Grammarly premium review 2020: is grammarly worth it?

TL;DR In the Grammarly free vs premium debate, what’s the better subscription?

Short answer: Grammarly premium.

You see, Grammarly is expensive both for users and the people that make it (read: customer support, tech, maintenance, etc.). So the free version is quite limited.

The Grammarly free versions is just for trial purposes and not to be used for professional uses (think: client or important college submissions). On the other hand, Grammarly Premium is great and has one of the most comprehensive content checking systems on the market.

(Or try Grammarly premium free for 7 days)

If you’ve found the Grammarly review, consider yourself lucky!

Here’s what people have said about other Grammarly premium reviews:


Now, I’m not going to take any name (you know who you are!).

But the latest version of Grammarly (2019) has been completely revamped that makes any review written over six months back completely invalid!

However, most of the top-ranking Grammarly reviews are either wholly outdated or barely meet reader intent.

Cue: Mark’s excellent Grammarly review. A review that covers Grammarly in-depth and from someone that understands it aka a ‘writer.’

After all, Grammarly premium isn’t cheap, and unless you’re Bill Gates, you would NOT want to waste money on something that won’t help you, right?

So, let’s get started.

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Grammarly Premium Review 2020:

Grammarly Premium review 2020

Wait! Can you trust this Grammarly Review?

Now, you need to take everything you read on the internet with a pinch of salt (especially review articles).

Why? Because most review articles are cookie-cutter content simply written for the purpose of gaining top positions on Google and of course geared to get your commissions.

You see Grammarly offers a sweet $20 commission to anyone that generates a sale and is also quite popular. Two key factors that entice shady affiliate bloggers and multi-million dollar blogs to sales optimized content.

For this reason, many companies (think: big blogs) that know little to nothing about Grammarly put out articles — get a bunch of backlinks and end up getting that #1 spot on google.

Good Job Google!

But anyways, if you somehow managed to find this article — let me share a few details about myself so that you can understand why this review is different.

Reason #1 I actually use Grammarly Pro

Grammarly Pro coupon code Mark

That’s my Grammarly Pro dashboard

Unlike other bloggers that have never used Grammarly Premium, I actually bought the subscription and use it for my work.

Reason #2: I’ve written over 60k words of content using Grammarly

That’s my collection of articles in my Grammarly account after many months of use.

I’ve been working as a content marketer for over 7-8 months. Since then, I’ve written a ton of content and guess what? I used Grammarly pro for every single article.

Bottom line? I actually use Grammarly and know the ins-and-outs of this tool better than myself (I joke).

So, if you want a genuine and honest review from someone that knows Grammarly — I’m your guy! 😉

Grammarly Pemium vs Free

Now, this is the most critical section of this Grammarly review — and it’s also the longest.

What this review covers
  • What does Grammarly do?
  • How does Grammarly Work?
  • Where can you use Grammarly?
  • How Much Does Grammarly Cost?
  • Grammarly Premium Comparison Table
  • Grammarly Premium features: A deeper look
  • The verdict: Is Grammarly worth it?

#1: What does Grammarly do?

In a nutshell, Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant that makes sure everything your content is easy to read, effective, and free of mistakes.

Unlike other content checking tools, Grammarly goes far beyond standard grammar checks and offers a lot of nifty features.

Instead of ranting on and on, here are some of the best features of Grammarly Premium:

Feature 1: Deep Plagiarism Checks

Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool

Grammarly recently collaborated with ProQuest (a vast database) and now offers in-depth plagiarism checks against both hard and soft copy source. I’ve actually covered this in great depth. I recommend reading my article on Grammarly plagiarism checker review.

On another note, check my article on how to copy and paste without plagiarizing for way to avoid plagiarism.

Feature 2: Advanced Grammar Checks:

Grammarly Grammar check

Grammarly has the most advanced grammar checks that detect grammar and punctuation that even the most skilled editors miss out on. What’s more, is it provides real-time suggests and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes.

Feature 3: Advanced content assistant

Apart from standard grammar checks, Grammarly also has a robust content assistant that helps perform advanced changes to your content (think: synonyms, sentence restructuring and more…)

Feature 4: Cross-platform Keyboard

Grammarly has great third-party support and works across a wide range of platforms like browsers(chrome, firefox, safari), PC, tablet and even mobile phones.

The cross-platform support is so that you can use Grammarly’s keyboard across multiple platforms and improve your content across all platforms.

#2: How does Grammarly Pro Work?

Now, before I dig deeper into this Grammarly review let me share a brief ‘how to’ guide on how Grammarly works and how to use it.

There are many ways to use Grammarly but once you create a Grammarly account, you can either get the Chrome extension or try your hand at the editor.

Grammarly also has a modifier called “Set goals” that allows you to customize how you edit content.

