestions.

– The browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge – The tool identifies the mistakes when you type in any text areas which might be WordPress, Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.

– Grammarly Keyboard – This can be downloaded on your phone. Grammarly will assist you in checking the spelling mistakes, or gives you some predictions when a few letters are typed.

Is it incredible? It’s like you can use Grammarly anywhere you want without any worries.

#Not just a grammar checker, Grammarly is my virtual teacher!

With the huge workload and my pursuit of creative as well as quality writing, Grammarly has become an irreplaceable “friend” as well as “teacher”. Typing fast following the flow of ideas, or trying to meet the deadlines, I sometimes cannot avoid minor mistakes.

More importantly, the readability of the writing is necessary as my content needs to be easy to understand and appealing to my readers. So, what types of errors can Grammarly really find out?

– Basically, grammar and spelling mistakes

– Confused prepositions

– Overuse of the passive voice

– Wordy sentence – by paraphrasing with suggestions

– Repetitive words – by recommending synonyms

– Misplaced apostrophes

– Punctuation usage.

Through all of those mistakes, Grammarly has given me more caution when I conduct my writings, and a more profound understanding of the language. Compared to other free grammar checkers, Grammarly has gone far beyond what I expected. Additionally, Grammarly gives a clear explanation of each mistake, so the user can understand thoroughly, choosing to accept the correction or not.

Are you surprised again? More to discover, let’s continue.

#Apply to Any Genres Of Writing 

It’s interesting that before a new document, I can set goals for my work, so Grammarly can acknowledge which audience my products aim for, the degree of formality, or the tone of writings.

Grammarly: set goals

It can be seen that this is an outstanding feature integrated into Grammarly, so Grammarly is not only for either bloggers or teachers but also for researchers or doctors in any other field.

The results are then reflected in the judgment of the clarity, the engagement rate, and the delivery rate. If the writing is not good enough, Grammarly shows some suggestions to make it better.

#Powerful plagiarism checker

Working as a content specialist, creating credible and original content is my first priority. Learning from sources for reference, I might combine the ideas sometimes, to enhance my argument.

That’s why a plagiarism detector is a must for me. Grammarly can find out which part of my writings are the same as one from which source, and give me the recommended citation in case I forgot to mention it in my writings in an appropriate way.

For professional writers and researchers, especially in academic fields, plagiarism is taken really seriously as the originality is the main factor that enables the content to be outstanding from the others.

The database of Grammarly for plagiarism is very powerful as it compares each writing against 16 billion web pages.

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#Useful assistant for both non-native and native English writers

Even as a native English writer, you can make some silly mistakes occasionally without any intention. Instead of proofreading thousands of words by yourself, you can now access Grammarly and have a check-in a few seconds, with the details as mentioned above.

To a non-native English writer like me, this is more precious than anything as I can save a lot of time, and enhance my skills. And we all know what happens when bad grammar comes to good people.

#Enhance my lexical range

Grammarly, based on the goals set at the beginning of each document, gives me the vocabulary suggestions (works as a thesaurus dictionary), so repetitive words can be avoided.

Also, in cases, words are used in the wrong context. As commonly known, some words are similar in meaning, which can easily cause confusion if not used correctly but are different in a specific aspect of meaning.

For instance, “to eat”, “to devour” and “to munch” are to show the action of putting food in the mouth, and swallowing it. However, “to devour” means eating something very quickly when one is really hungry, and “to munch”  means eating something steadily and quietly.

Those are moments when I learned and updated my own “dictionary”.

#Smart plans for either individual writers, business teams or academic institutions

So, besides the Grammarly Premium plan with amazing features for individuals like me – a content creator, Grammarly brings the two pricing plans to business teams or schools and colleges at economical value. Let’s find out the details in the next section.

#Overall performance score is given 

Is it necessary to know the overall score of your writing? It’s somehow interesting to know-how and based on which criteria your writing should be scored. In Grammarly, it takes 3 factors of your writing into consideration which are word count, readability, and vocabulary.

For word count, it shows simply what Microsoft Words usually does – characters and words. The outstanding point is that it also counts the number of sentences, estimates the average reading and speaking time.

The term “readability” may sound strange to some of you. This is to judge the complexity and clarity of your writing, answering the questions if your writing is easily understandable, and if it is readable by 80% of native English speakers based on the word and sentence length.

The vocabulary section shows the percent of unique and rare words in your writings, so you can know your level of the lexical range.

2. Cons

#Grammarly cannot replace a human proofreader

My answer is that to put Grammarly and a human proofreader on a scale is not fair at all.

