Grammarly vs Word: Which is Better?

If you do a lot of writing, spelling and grammar errors can be embarrassing and a huge turnoff to your readers even if the message you are trying to portray is essential.

Among the proofreading tools and grammar checkers available, we have Grammarly and Word. While both of these tools make the process of creating accurate and professional documents, there are still differences between the two that you should know.

Grammarly vs Word: What’s better?

Grammarly vs Word – in a Nutshell

Grammarly is an online brilliant writing checker. It detects grammar and spelling to make sure your writing mistake-free.  Beyond that, this tool is an assistant in styling documents to meet your required tone of voice.


Meanwhile, Word or Microsoft Word is one of the most popular programs to create a document over the world. Simply as its name, Word is the most basic writing application as fat as the document goes. It also can highlight the wrong spelling and grammar. In some cases, users can be alerted with incorrect sentence structure.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the major disparities between Grammarly and Word. We’re not only going to cover the small differences such as function, ease of install,.. but also take an overall look at the user-friendly feature.

1. Ease of install

This is the greatest advantage of Grammarly, from my experience. It’s a simple process to just visit the website, click the button “Install” or get Grammarly chrome plugin. Once you get the Grammarly app installed, you can now upload your documents or simply Copy and Paste to the web page and let the checker do it magic work. In case you want to elevate your writing checker, Grammarly offers higher packages: Premium for individuals at $11.66/month (billed annually) for advanced writing feedback or Business for teams at $12.60/month/member (billed annually) to share from 3 to 149 person. However, even for the free version, the online platform still does a great job.

In the meantime, Word, provided by Microsoft Office, normally goes in a product line with Mail Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel. It will require a subscription fee at $108/one time for Office Home & Student, $57/year for Microsoft 365 Personal, or $74 for Microsoft 365 Family. Make sure you choose a proper package suitable for your PC for the best performance.

2. Spell checking and Simple Explanation

If you have problems spelling things correctly, Grammarly is there to take care of it. The best part is that it recognizes current and technical spellings that Microsoft Word might not pick up on. You can rest assured that your spellings will always be accurate when using Grammarly, compared to the relative unreliability of Word’s built-in spellchecker.

For every word replacement suggestion Grammarly gives, there is always an explanation given as well. They explain grammar rules which are quite easy to understand and give room for improvement in your future writing. You only need to click “see more” to get more insight before deciding if it’s worth replacing or ignoring.

Grammarly Spelling Checker

MS Word, on the other hand, also can recognize the wrong spelling or grammar. It also can test sentence structure, for example, although it is notoriously bad at it. However, Word is not really well known as the best error-free writing detector application.

MS Word

3. Report

Another outstanding function of Grammarly should be sending a user report. It’s grateful to see how have we achieved since the time we started which is cannot be found in Word general.

4. Plagiarism

You are writing an essay for the final exam but not sure whether it is plagiarism, Grammarly has you to cover. By using Grammarly premium, the plagiarism checker function will be added. Just click on the plagiarism option, the tool can compare your writing with more than 6 billions of other copies out there (including an online and offline copy). Now you can rest assured that your content is truly unique and you aren’t accidentally copying texts from any sources which can cause you trouble in some cases. In case there are a few words that bear a resemblance to another article, it will provide a link to check what is happening.

Another plus point that the score will pop up in order to track how unique your content is in general. What a nice way to avoid plagiarism.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

5. Word Repetition

Sometimes, we cannot avoid repeating the same words in writing. We tend to use the most frequent word in our habit or contemporarily lost the alternative. Thanks to Grammarly, now you are provided with various choices if it detects one word used many times. However, it is just available for the Grammarly premium account.

6. Writing Style

The writing style is also a critical feature offered by Grammarly. You can define your writing style at first (formal or informal) then Grammarly can advise you to tailor the texts accordingly. This step makes sure your content consistent and smooth from the beginning till the end.

Also, Grammarly adds a helpful function to find out the “Tautology” mistake. As from my below typing, I sometimes want to state myself in the sentence which can lead to the waste of a word. Grammarly can easily scan it and alert with a red label. For example, instead of “I personally write my own story”, it suggests a more concise version “I write my own story”.

Grammarly Writing Style

7. Customization

Even though I am using a free version, having said that I can get privileges from Grammarly. I am allowed to customize this checker with my favorite function as choosing my desired language, which browser I would love to use it for, or put new words into my personal dictionary

8. Deeper Editing

In some cases, although you get the score at 98/100, Grammarly still reveals hidden spelling and grammar errors in the content. Not in the way as free version identifies, the premium or business version can outline advances issues. Even if you are unable to afford it, you will still gain the knowledge that your writing still features some “advances writing issues”.

I’m sure that if you come back so your text and check again more carefully, you may find out these mistakes by yourself. All in all, it contributes to your writing skills to a higher level.

Grammarly vs Word: Is it worth paying for Grammarly?

From my point of view, Grammarly is worth a try if you need to focus on writing skills, like a blogger, writer, or author, who critically delivers serious crafty documents to readers. By a high-technology AI, it helps to shorten the time to scan the long contents and fix it a blink.

It’s 2020 and every second count. This well-rounded tool can assist you to detect various grammatical issues this easily, all the thing you need is just a click for approval.

Besides, free Grammarly still doesn’t get you wrong. By logging with an online account, which takes a few minutes to register, even your grandparent can access, copy and paste and let it do the rest of the process. I rest assure that the proofreading can enhance if you make Grammarly a part of your writing habit from now.

Can you use Grammarly in Word?

You can integrate Grammarly on many browsers and platforms directly. The good thing is that it enables us to add in Word as well as Microsoft Office. In case you don’t find Grammarly extension, simply go to the website, install the desktop app, and copy the content across to check for grammar issues.

In this way, 02 useful tools Grammarly and Word can pair together and support you in the most effective process. You now can have grammar and spelling check covered through Grammarly via Word option, meanwhile still maintain your work on Word – which you have been familiarizing for a long time. I know that Word has been used by millions of people so far and not all everyone all wants to change their routine.

At the end of the day, I still recommend users to combine these two apps for the best result. Grammarly can compensate for Word’s shortcomings as Word sometimes cannot scan and correct the mistakes thoroughly in the way Grammarly offers.

Grammarly vs Word: What’s the final verdict?

It will be such a hard question to answer: Grammarly vs Word – What’s better.

To give the best suggestion, it really depends on your demands to meet. For most users, Mircosoft Office is the initial thing that comes to mind for document typing. It also can be a little bit cheaper option which can give some mistakes alert provided by Office apps and cloud storage.

On the other hand, Grammarly is an affordable writing checker. This online tool can be easily installed on any integrations and mobile which allows you to correct words on the way. Super fast and easy to use too. With a little bit higher cost, it can provide more features and a better option for serious writer experts.

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