In this section, you can change intent, select an audience and even customize emotion (A-level customize right?)

#3: Where can you use Grammarly?

Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and works across multiple platforms like PC, mobile, and tablet.

Additionally, Grammarly has dedicated applications that support different software:

  •  MS Office extension
  • Web app (similar to google docs)Grammarly Chrome plugin
  •  desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS

Expect MS office; I use all the extensions as I write my content using google docs.

Bottom line Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and can be used across.

#4: How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

How much does Grammarly cost

Grammarly Premium comes in three pricing plans:

  • A monthly subscription at $29.95 per month (not recommended)
  • A quarterly subscription at $19.98 per month (billed as one payment of $59.95)
  • An annual subscription at $11.66 per month (billed as one payment of $139.95)

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I highly recommend going for either the quarterly or yearly plan because of the apparent cost savings.


if you want to try out Grammarly Pro, there is a free 7-day trial that should give you enough time to really learn more about Grammarly.

Try Grammarly Pro for Free

#5: Detailed Grammarly Premium Comparison Tables

Grammarly premium account

As mentioned before, this article is going to be the most ultimate review on Grammarly.

So, I’ve written a special section that compares Grammarly with the free version and also against a human proofreader!

Let’s get started.

1. Grammarly Free Vs. Premium account Comparison

MetricGrammarly Free Grammarly Premium
Advanced Grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkerYY
Fixes writing style aka flowY
sentence structureY
Overused wordsY
Ineffective/weak vocabularyY
Detects WordinessY
Hedging languageY
Insensitive or non-inclusive languageY
Inappropriate tone or formality levelY
Plagiarism CheckerY

Additionally, I put this a test — and found that the Grammarly premium checker detected a lot of errors that couldn’t be identified by the free Grammarly account.

Bottom line? Grammarly Premium is much more extensive as compared to its free counterpart.

Grammarly vs. a Human Proofreader Comparison

Now, I decided to go further the standard comparison and compare Grammarly with a real human proofreader (myself).

So, you might be wondering, can Grammarly replace a human proofreader?

Well… the answer is no it can’t.

After all, tools are overrated, and no machine can replace the human mind. That being said having Grammarly does make it a little easy to proof-read.

Just don’t solely rely on Grammarly to replace a human. For this reason, I always read my articles out loud even after checking them on Grammarly.

#6: Grammarly Premium Features: A deeper look

Now, that we have a good idea on what Grammarly is and what it does — let’s dive deeper into its features and really understand how it works.

1. Grammarly Advanced punctuation and Grammar Checker?

Grammarly premium review

Grammarly has great Grammar checking software. It is important to note that Grammarly performs checks in real-time. So, you can fix your writing as you write!

The checks performed are really advanced, for example:

  • Future real conditionals
  • Incorrect verb tense
  • Missing commas (even after introductory clause) and comma splices
  • Missing verb

And many many more…

However, you have to take the errors with a grain of salt and make a human decision before deciding what to fix and what to leave as it (This is why I manually make the changes myself).

Bottom line Grammarly is an advanced grammar checker that fix a ton of grammatical errors in your content.

2. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is another thing Grammarly is excellent at!

Especially after its collaboration with ProQuest a massive database of content. Users can now run in-depth plagiarism checks against both soft-copy (web pages) and hard-copy (publications and journals).

This is great for teachers that are regularly reviewing students content and often need to perform plagiarism checks.

On a similar note:
I’ve reviewed Grammarly’s plagiarism checker.. I recommend giving it a read for more information.

3. Vocabulary Checker Review

Apart from fixing grammar and checking for plagiarism, Grammarly can also help you improve your writing.

It does this using its sophisticated vocabulary checker that provides detailed suggestions:

  • Faulty parallelism
  • Sentence structuring
  • Wordiness
  • Ineffective/weak vocabulary

This is especially great for non-native writers that are unfamiliar with English and want to take their content to a higher level.

4. Proof-reading dashboard

Grammarly Pro review 2020

I particularly love the performance dashboard when proofreading my document using Grammarly. It gives you essential data in one small report.

There’s also a grand color-coding scheme that makes it easy to identify different types of problems in your content.

5. Cross-platform support:

Grammarly works across multiple platforms like browser (chrome, safari, internet explorer) via an extension and also works on tablet and mobile via the nifty Grammarly app.

Additionally, it supports other third-party software like Microsoft Word and automatically integrates into their systems.

6. Browser extension (& mobile keyboard)

Now, instead of having to upload your content directly into the Grammarly software you can simply get the browser extension and automatically get your content checked while writing emails, messaging, etc.

Furthermore, you can replace the standard mobile keyboard with the Grammarly keyboard that works great to fix content as you type messages and emails on your mobile phone.

