Grammarly Deals 2019: Promo and Coupon Codes

TL;DR: Does Grammarly offer discount, coupon codes and deals in 2019?

No. Grammarly does NOT offer promo codes — and all the coupon code articles (Groupon, etc) that claim they to offer whopping 50% Grammarly discounts are cheap marketing tactics to get you to click on their affiliate links.

Bottom line? Don’t waste your time!

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40% off Grammarly Annual Subscription. Simply click this link to sign up for Grammarly Premium.

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Note: If you’re not convinced, sign up for a FREE 7-day Grammarly trial to get a feel of its features and capabilities.

If you’re reading this you’re most probably well aware of Grammarly Pro and are most likely looking to get a promo code… right?

After all, Grammarly Premium (though amazing) is not so easy on the wallet.

But remember:

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Some smart guy

Grammarly Pro will help you do the following:

  1. Avoid hiring a professional editor
  2. Avoid spending time manually proofreading documents
  3. Avoid spending time improving your content

Bottom line Grammarly will help you avoid a lot of hassle for a fraction of the cost.

In my case, Grammarly has helped me level up my content and deliver better work that clients have greatly appreciated (more moolah!).

So I highly recommend getting yourself a Grammarly Premium subscription.

Improve my Content Today!
On that note
If you can’t afford Grammarly and are looking for cheaper alternatives, I recommend reading my article on ‘Best Grammarly Alternatives.

Grammarly Coupon Code 2019

Why doesn’t Grammarly Offer Discounts?

Grammarly only offers a discount off its Annual subscriptions but does it Grammarly offer promo and coupon codes.


Because Grammarly is the #1 grammar checker on the market and already has a loyal user-base that are regularly buying the subscription (like myself).

So, it would be unfair of Grammarly to offer 25% and 50% discount coupon codes to reel in new customers.

However, the only Grammarly deal right now is a discount off its annual subscription and few other methods

How to get a Grammarly discount?

As mentioned before there are no promo or coupon codes. However, here are a few ways to get a discount off your Grammarly premium subscription:

#1: Grammarly Promo and Coupon Codes

<coming soon>

#2: Grammarly discount for Students:

Ask your university professor if they’re affiliated with Grammarly (most of them are) and get them to give you a discount or free Grammarly account.

#3: Get the Grammarly Annual Subscription:

Get the Grammarly Pro annual subscription and instantly get a 40% saving which is currently the best Grammarly deal in 2019.

Get Grammarly Annual Subscription

Grammarly Premium: Is it worth the money?

Grammarly Pro coupon code Mark

That’s my Grammarly  premium dashboard

If you’re reading this article you’re still most likely hesitant on whether Grammarly Pro is worth it… Else you wouldn’t spend time looking for a discount.


Well… Grammarly is definitely one of the best content checking tools. However, the premium tool isn’t for everyone and may be overkill for you.

In my case, I write content for B2B brands and thus need to put my best word forward (pun intended 😉).

This is where Grammarly Pro comes in and helps me avoid making embarrassing Grammatical errors that could cost me a client (yikes!).

Let me ask you a question:

What would it mean to you if your content could have ZERO grammatical errors and has that A-level status?

If this is something you want then I definitely recommend investing in a Grammarly Premium account.

Moreover, having top-notch content has a lot of benefits (think: better clients, increased authority, etc.) that has an invaluable cost depending on who you are.

How much does Grammarly Premium cost?

How much does Grammarly cost

Grammarly Premium comes in three pricing plans:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

I highly recommend going for a slightly longer plan (think: annual) as that offers the best value!

Get Grammarly Pro

Note: Sharing a Grammarly premium account with a friend will significantly bring down the cost.

What does Grammarly Premium offer?

Grammarly premium is a paid version of Grammarly that offers over 400 types of checks and features.

What makes Grammarly so good is it goes beyond the standard content checking tool and performs checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancements, etc. etc.

Now, what Grammarly does and how it works goes beyond the scope of this article. But to give you a slight idea on Grammarly Pro, I’ve highlighted some of its best features:

#1 Grammar and punctuation checks:

Grammarly has an A-level grammar checker that even spots errors in real-time.

#2 Spell Checks:

A robust spell check tool that’s much better than the standard MS-Word.

#3 Plagiarism checker:

A deep Plagiarism checking tool that goes beyond standard website copy, and into large databases of hard copy (think: publications and journals).

#4 Writing assistant:

Grammarly not only fixes errors but helps you improve your writing by providing suggestions (synonyms) in real-time. This is extremely useful for writers that are trying to improve their writing.

Side Note
Interested in learning more about Grammarly Premium? Great! I’ve written an in-depth review of Grammarly, I highly recommend giving it a read for more information.

Important FAQs about Grammarly Premium:

This section is not an exhaustive list. I will continually keep adding questions as I experienced a problem with Grammarly (and solve it).

Q: How much discount can I get off Grammarly pro?

A: Currently you cannot get a discount off Grammarly and all coupon sites that claim there is a discount are just lying to give you reel you into clicking their affiliate links.

Q: Can I get Grammarly Premium for free?

A: Not really. There is no way to get Grammarly pro for completely free. However, I’ve written an article discussing methods to get Grammarly for cheap. I recommend giving it a read.

Q: How to Activate Grammarly Premium?

A: Grammarly premium will be added automatically upon getting the pro membership.

Q: Does Grammarly Premium have a trial?

A: Yes you can try Grammarly Pro for 7 days at no cost. I recommend giving it a shot if you’re still not convinced.

Q: Is Grammarly a reliable plagiarism checker?

A: Yes Grammarly’s collaboration with ProQuest allows its users to perform deep plagiarism checks on both hard and softcopy.

Q: Does Grammarly offer a discount for students?

A: Yes, but only if your university is affiliated with Grammarly. Just ask your university coordinator for more information.

On that note
I recommend reading my review on Grammarly’s plagiarism checking capability for more detailed information (and other alternatives).

Winding up on Grammarly Premium Promo Code

Now, that we’ve come to the end of this article, I want to leave you with one thought: “What is cheap is not good and what is good is not cheap.”

This old adage most definitely applies to Grammarly Pro. It is quite expensive and perhaps the most expensive content checking tool.

But it is powered by an extremely reliable algorithm that even beats the best A-level editors.

What’s more, is Grammarly improves your content and helps you take your content to a whole new level.

Bottom line? If you’re looking to up your content game, I recommend giving Grammarly a shot.

Get Grammarly Pro

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