Best Copyscape Alternatives 2020

TL;DR: If you're in a hurry, Here's a list of the best Copyscape Alternatives in 2020:

  1. Grammarly Premium
  2. Plagirisma
  3. Plagium

Over one billion websites on the internet and increasing every second. A tremendous amount of content is being produced, and only the best is getting ranked on the top. Internet is a racecourse, and every website is a contender racing to be on the top of search results. However, the truth is, “Content is the King.” Websites with the best and original content are being ranked on the top. 

As humans love shortcuts. The same notion applies here. We have found shortcuts to save ourselves of the hard work. First, we started content scraping, and now we have scrape bots to make the task easier.

What is copyscape and how does it help with plagiarism?

Imagine you have written an article after several hours of late-night research and hard work. The content is unique and has been ranked good. However, soon the ranking goes down, and you notice other websites ranked above yours have copied your data. It is what we call content scraping, when someone steals your data and uses it on their website to get better ranking and traffic.

Scrape bots are automated software or scripts that harvest data for several purposes like research, ranking, competition. The bots seal data from web forums, social media, and other websites to use it for malicious purposes.

On a similar note, Plagiarism is the unauthorized duplication and use of someone else’s content for one’s benefits. Plagiarism can be tracked by using several tools available on the internet. Most of them are paid like Turnitin, Copyspace and several other but, some are also free.

Copyscape alternatives 2020: Best plagiarism checkers

Scraped content if used cleverly, can outrank the genuine website. There are several anti-scraping tools available over the web. Copyscape is one of the best and easy to use. You have to paste the URL of your content, and it will list the matching content’s URLs. It is a premium service which costs a handsome amount of money for proper use. In this article, we are going to discuss some alternatives to Copyscape. 

The tools listed below are the best alternatives to Copyscape Plagiarism checker. Each tool has its unique features to help users find the duplicate text content in a document. Each tool uses its database to match our content with it. Once any match is found, Plagiarism is detected.

#1 Grammarly

Grammarly premium

It is, of course, the best free grammar check service on the internet nowadays. It also offers plagiarism checker. The Grammarly plagiarism checker is very easy to use, and it also tells you the percentage of plagiarism available in the content analyzes. It is an all in one bundle for one’s content analyzing needs. However, some features are paid, but still, it returns good value for money.

Best reasons to buy

Reason 1: Realiable plagiarism checker

Grammarly’s plagiarism checking algorithm is unique in many terms and further extends to reliable plagiarism checks. One of them is that it also checks plagiarism ProQuest's Academic Database as well. Which adds up a good advantage for research content checkup. 

I recommend reading my article on whether Grammarly's plagiarism checker is accurate or not.

Reason 2: Cross-functional support

Grammarly is available to the users through the official website and chrome extension and windows app. Surprisingly, It is also available for mac users.

Reason 3: Extremely user-friendly

It is one of the best things about Grammarly. It gets auto optimized with text boxes throughout the apps in the system and also on websites. Everywhere you type, you start seeing grammar suggestions. It also works with MS Office and soon will start working with Google apps.

  • Huge Database 
  • Searches through Academic Databases
  • User-Friendly
  • Optimizable with almost every website
  • Basic features are free
  • Not available for google docs
  • Standard features are paid

For a detailed comparison between Grammarly free vs. premium, please refer to my grammarly premium review.

#2 Plagiarisma

copyscape alternative plagiarism

It is one of the best free Copyscape alternatives online with a vast database helping students and teachers to check plagiarised content. The website supports over 200 websites. The search engine it crawls for plag checking is Bing and Google Search.

Best reasons to buy:

Reason 1: User-Friendly Web Interface

Plagiarisma is very easy to use. Straight on the landing page, you get a text box to paste the text needed to be analyzed. Within seconds it puts forth the results. Extra features are available for premium users.

Reason 2: Multiple Language Support

Plagiarisma can look for plagiarised content in 200 languages over the web. It is a great advantage which strengthens the analysis.

  • Huge database
  • Sports a large number of languages.
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Free to use
  • Supports only Google and Bing search.

#3 Plagium

copyscape alternative plagium

A tool which offers deep search to trace out the smallest of the plagiarism available in the content. Plagium initially free but now offers two analyses as trial and then asks for credit. Its quick search option is also handy when it comes to speedily rooting out the maximum of the plagiarism available in the content.

Best reason to buy

Reason 1: Ease of Access

Plagium can be credited a position among the best copy space alternatives because of its clean web interface. It offers quick search, deep search, and file search for searching and uploading documents. It is an ideal choice for checking plagiarism in academic content.

Reason 2: Pay Per Search

You do not need to pay in bulk for monthly subscriptions, but you can also pay per search, which can be more convenient for most of the users. 

Reason 3: Multiple Language Support

Plagium supports multiple languages, which makes the content analysis more active, going through the content of multiple languages.

  • User-friendly web interface
  • Free occasional quick searches
  • Pay per search
  • Both quick and deep search
  • Multiple language support
  • Not available for MS Office
  • Not available for Google Docs

#4 DupliChecker

dupli checker

It is not just a plagiarism checker but also provides a wide range of other free tools. The free and useful algorithm can quickly check data duplication from its vast database. You can paste the text or can also upload a file. Easy to use and free. It also shows the information divided into three sections in a pie chart. The user can easily compare the percentage of unique content, content with related meaning, and plagiarised content. The site has a speedy processing engine delivering results in seconds.

Best reasons to buy

Reason 1: Fast Analysing Engine

The website has a very speedy analyzing engine which delivers effective results within seconds. It is also totally free to use along with all the other services the site provides, which includes Grammar checkup, website management, keyword research tools, and many other useful services.

Reason 2: Completely Free to Use

One of the main advantages of using DupliChecker is the whole bundle of services it provides is free of any cost. Useful for beginner content writers and start-ups.

Reason 3: Wide Range of Integrated Tools

The site provides several useful services for complete content and website management. All the services are free of cost.

  • Fast search engine
  • Huge Database
  • Free to use
  • Plenty of other integrated tools
  • Can check a thousand words per attempt 
  • Repetitive checks for a document containing more than a thousand words

Winding up on Copyscape alternatives

Several other good plagiarism checkers need special mention in this post. These are Plagiarism Tracker, CopyGator, Plagiarism Checker- Small SEO tools and Plagiarism Software. Any of these can be utilized depending upon user needs.

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