7. Real-time checking effectiveness

Grammarly has an excellent real-time checking feature that performs advanced checks on your content without having to upload it manually.

#7: Grammarly Free vs Premium

Grammarly offers its SaaS product for free but this version of Grammarly is quite limited.

To give you a better idea, here’s a snippet from Grammarly’s website:

Grammarly free vs premium

As you can see, the free version of Grammarly is quite limited and does not have advanced grammar and content checking functionalities that are vital to write professional content.

Now, this is fine if you’re writing as a hobby, but if you’re writing for your business, clients or anything serious–I would highly recommend getting your hands on Grammarly Pro.

Click here to get Grammarly premium

(Psst… You can try Grammarly Premium FREE for 7 days.)

Bonus: How I use Grammarly Pro to fix my content

Now, that we’re well acquainted with Grammarly let’s talk about how to use it or rather how I use Grammarly to fix my content.

Remember, there is no right and wrong way, but I’d like to share my method so that you can get a few ideas and learn how to use Grammarly most efficiently.

Step 1: Write a shitty first draft

I write my content without using Grammarly. I don’t use the extension as I find that the errors get int the way of creativity. So, forget proof-reading (at the start) and write that article.

Pro tip: Use the browser extension/Grammarly portable keyboard when writing messages and emails.

Step 2: Run a Grammarly check

Now that you have your article upload it into Grammarly and manually proof-read the document. Read every error and make sure you’re consciously making changes instead of randomly changing everything.

Remember: human > tool

Step 3: Read that document out loud

After getting your document checked by Grammarly Pro, I run another check and read the document out loud myself.

This last step is crucial to spot those last-minute errors and polish the article if still required.

Step 4: Run another Grammarly Check (optional

If you added more content, you’ve most likely made a few errors. So, run your article through Grammarly and get it checked once again.

And that’s how I use Grammarly when writing articles for myself or clients.

Grammarly free vs premium comparison

Grammarly free vs premium comparison

Grammarly is a tool that separates the astute writers from the disheveled writers. Either you’re on the free package or the premium plan, you’re one step ahead of other writers.

Grammarly is one of the smartest writing tools today. Its free and premium version is there to guide a layperson or fresh creative/ content writer into submitting entire articles with zero error.

Let’s look closely at both version to know their comparison:

Grammarly Free

Who needs this?

Anyone who can lay his or her hands on the Grammarly free version is ready to become a better speaker and writer.

If you’re looking to learn the basics coordinations and punctuation in English, this tool is ideal for you.

Punctuation can misinterpret your writings, so you’re on an excellent road to reaching perfection.


  • Browser and Microsoft word incorporated
  • AI-enhanced for grammar, spelling, and punctuation check
  • Privatized dictionary
  • Only one user per account
  • 256-bit AES & SSL/TLS encrypted for every one of your documents

Best reasons to use Grammarly free

Reason 1: Peculiar Artificial Intelligence

Grammarly free ensures your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correctly written and well placed.

How? With Its AI-enhanced system. It is built to be “contextually” conscious.

For example; writers could mix up the setting when illustrating. It will help prevent that.

Reason 2: Uptight security

Why are you scared? Yeah, you! I can see you are.

Do you feel your documents will be preyed on by the public? Grammarly nullifies such treat.

How? With the 256- bit AES & SSL/TLS encryption on your documents.

What this implies is that Grammarly doesn’t even see your contents. With this encryption, you know your documents are safe and secure.

Reason 3: MS word and browser integration

How does it feel to have written a thousand words, only to discover about thirty to forty errors? Ah! Very painful. I’ve been there, and I know how it feels.

The integration of Grammarly into our browsers and MS word will make this avoidable.

As we write on the MS word, Grammarly indicates your errors immediately, enabling you to make necessary adjustments on time.

Also, when writing a mail to your boss, Grammarly has been built for browsers to avoid grammatical blunders.

  • Supports four English versions (American, Australian, British, and Canadian)
  • Precise suggestions
  • Easy use on browsers
  • Limited function
  • One user per account
  • No suggestion on style

Grammarly Premium

grammarly free vs premium

Who needs this?

The Grammarly premium version is perfect for every writer. It does more than the Grammarly free version.

Every beginner in writing who can lay his or her hands on the Grammarly free version is ready to become the next “Number one bestseller” writer.

This tool goes beyond the basics of English. It advances your view and understanding of the language.

In becoming the best content writer, you need this as it will guide you.


  • Advance style suggestions on sentence structures and word use
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Ineffective vocabulary screening
  • Insensitive or non-inclusive language notifier
  • Detects wordiness
  • Inappropriate tone or formality-level check
  • Human proofreading option (NOTE: extra charges apply)

Best reasons to use Grammarly premium

Reason 1: Piracy check

Have you ever been accused of spinning or stealing from an article? Even a “sentence!”

