Grammarly Vs. Whitesmoke: What’s the better plagiarism checker?

TL;Dr: In the Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke battle, what’s the better plagiarism checkers?

In my opinion, Grammarly has a more comprehensive content checker software that extends beyond just plagiarism check—and this makes it a better choice of the two.

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In this article, I compare Whitesmoke with Grammarly to find the better pick.

Whitesmoke is a plagiarism checker that’s been in business for more than two decades. On the other hand, Grammarly is relatively new but has quickly risen to the most popular grammar checker and for good reason (more on this later).

So let’s get started!

What qualifies me to write this review?

Firstly, I am an independent publisher with a face and a reputation to uphold.

Most of the reviews out there are written by fuzzy companies or authors whose sole purpose is to earn that cash through affiliate programs.

I have been in the content writing business for well over a year now and know the pains involved in this business.

As I scaled up, I found the need to hire writers to assist me, and I was not going to pay for words that were not originally produced.

You would do the same!

Hence, I found the need to educate the people seeking guidance and not sell a product that is making me money.

Buying a premium tool for grammar and plagiarism is a good investment.

Grammarly Vs. Whitesmoke: Quick Comparison Chart.

Character Limit100,00010,000
Online Database1.7 billion-plus websites1.7 billion-plus websites
Offline DatabaseYes (collab with ProQuest)None
Response Time5 stars out of 53.5 stars out 5
Reliability4 stars out of 53 stars out of 5
Additional Features5 stars out of 53 stars out of 5

Grammarly is hands down the better option of the two when it comes down to checking for plagiarism.

  1. Grammarly has a character limit of a hundred thousand characters, which is ten times more than Whitesmoke. This helps you run checks on larger articles with ease.
  1. While the online database is for both is more or less the same, it is the offline database that helps Grammarly Pro be the better plagiarism checker.
  1. Response time while running checks is much better with Grammarly Pro. Results usually show within minutes. Whitesmoke, on the other hand, takes several minutes to produce results.
  1. While both tools can never be a hundred percent reliable, Grammarly pro which wins this round as it scans a sizeable offline database additional to online.

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke: Brief Overview

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke plagiarism checker is a software for those who are keen on checking for plagiarism from online content only.

If you think your material to be checked can only be plagiarised through online content, WhiteSmoke gives a satisfactory result. Also, if you do not need additional features such as grammar checker, spell checks and also other features, WhiteSmoke is apt.

Now, if you want to take your plagiarism check to the next level by checking offline material also, Grammarly Pro is the best option for you.

Also, Whitesmoke allows you to check ten thousand characters at once, which is a decent-sized dossier. For any document bigger than that, you should opt for Grammarly.

The question is what is your requirement from this nature of software. You need to ask yourself this question.

Whitesmoke and Grammarly: Side by side comparison

A brief side-by-side comparison of Grammarly and Whismokeplagiarism checkers:

Whitesmoke Overview

Whitesmoke a grammarly alternative

Let us start this review with the older software.

WhiteSmoke is a one-stop-shop for all writers, which helps you check for grammar, spelling, writing style, and punctuation.

It has invested millions in developing Natural Language Processing and various algorithms, which try to learn your style and suggest improved changes.

Since it has been there for longer, Whitesmoke has gotten much more organic media exposure than Grammarly.

You can notice that as soon as you enter the Whitesmoke website,

  • Forbes calls it the #1 tool for writing.
  • TopTenReviews gold award.
  • Great clients such as Pearson, McGill (prominent in the writing industry)

Whitesmoke Pricing: what do you get?

WhiteSmoke Review Pricing

Before we get into the details of pricing, let us see what are the components our money can buy with Whitesmoke.

There are four components to this tool and the pricing listed above is based on the inclusion of these in your package.

  • Free Chrome Extension

A feature recently added to their arsenal because of competition. It helps check for spelling and grammatical errors but not plagiarism.

  • Web application 

An online feature which allows you to check for plagiarism. You will have to log in to your account to use.

  • Desktop Premium 

Works online and offline and can be integrated with apps like Outlook, MS Word, and other editing tools.

There is a mobile application also which does not let you check for plagiarism, so let us ignore that!

NOTE: If you want to check for plagiarism with Whitesmoke, you will have to spend some money as the free tool does not have the feature.

Click here to check for packages and prices! (affiliate link)

Grammarly Overview

Founded in 2009, Grammarly has become one of the most popular tools amongst us writers.

Perhaps it is because of their highly targeted and aggressive marketing.

Grammarly is proud of the fact that it has upwards of 15 million subscribers globally.

The upside is that Grammarly’s extension works on with emails, documents, and even social media posts. 

Many call Grammarly the best AI company of 2020 and also the best grammar tool out there.

I agree with them as I use Grammarly Pro myself.

I even ran this post through Grammarly!

What’s different about Grammarly?

Let’s talk about freebies first.

The chrome extension, just like Whitesmoke, is entirely free of charge but Grammarly takes it one step further.

You get a free MS Office extension, which corrects your spellings and checks for grammar while you work offline.

It does not work with MS Office on a Mac, but hey, can’t complain!

Grammarly Pro/Premium is a whole new ball game!

With premium, you get additional features like…

  • Repetition of words
  • Active – Passive Voice tracker
  • Impoliteness
  • Inconsistent writing style

There is a proofreading service as well, which costs additional. Either by the word or hour.

Grammarly native apps and keyboard are yet more features with Grammarly, but we shall not be getting into the details of this.

Grammarly, on the whole, has a very seamless interface which tends to work well with the newer generation which likes simplicity.

So, is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker any good?

Quite recently, Grammarly shook hands with ProQuest (massive database of hard and soft content).

This collaboration takes the plagiarism checker to a whole new level.

With Grammarly, you can not only check other websites for similar content but also against hardcopies such as books and other publications.

It does not get better than this. But ultimately, everything boils down to this one question.

And what about Whitesmoke?

Whitesmoke plagiarism checker has been in business for quite some time now.

Over the years they have been perfecting their software to offer the best quality plagiarism checks.

If you are looking at checking your material for plagiarism from online content Whitesmoke is a good option.

But you see, unlike Grammarly Pro, Whitesmoke does not have a collaboration with any other third party to check for plagiarism from offline publications.

Grammarly Vs. Whitesmoke: Who wins?

To cut to the chase, I recommend Grammarly Pro any day.

We have seen when it comes to plagiarism, Grammarly Pro clearly overtakes Whitesmoke in almost every parameter.

But as a content writer, it is the host of additional features which makes me lean towards Grammarly as my go-to writing aid.

Grammarly has a plethora of features, which will help any writer develop better skills with continuous use.

The AI used in Grammarly is a notch above Whitesmoke. If we are spending the money, I strongly suggest you go with Grammarly Pro.

Turnitin is one other strong competitor. I have written a detailed review of it over here.

I hope you liked this article. There is much more where this came from. Do check out my blog for articles in the fields of travel and tech.

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