Grammarly Vs. Whitesmoke: What’s better?

TL;Dr: In the Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke battle, what’s the better plagiarism checkers?

In my opinion, Grammarly has a more comprehensive content checker software that extends beyond just plagiarism check—and this makes it a better choice of the two.

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In this article, I compare Whitesmoke with Grammarly to find the better pick.

Whitesmoke is a plagiarism checker that’s been in business for more than two decades. On the other hand, Grammarly is relatively new but has quickly risen to the most popular grammar checker and for good reason (more on this later).

So let’s get started!

Grammarly Vs. Whitesmoke: Quick Comparison Chart.

Character Limit100,00010,000
Online Database1.7 billion-plus websites1.7 billion-plus websites
Offline DatabaseYes (collab with ProQuest)None
Response Time5 stars out of 53.5 stars out 5
Reliability4 stars out of 53 stars out of 5
Additional Features5 stars out of 53 stars out of 5

Grammarly is hands down the better option of the two when it comes down to checking for plagiarism.

  1. Grammarly has a character limit of a hundred thousand characters, which is ten times more than Whitesmoke. This helps you run checks on larger articles with ease.
  2. While the online database is for both is more or less the same, it is the offline database that helps Grammarly Pro be the better plagiarism checker.
  3. Response time while running checks is much better with Grammarly Pro. Results usually show within minutes. Whitesmoke, on the other hand, takes several minutes to produce results.
  4. While both tools can never be a hundred percent reliable, Grammarly pro which wins this round as it scans a sizeable offline database additional to online.

Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is one of the market leaders in proofreading software and checks your writing against over 260 different grammar rules, to help you create high-quality pieces of work.

The active users on Grammarly are around 15 million and growing, it has the ability to work in a range of places, from social media, emails, MS Word, Google Docs and more, it really does help you wherever you are.

Grammarly has developed a great website that knows exactly how to share the right amount of information to help you make the right decision in a crowded marketplace, and the statistics really speak for themselves.

Grammarly is popular with a range of people from students, to professionals, to employees, to entrepreneurs, to writing generalists, and after using it myself, I have enjoyed the experience too.

Grammarly Premium Customer Report 1

WhiteSmoke Overview

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one writing software tool that is designed to suggest improvements to your writing and bring attention to your mistakes, this can be anything from a different word suggestion or issue to a complicated sentence rephrasing tool.

WhiteSmoke has users all around the world due to the fact it is available in a range of major languages, so it really is very accessible for everyone. The slogan ‘Just Write’ gives a good idea of what they want to achieve, no-nonsense, straightforward writing aid application.

In fact, the company has invested large sums of money into developing its services and products and has been rated as one of the best grammar checker software in the industry.

They also have tailor-made solutions for companies that want to improve their English communication’s quality, so it's definitely made itself known in the busy marketplace of grammar and spell checker software.

WhiteSmoke has the ability to detect a plethora of grammatical errors, some of which you may never have known were even there. Although there isn’t a free version, it is much cheaper than other competitors in the space.

WhiteSmoke Review 2020

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke Factors

1. Accuracy

Unsurprisingly, when trying to contrast WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly in accuracy they are fairly similar, as their base job is to be accurate grammar checkers.

A good way to help analyze the accuracy is two-fold, looking for how many errors the application misses and how many false negatives show up (suggestions that are incorrect or don’t make sense), obviously these factors can differ depending on if you’re using technical language or words that the program doesn’t usually deal with.

Grammarly Accuracy

Grammarly rarely misses a beat with the majority of basic and everyday writing tasks, so if you’re someone writing emails, social media posts, occasional online content such as blogs, Grammarly will give you everything you need and more.

This adds up, as on the website Grammarly is trying to focus their marketing on the everyday users and not specifically people specializing in certain niche areas.

However, Grammarly does have a range of features that really do help your accuracy from the tone of voice, clarity, an in-house plagiarism checker, and a ton of other helpful tools to keep you error free, for the most part.

When working with fiction, as with most spell checker software, Grammarly does struggle a little bit, especially with prose and dialogue, but this obviously won’t affect the majority of its users, and for general writing, you won’t encounter any errors at all.

Sometimes it struggles to understand a certain word or phrase in everyday use, but the majority of the time, even the free version works well, especially on MS Word.