It has been happening and could still happen. But Grammarly premium shows you these sentences to avoid any known or unknown form of stealing.

Now that you see these errors, you can correct them.

Reason 2: Tone detector

This feature will blow your mind!

Grammarly premium can detect inappropriate tones.

For example; when writing a formal letter, Grammarly helps ensure you don’t write informal words and non-inclusive language.

Smart, isn’t it?

Reason 3: Human proofreading option

It’s a thing to write, and it’s another thing to be entirely sure everything is well arranged.

Grammarly premium offers human proofreading with extra cost.

This option is there to ensure it’s not just you and the AI doing the work, but also another human like you and me.

  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • Precise suggestions on vocabulary
  • Refines your writing completely
  • Repetitive suggestions
  • Not perfect for all writing
  • Issue changing human proofreader

Grammarly free vs premium: what’s best?


Both the Grammarly free version and premium tool are very vital for writers and even readers.

Although the free version isn’t well-developed like the premium, it’s still a great tool to use. It is one way to start polishing your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The premium version is the most preferred of both.

It is a “mother” to the free version. It is well-developed and equipped compared to the free version.

The free version is a beginners guide. But, before we can become a professional in whatever we do, we start from the beginning. So, starting with this package is not as bad as people might think (especially when comparing it to the premium package).

Should you be comfortable with this? Crazy NO!

You might wonder why your friend, Jake, is never guilty of plagiarizing, yet you both have a similar writing style; It’s the work of the “Premium.”

With Grammarly premium, you’re set to be on course to never make mistakes and staying one hundred percent unique to every reader of your craft.

Guess what? While creating this content, my browser integrated “Grammarly free” version saved me a lot. That’s the truth! When I finished, I did another proofread on other unsupported checks on the free version with my premium version.

Having completed this article, you should waste no time in getting Grammarly to fine-tune and polish your writings.

You have just successfully read a one hundred percent error-free article.

*Drops mic*

Important FAQs: Grammarly Premium Review

This is a nifty little section that answers the most common queries regarding Grammarly Premium.

Q: What does Grammarly mean by the phrase, “intricate text”?

A: Grammarly has an advanced grammar checker that can also detect intricate text. This is ability helps you determine the readability of your sentences. Intricate being difficult to read.

Q: Does Grammarly Premium work?

A: Yes. Grammarly is powered by an insanely smart algorithm that goes beyond standard grammar checks into vocabulary checks, plagiarism, etc.

Q: Can Grammarly be trusted?

A: A common question I get asked is is it safe to use Grammarly?”. And the short answer; yes it is. Grammarly does NOT secretly store and use your data. Instead, it only processes your data (through its AI) and then later deletes it when it’s not in used

Q: Can I get Grammarly premium for free?

A: Not exactly. Grammarly is an excellent premium tool powered by real people and thus cannot be offered for free however there are a few unconventional methods if you can bear a bit of hassle.

Note: Sharing a Grammarly premium account with a friend will significantly bring down the cost.

Q: Does Grammarly have a coupon code?

A: Yes, Grammarly offers discount codes through its affiliates (people like me). I’ve written an entire article that talks about Grammarly’s Premium coupon code.

Q: Are there any Grammarly alternatives?

A: Yes there are a few Grammarly alternatives, but they are not as well-balanced as Grammarly.

On a similar note:
 I recommend reading my article on best Grammarly alternatives for more information on other content checking tools.

Q: How to Activate Grammarly Premium?

A: Grammarly Premium is automatically activated upon getting a Grammarly pro account. It does not require any manual activation.

Q: Does Grammarly have an app?

A:  Yes. Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and works on browser (extension) and mobile and tablet devices.

Q: Does Grammarly Premium have a trial?

A: Yes you can try Grammarly Pro for seven days at no cost. I recommend giving it a shot if you’re still not convinced.

Q: Is Grammarly a reliable plagiarism checker?

A: Yes Grammarly’s collaboration with ProQuest allows its users to perform in-depth plagiarism checks on hard copy and soft copy sources.

Q: Is Grammarly premium worth it?

A: Absolutely! Moreover, if you use content for professional purposes such as univesity or client.

Grammarly Premium Review 2020: Is Grammarly worth it?

Grammarly premium

So there you have it — an awesome Grammarly review that doesn’t suck!

I’ve covered pretty much everything there is on the latest and greatest Grammarly Premium. Also, I will continuously keep this article updates and make sure it’s aligned with the latest version of Grammarly.

And remember, no tool can replace the human mind so don’t rely solely on Grammarly and manually proof-read your documents after getting them checked.

Additionally, if you have any questions do let me know in the comments below.

Good Luck!

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