Grammarly Free Trial: How to get it?

You can tell if one is a serious professional if he/she has a flawless Grammar and crystal clear exposition style. Is your writing terrible and often lacks some sense, which takes you to severe troubles? If yes, then the time has come to get any one of the grammar checking software solutions.

Not anyone but the best one out there, from which you can always learn new stuff. Besides the features that they offer you to correct your grammar, their prices should be reasonable too. Having proper grammar helps you lift your life and move ahead with your career.

Grammarly is one of the best online tools you can get for enhancing your writing. They have a major of 2 plans currently. One is a free plan having some basic grammar checking features and which is, of course, free to use. Another is Grammarly Premium, which needs some subscription fees, but you get a tonne of useful features.

But you are here to see how you get a Grammarly free trial, right? Let's go ahead in the article and see if there are some ways to get rid of it.

First of all, let us see what Grammarly is in detail.

Grammarly Free Trial 2020

Grammarly Free Trial: Detailed Information

Grammarly is an online writing enhancement tool that helps with spelling mistakes, punctuation, sentence formation, sentence structure, and whatnot. Grammarly uses a finely trained and tuned Machine Learning model that has an accuracy of 98%. It is by far the most popular writing enhancement tool on the internet available.

It is an all in one package that you need to get if you write anything digitally. Grammarly comes in 2 versions viz. Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium subscription.

We’ll now see each of the plans in detail.

Grammarly Free Plan

The free version of Grammarly provides a load of features that won't be able to find even on some paid premium tools.

Some of the features are as follows:

1. Critical grammar checks.

2. Spelling mistakes.

3. Punctuations

4. Prepositions

5. Browser extension

6. One account – multiple devices

7. Desktop and MS add-on etc.

All the features listed above as follows.

Feature 1: Critical grammar checks

Often get confused about whether to use “your” or “you're”? Or any of the instances as “there” or “they're” or “their,” “its,” or “it's.” Grammarly has got it covered for you. It'll first check the sentence, and it's context and would suggest to you the appropriate word that you should put in.

Feature 2: Spelling mistakes: 

Correct spelling shows how much knowledge of the English language you have. Grammarly has a built-in spelling checker that gives error messages as soon as you complete typing the word. It has thousands of words in its dictionary.

Feature 3: Punctuations checker

Humans tend to ignore punctuation while having a personal chat and might even make a habit. Grammarly fixes punctuation in your text with just a click.

Feature 4: One account can be used by multiple devices

Multiple devices can share the same Grammarly account, so your dictionary, your settings are synced with all of them.

Feature 5: Free browser extension/plugin

Grammarly comes with the chrome browser extension, that means it’s with you wherever you go! They have recently launched a beta version for google docs and sheets.

Grammarly Comparison of free and premium plans

Grammarly Premium Plan

There's a considerable difference in Grammarly's free and premium plan. The premium comes with a package of some powerful features. You get all the features listed in the free program plus all the premium features.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Vocabulary enhancement.

2. Improved readability of sentences

3. Plagiarism detector.

4. Documents synced to all of your devices

5. Correcting contextual spelling mistakes.

6. Structuring of sentences.

7. It's a Business expense.

Each of the above features explained in detail below,

Feature 1:  Suggestions for vocabulary enhancement

Whenever you're writing something, you might get to a point where you're just out of words. That leads to the usage of those same words repeatedly, which, in return, degrades the quality of the content. That means a low rating to the authors and a lower conversion rate for the content.

That’s where Grammarly vocab check comes handy. It makes the content readable to the reader.

Feature 2: In-built and best-in-class plagiarism detector

So you're ready with the paper that you wrote using Grammarly but now don't know where to check its plagiarism. Grammarly has covered it for you. It has the best in class plagiarism detector, which scrapes all through the web. It gives the statistics what are similar things and also suggests what needs to be changed to avoid plagiarism.

Feature 3: Get suggestions based on your writing goals

Whether you're writing something professionally or personally or something related to your academics. You'll get recommendations based on those specified types.

Just set some of the prerequisite parameters like Intent, Audience, Style, Emotion, and the Domain. And you'll get the suggestions based on the same.

Settings your goals:

Intent lets Grammarly know what you are trying to tell the reader or consumer of the content. Which are categorized as Inform: if you're trying to give some information, then there's Describe: To write a description of some topic. Convince: If you're writing something related about selling any product, and Tell A story: The title describes itself. Each of the intent has a different way of writing.

Feature 4: One document shared on all of your devices

Anything you write in the Grammarly's editor gets shared on all the devices that you use. Just login your Grammarly account to that device, and you are good to go.

Feature 5: Helps in the structuring of sentences

Grammarly is so great it first recognizes for what context you are writing. It’ll make suggestions for sentence structuring based on the same. It’s just fascinating to watch how well it detects and works all over.

Feature 6: Business expense

Getting Grammarly Premium is a business expense. You can save some money on taxes by showing it as a business expense while doing your taxes.

Grammarly Premium pricing: Should you get the trial or play?

Grammarly Plans and Pricing


1. On the selection of a monthly plan, it comes for 29.95$ per month.

2. On the selection of the quarterly plan, you’ll need to pay 59.95$ as a one-time amount. It will cost you like 19.98$ per month.