WhiteSmoke Accuracy

WhiteSmoke is a fairly accurate grammar checker, and after using the tool for a while, I can see it does offer pretty similar options to Grammarly, but it is not as quick or as easy to use as Grammarly, albeit a cheaper option.

Defined as an all in one checker, it covers grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and potential stylistic issues, so it really does have a pretty overarching range of tools to help your writing improve.

In terms of accuracy, again false negatives will always be present to a certain degree, but the issues were fairly sporadic and nothing to really deter from the features which benefit you, the pros outweigh the cons on the accuracy.

Although WhiteSmoke grammar check doesn’t have the same AI capabilities as Grammarly, the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology uses algorithms to learn how your brain is working whilst you are writing, so does adapt, but not quite in the same way.

The lack of detailed data on improvements to the word is definitely a reason for docking points from WhiteSmoke on this occasion, the score is out of 10, as opposed to a percentage you get with Grammarly. So the grammar check Whitesmoke has is not quite as good for breaking down each word and sentence.

Accuracy Winner – Grammarly

The winner is Grammarly, it just has so many features that can impact your writing style, flow, and results, so it is a clear cut winner in this category, and in addition, picked up on some errors in the same text that WhiteSmoke didn’t even notice.

2. Limitations

We’ll take a look at three of the limitations for each of these grammar checker software to showcase some of the potential issues that might help you decide between these two.

Obviously, each user’s priorities will be different so we’ll just look at fairly generalized issues that people have with these grammar checker software.

Grammarly Limitations

Only available in one language – as you’ll see in the languages section, Grammarly is only available in English, so it really can limit a lot of users who want to work in two languages or more.

Expensive vs the competitors (and vs WhiteSmoke) – Grammarly is certainly one of the most expensive on the market, so that can alienate more casual users, so it depends what you are looking for in your grammar checker, the addition of the plagiarism checker is very handy for students and professionals alike. But it does have a free version, which helps redeem it.

Restrictions and limits to the plans – Grammarly premium gives you access to up to 5 different connections with a few restrictions, you can review 300 documents or 150,000 a month or 100 documents or 50,000 words within a 24-hour window.

The size of uploaded documents has to be 4mb or under and the file types have to be MS word docs, OpenOffice, .txt, and .rtf. Despite this, you are unlikely to run into any of these restrictions, they are fairly high limits.

WhiteSmoke Limitations

Lack of a free option – one of the biggest limitations with WhiteSmoke is the fact that there is no free version, which really doesn’t help people looking at Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke or other grammar checker options, because the try before you buy system is always useful in software, so the missing free option is definitely a blot on the resume.

Inability to work offline – the fact that WhiteSmoke doesn’t have the ability to work offline really does limit its capability, as there are definitely a lot of times people want to work free from online distractions, so having a grammar software that works offline is one major benefit.

Only available at a yearly rate and not per month – the lack of not having a monthly choice seems like a real oversight on the pricing plans for WhiteSmoke and definitely something they need to look into.

Limitations Loser – WhiteSmoke

Granted you don’t have an issue with Grammarly being in one language, vs WhiteSmoke working in over 50, then the clear loser here is WhiteSmoke.

Mainly due to the inflexibility of the options for payment and lack of a free version, although these issues are a fairly easy fix, they are still big issues for users.

3. Best Features

There are so many features you can pick up on for both grammar checkers, with a lot of overlapping features we will try to look at some of the points of difference or things one does better than the other.

To keep it brief, we’ll take a look at three for each platform.

Grammarly Best Features

Certain advanced grammar checker software like Grammarly adapts to the way you write, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), and really does make it an incredibly useful feature that learns with you to improve your experience with it.

Grammarly has a free built-in plagiarism checker which is an absolute lifesaver for students and professionals alike and will scan your writing against over 16 billion web pages. The plagiarism checker gives you a percentage out of 100 which will say how much your text matches ‘x’ source. The plagiarism checker is a really nice feature and is a great addition to an already useful platform.

Grammarly’s features around the tone of voice are really useful regardless of the style of writing you are going to be doing, helping you get the right tone for a formal email, or being friendly but not informal, or being concerned without sounding angry.

Grammarly Tone Detector 1

WhiteSmoke Best Features

WhiteSmoke’s user-centric video library is really helpful and focuses on common writing errors people make and how you can avoid them, which is a great idea and just shows how they go out of their way to develop content for their users.

