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Hi! I'm Mark Quadros and I want to be as transparent with you as possible. This is my affiliate disclosure to share with you how I make money from this blog. I started this blog with one major goal to share value. I wanted to learn and share whatever I learn. However, that does not pay the bills which is why I partner as an affiliate with companies I love and use!

My policy is simple I share what brings value to me with others interested. Usually, I earn a commission of 8-30% of the service/product I share. I believe it is a WIN-WIN as I get to keep providing awesome value to you guys and in return earn a living.

I DO NOT share products I do not use or have a very good idea of which is a strict policy I follow. This is because I have no idea of knowing the bad side of using it. I also share an unbiased review of everything I use as nothing in this world is perfect.

You can find below the companies I have an affiliate with:


If you have any questions regarding this please do nothesitatee to contact me on my contact page.


Mark Quadros