There are specific outstanding features that a human cannot do compared to Grammarly, however, as a computer-based tool, Grammarly might misunderstand my ideas sometimes. That’s why I need to be conscious, and identify if I should follow the recommended correction from Grammarly.

The same happens to a human proofreader’s case. Of course, it’s impossible for a human to compare his writing against a huge database of resources, or to ensure completely error-free writing.

#Grammarly doesn’t give you ideas

Grammarly only works with all its effort as a writing enhancement tool. The program detects your errors, gives you the solutions along with the explanation, and offers different useful features. Unfortunately, it cannot produce some content or give you more ideas for strengthening your writings.

#A free trial of the premium version is not offered

Before making your decision to go Premium or not, you can play a lot with the free version, and experience the application. As the free version of Grammarly has given me more than I expected, I obviously upgraded my account to Premium for 1 year, which is far lower than a monthly subscription.

However, the price for upgrading to Premium for 1 month is only $29.99. Some may comment that this is quite a huge amount for such a simple checker that can only be used in a few seconds. But, look at this way, if you divide it into 30 days per month, it’s only $1 per day.

So, why not give it a try to see how far you can have Grammarly accompany your work?

#The consistency of Grammarly is not really stable

Sometimes, the problem I encountered is that Grammarly doesn’t detect the same problems on the online editor and the browser extension. To me, this is not a big deal, however, to a serious learner of the language, this problem needs to be looked into and improved.

Is Grammarly worth it: Features reviewed

In this section, I will lead you into the details of the three pricing plans of Grammarly which are Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, and Grammarly Edu.

▶️ What’s the difference?

▶️ And why should you choose each plan?

✔️ Grammarly Premium

What’s the difference?

First and foremost, the difference between a free and a premium version of Grammarly is shown in the picture below:

Grammarly plans comparison

Grammarly Features

As can be seen, there’s a considerable number of features added upon the upgrade to Grammarly Premium. Those features can be:

– Improve ineffective vocabulary – fillers, as adverbs are good, however, to find an appropriate replacement for a phrase, is to elevate your English.

Example: I’m very happy to be part of the team.

    Suggestion: I’m thrilled to be part of the team.

– Enhance the politeness

Example: I hated the proposal.

     Suggestion: I wouldn’t say I like the proposal.

The above sentence in the example was recommended to be edited in a more polite way to avoid the annoyance to readers.

Some examples are given to prove the effectiveness of the upgrade. As an experienced user of Grammarly, I highly recommend this as my writings are significantly optimized.

How about the price?

Grammarly plans & pricing

The premium monthly plan of Grammarly can be purchased at $29.95. However, the price is reduced to $19.98 or $11.66 per month if you choose a quarterly or an annual subscription respectively.

Therefore, make a wise choice. Give it a one-month trial first to experience fully by yourself, and then you can continue with the new plans.

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✔️ Grammarly Business

What’s the difference?

If you are running your own business and would like to have a fair and stable working environment in which your team can check their work on their own properly and conveniently, Grammarly Business is a choice.

Along with the features of Grammarly Premium, you are given more priority support from Grammarly and the admin controls of your team. This will not enhance the skills of an individual, but the whole team in order to deliver professional communication.

Details of the Grammarly Business benefits can be referred in the below picture:

Grammarly business

For enterprises with more than 149 members. Grammarly offers more advanced control and proper management methods to satisfy the demands of large organizations.

The reason that you can trust the plan is that Grammarly has been chosen by sales or marketing teams from popular enterprises in the world, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linked, and so on.


Currently, a team of from 3  up to 149 members is offered the package at the rate of $12.50 per member per month.

If you decide to subscribe to an annual plan for a team of more than 10 to 149 members, a 10% discount is applied.

For the team of more than 149 members, you can contact the sales department of Grammarly for a good deal for Grammarly’s enterprise plans.

The steps for registering an account are easy to follow. You just need to fill in the size of your team, the choice of a monthly or annual plan, and the price is updated automatically.

Grammarly business pricing

For example, in the above picture, my team size is supposed to be 30, and I choose “Monthly plan”, the price is $750/month/team, which means $25/month/member. There’s this line showing that I can save $387.50/month by switching to an annual plan. Let’s see how it goes.

Grammarly business pricing

Here we are. The price was reduced to $362/month, lower than half of the monthly plans.

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✔️ Grammarly Edu

What’s the difference?

Grammarly conducted a survey with the students who experienced the application at their institutions, and the results showed that 70% of the students enhanced their writing confidence, and nearly 100% improved their grades thanks to Grammarly.