WhiteSmoke has a range of different resources that can help aid you in your journey to being the next Shakespeare or Hemmingway, with everything from CV and resume templates, to emails, and documents.

The one area that Grammarly majorly falls short is the ability to work in any language other than English. Therefore, the translator tool for WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly clearly wins, because of the ability to translate and grammar check into a ton of different languages.

WhiteSmoke Translator

Best Features Winner – Grammarly

Despite both software having a range of different features that benefit their users, Grammarly just had so much more to offer of value, with advanced features from the plagiarism detector, to the sentence rephraser and even just the ability to pick up more complex spelling and grammar errors.

4. User Interface (UI)

User Interface or UI is incredibly important to people using the apps, if it’s not going to be easy to use and more hassle than it’s worth, then users aren’t going to bother.

UI is often confused or merged with UX, in short, UI is how it works and UX is how the user feels about it. So let’s take a look at the two grammar checker platforms interfaces.

Grammarly User Interface (UI)

It’s a fairly well-known fact that Grammarly is one of the best designed and most intuitive tools for a grammar and spell checker, and obviously, with the premium version, its benefits are greater still.

Design is definitely one of the key strengths for this platform, they have gone out of their way to create a seamless user experience that feels natural and noninvasive, all the features are useful and there’s no real bloat or lag to the system.

Every element of the design has definitely been thought about in great detail, even down to the red lines under the errors, that make the changes pretty fluid.

The chrome integration is well designed and executed too, so allows Grammarly to work wherever you do. The web editor is simply designed to help you set your goals as you log in to the document, which really helps set the tone for the document and your writing.

Grammarly knows that the majority of its users are generalists and don’t want too many writer-focused tools and options, so giving the level of detail it does is perfect for the majority of users.

WhiteSmoke User Interface (UI)

One of the largest issues with WhiteSmoke is its design, as alluded to before, it can be slow to use and pretty difficult to navigate and use comparatively to Grammarly.

This means that the User Interaction is much worse than other platforms and is definitely an issue for people who will be using this platform a lot.

This probably wouldn’t be as much as an issue if you didn’t have something to compare it to, but as we are looking at Grammarly and WhiteSmoke the lack of user-oriented design means this round is easier to judge.

The latest update has looked at fixing some of the issues and has made a lot of improvements on the previous versions, including being rebuilt to improve the performance and a ton of new updates, which will definitely help close the gap.

A big design flaw is in the Windows app, that has a limit of 10,000 characters at a time, not words, characters so that dramatically limits your usage of the platform if you’re writing anything long-form, an essay or a book.

If you are looking to make changes to your documents, there is also an additional step as opposed to Grammarly, meaning you have to export the final version of your work to a text document like MS word.

User Interface (UI) Winner

Even with the recent updates to WhiteSmoke’s UI and design, Grammarly is still the winner in this category, but the gap is definitely being closed. With a few more issues ironed out, WhiteSmoke could take the prize on a future analysis, but for now, it’s still Grammarly.

5. Languages Available

As alluded to before, the two vary massively on this factor, so this is kind of important to note depending on who you are, if you only work in one language then it won’t be an issue for you.

Grammarly Languages Available

If there’s an area that Grammarly falls short, it is in the languages department, there is no doubt they are an industry leader in the English language for grammar checker software, but in terms of any other languages, they haven’t even dipped a toe into the pool.

This is a major limitation for anyone who is wanting to work in more than one language or use the platform to check over international documents or work, so depending on your situation this could be a deal-breaker.

WhiteSmoke Languages Available

With that being said, the better platform for languages available is WhiteSmoke; it works with around 60 languages, whereas Grammarly only supports English currently.

WhiteSmoke makes spelling, grammar checking, and plagiarism in a second language super straightforward, all it takes is a click on the Translator option, set your primary and foreign languages and press ‘check text’.

In this part of the review, WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly isn’t even a fair fight, WhiteSmoke is the clear winner for languages available.

Languages Available Winner – WhiteSmoke

There is no doubt here, Grammarly is far superior in English, but WhiteSmoke is far superior in any other major language, there really is no competition on this front, if you’re looking to fix grammatical errors in more than two languages, WhiteSmoke is your tool.