3. As for an annual or yearly plan, it'll cost you 139.95$ as a one-time amount, which indirectly costs 11.66$ monthly.

Grammarly Browser Extension: Features

For both free and premium plans, there is a  chrome extension that Grammarly provides.

Feature 1: Grammarly gives suggestions with the settings you have configured it with while creating your account. On this plugin, you have some type of quick settings that you can set.

Feature 2: The plugin/extension can be activated or muted any time you want. There's also a provision to see synonyms of the words present on the currently used website. Just double-click any word, and you are good to go. It makes you learn new words and improves vocabulary.

Feature 3: It also has the option to switch between American, British, Canadian, and Australian English. It helps to set your preference for writing based on the country in which you're living. You also get a Grammarly dashboard from where you can tweak and change your account settings.

Grammarly Performance Reports

Grammarly even sends a weekly report of how you performed for the whole week. Of course, you have to keep using Grammarly every time you write something. The following snippet is the weekly report from Grammarly.

Grammarly performance reports


As from the image above, these are performance stats. You'll get these stats by your email with which you registered. It shows the words checked and corrected. It also gives you small motivation by showing how productive you were.

All of these features listed, now it’s just impossible not to use Grammarly! But is there any type of free trial that Grammarly provides? Sadly, No. They had a Grammarly 30 day trial when they launched their product in the market in 2009. They kept it for a few days and removed it.

Later on, Grammarly had a 7-day free trial where you had to provide your payment details. Though you won't get charged until you manually upgraded for the premium plan.

Grammarly Free Trial: Should you try it?

As per Grammarly’s support section on their website, there is a FAQ addressing the same question “Does Grammarly offer a trial?”. On which Grammarly has responded that they don’t offer any free trial for individual users as of now.

But, there's a free version of their product that has all the essential features that one can use. They say that they believe it is a more efficient way to show how capable is Grammarly. It also makes the users familiar with Grammarly which indirectly paves paths to the premium upgrade.

There are even some Reddit posts having titles “Grammarly premium free trial Reddit,” but all the content is either deleted or useless now. Don't waste your time there too.

When Grammarly offered a 100% refund of the money you paid for the premium plan, there was a trick to get a free trial. But as of their latest update on their terms and conditions, it seems that they have revoked it too.

Grammarly free trial


The trick is as follows:

1. You have to create a new Grammarly account first. As you can't use the old one if you have any. Or if you have a free plan running, just log out that account from chrome and close the browser. Now just open the browser again and clear all the cache and cookies. That only works if you are using chrome.

2. If you don't have any free account make a new one. If a Grammarly account is already using your email, create a new email, and sign up with that.

3. Go to Grammarly's registration page. Fill all the required credential details. You will then be redirected to the welcome page so that you can subscribe to the plan you want. The plans will have a free program and a premium one.

4. Click on the “Get Grammarly Premium” link.

5. Now select the monthly method.

6. Now, you have to enter your card details. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. Payment here is just a formality here. The old Grammarly terms and conditions used to refund 100% of the amount that you paid, as already mentioned above. So as soon as the weekends, just apply for a refund and you'll get all the amount you paid for it.

7. Complete the payment and set a reminder for a week so that you can take a refund from Grammarly.

Does it work now?

No. Now Grammarly's terms and conditions say that you have to cancel your subscription in 10 days of purchasing Grammarly premium. Even after that, you'll get refunded only the pro-rated portion of the actual amount you paid. Which means you won't get the whole amount you paid.

That was a great trick to get a Grammarly 7-day free trial. But it does not work anymore. Do not try it as you won't get the full amount. Grammarly closed this offer because it was abused way too much and was costing the company a fortune.

So what now? Is there any way to get Grammarly free?

Well, there is a way you can make some money out of Grammarly. It is their affiliate program. Though the referral program is not there anymore, you can still make money if you recommend and refer Grammarly to your friends and followers.

The only thing is you need to have acceptance from Grammarly. After you get the approval, you can use the affiliate links they provide in your blogs, emails, or even on social media. By doing this, you will let people know how much you love and trust Grammarly.

Grammarly affiliate program


Anything For Students?

There's nothing like “Grammarly premium free trial for students.” But Grammarly does provide its solution for students named “Grammarly for Educational Institutions.” It is an Enterprise plan for educational institutes.

Many prominent institutes are using this plan. The program is called Grammarly@edu. They provide a license to the Institute, which can get used to distribute among teachers and students.

Grammarly Free Trial 2020: Final Verdict

As from the article, you can derive that there is nothing like Grammarly Free Trial as of now. It's just impossible not to have a tool that has got your back every time you write something.

If you are going to use Grammarly extensively, the yearly plan is the best deal you can have.

It costs less than a day’s meal, and you are getting Grammarly premium features for a whole month.

One cannot even imagine so much money one can earn in exchange for the subscription fees you are paying. Also, the new things that you are learning from Grammarly are just priceless. I'll first recommend you to try the free plan if you directly don't want to only to the premium plan.

But being a Grammarly Premium user, I'm sure that you won't regret the decision to get the Premium plan.

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