Now, we know that it’s not only commonly-known by individual writers but a time-saving assistant to teachers or professors as well. This plan can be applicable to students of all levels.

An institution that offers students access to Grammarly? Does that sound impressive? The students can spend self-study time at the library on checking their own work without the assistance from teachers, and the trainers, at the same time, can save a considerable amount of time.

The features included in Grammarly Edu are:

– More than 400 types of grammar checks

– Plagiarism checker

– Microsoft Office add-in

– Vocabulary enhancement

– 24/7 support from Grammarly team


What should be noted is that for Grammarly Edu, only a yearly plan is offered. The pricing plan is shown in the following table:

No. of usersYearly priceThe monthly price for a user
More than 20Contact sales for further quotation

So, the larger number of students there are, the more money you could save.

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Is Grammarly worth it: FAQs❓

If you are having some questions in your head, but they are not mentioned above, let’s see if they are down here.

#1: Who should use Grammarly?

I have to say that millions of writers, including me, are currently in use of Grammarly every day. Grammarly is usable for any fields, from Education, Economics to Medical, and for any types of writings, from essays, letters to reports, which means a student, a researcher, a doctor or a content creator can all try Grammarly.

Therefore, if you write in English daily and need a supporter in checking and fixing your work, Grammarly is a smart option.

#2: What are the system requirements for Microsoft Office Add-in from Grammarly?

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Microsoft Office version: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.

For Mac users, the version of Microsoft Office should be 2016 or higher.

#3: Can I use Grammarly offline?

It is a pity that Grammarly is an online supporting tool, so you need to access the Internet always and stably to use this application.

#4: Can Grammarly check the formatting style of a document?

For the moment, this function is not available yet, which means you need to choose another tool for the formatting for the citations. You can try this citation site that I usually make use of for my writing.

#5: Will my writing is detected as plagiarism if I use Grammarly?

The answer is No. It is because your text is typed in the Grammarly editor, which means it’s not indexed on the web, so you can be safe.

#6: Why does Grammarly require my geographic location?

It is to create double security for your account and to prevent unauthorized access. It also analyzes your writing with the dialect-specific writing suggestions. You can find similar systems from Facebook or Gmail when you sign in with a new device.

#7: What is the expert writing service? And how can I use it?

If you are in use of Grammarly, you will see the box showing “Get Expert Writing Help”. This function is an add-on to Grammarly in which the writing experts from Grammarly will directly review the document and make the correction instead of the automatic system.

To make use of the service, you can click “Get Expert Writing Help”, a pop-up shows up with 2 options: Correctness Only and Correctness and Clarity. The difference is that with the former choice, the expert only fixes various types of mistakes, and with the latter choice, the expert will plus ensure the conciseness and the readability of your text.

The pricing of this service is $1.90 for a 100-word document with a 3-day turnaround.

#8: What is Grammarly Handbook?

Grammarly is not much different from a Grammar book, where you can find all the theories about the grammatical, punctuation rules, or grammar tips in English. So, it’s a source of learning and enhancing your English skills.

#9: Is it secure that Grammarly tracks everything typed on the websites?

Grammarly, of course, reads everything you write when installed as an add-on on your browser or Microsoft Office. However, Grammar is automatically blocked from those text fields that are marked “sensitive”, such as credit card number or password.

In case you would not like Grammarly to read a message or an email, you can choose to disable the extension, and then re-enable when you want to use it again.

Is Grammarly really worth it?

All in all, why should somebody choose Grammarly?

I myself can help you to make the decision more easily since I have been using Grammarly for more than 2 years, and have experienced the convenience and comfort that it has brought to me despite a few drawbacks that I mentioned before.

5 reasons why you should choose Grammarly are:

– Grammarly is a quality checker with optimized features, even with a free version. It has been enhanced and improved continuously to meet the requirements of different supporters.

– Besides the detector for different types of mistakes, I received various tips to improve my writing style, the conciseness of my products, and the unique overall performance score.

– Grammarly has provided frequent support as I had it installed on my computer and my phone as well, so it’s time-saving.

– I could utilize Grammarly for my academic writing as well as blogs or informal narratives thanks to the genre-specific writing style checking function.

– Most importantly, in a positive way, the price is not that expensive for me as I’ve had good reasons and an economical plan.

What you should bear in your mind is that Grammarly is an electronic tool, so it is certainly not always correct as you expect, however, the mistakes are always explained clearly with Grammarly, so make a wise choice.

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