6. Extensions & Plugins

Grammarly Extensions & Plugins

Grammarly has all of the integrations you’ll probably need, there’s a desktop editor, a chrome plug-in, an MS Word add-on, and a web version too. On top of all of this, there are also mobile apps available in both Android and iOS, and the keyboard is a great help if you use your phone for any business work or emails.

Grammarly prides itself on being able to work pretty much anywhere that you do with its browser extension and plugins, whether it's social media, MS word, Google Docs, or in an email, even the free version holds its own in these categories.

The Grammarly Google Docs add-on is a very recent addition and is still in beta, so there are definitely some bugs to fix, but despite this, it is fairly promising and definitely a step in the right direction.  At the beta stage, the add-on really just covers spelling and grammar, so basically just does the same as the inbuilt checker, it's got a way to go to match the MS word version.

WhiteSmoke Extensions & Plugins

WhiteSmoke has pretty much the same offering, having a desktop version and a browser extension, that will obviously allow you to work on the Google suite, Microsoft Word, social media and wherever else you will be writing.

Depending on your subscription plan you’ll get different access, but for most plans, you’ll get access on your internet browser – Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, although the lack of a free option isn’t ideal.

The desktop version is available when you sign up for the premium version of WhiteSmoke, and the Gmail integration is really helpful too.

Unfortunately, WhiteSmoke only works when you are connected to the internet, so this can make the integrations quite inconvenient, depending on your situation.

pasted image 0 50

Extensions & Plugins Winner – Grammarly

Although both of these two grammar checker software has a good range of extensions and plugins, with both having availability on the majority of places you need it, from MS Word to Docs, to emails, to the browser.

However, the limitations of WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly means that it is a win for Grammarly in this department. With some improvements the Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke extensions debate could be a little closer, but not yet.

Grammarly Plug ins and Integrations 1 1

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke: Pricing

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly has a free version and a premium version, which offer different levels of grammar checking, with the premium version providing near perfect, error-free writing.

The fact that there is a free version is definitely a big sale’s pitch for Grammarly and utilizing its Google Chrome extension, you can get a lot of bang for your hypothetical buck. It’s quick to get it set-up and easy to start evaluating your grammar, punctuation and spelling, the addition of the plagiarism checker in premium is great too.

The free version is definitely up to the task, but when you see how much the premium offers and spots so many errors you didn’t even realize, it really steps up your writing immensely.

Grammarly Price Plans 1

WhiteSmoke Pricing

WhiteSmoke is the cheaper option of the two software, but that by no means it doesn’t have the capability to help you improve your writing, and be sufficient for your grammar checking.

One of the issues with the WhiteSmoke pricing is that there is not actually an option per month, it is a yearly subscription (that tells you the per month cost) but the option is unavailable. This is definitely a drawback.

The only option on the pricing is a three-year plan, which seems even less likely for new users to want to sign up, so that’s definitely an issue with the pricing structure.

WhiteSmoke Plans

Verdict: Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke

This article should have served as one of the easiest to follow Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke reviews, and hopefully, has given you a good idea which will be best to make your writing error-free, reduce grammatical errors, improve your sentence structure and be the best value for you.

WhiteSmoke grammar checker is definitely not as powerful as Grammarly, but at a significantly cheaper price, it is a viable option for people not looking to spend too much.

The other key component for WhiteSmoke being a better option is for people who do a lot of international business or work in multiple languages.

Despite this, the clear and obvious winner is by far Grammarly Premium version, with its superior plagiarism checker, ability to find grammatical errors and improve overall writing style through AI, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

So whether it's ProWritingAid vs Grammarly, Ginger vs Grammarly or WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly, the premium version of Grammarly will come out as the industry leader.

Regardless of if you’re a student, a marketer, a blogger, author, teacher, or professional, Grammarly offers features that’ll help you.

Grammarly Hero Banner 1

Hopefully, this quick comparison of White Smoke software vs the Grammarly spell checker has not only served as a review of each of them but comparison and contrast of the grammar checkers against each other to help you come to a decision that benefits your situation.

Is there another grammar checker you prefer? Which of these two have you used? Is there anything I missed? Would you like to see Grammarly vs ‘x’? Let me know in the comments below!

Otherwise, happy writing, enjoy whichever platform works for you!

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