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CalPak showed up with a quite daring proposal: to compete with luggage big shots like Samsonite at much cheaper prices. But is CalPak luggage as good as Samsonite? Let’s find out!

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Quick Answer: What’s the best CalPak Luggage?

CalPak Winton Luggage Set 

CALPAK Winton' Expandable Luggage Set, Black

A two-suitcase hardshell luggage set useful either for carry-on or for checking in. Both are expandable and durable!

Featured Highlights:

  • TSA friendly locks
  • Double spinner wheels
  • Hardshell (more durable and sturdy)
  • Retractable wheel handle

CalPak Silver Lake

Cal pak silver lake

A highly comfortable duffel bag that comes in two sizes (22” and 27”), this is one of the best sellers from CalPak and won’t let you down.

Featured Highlights:

  • U-Shaped Top Opening
  • Several external pockets
  • Bottom protection
  • Lightweight

In this article, I cover only the best models from the luggage brand CalPak and further review them to help you understand exactly what makes them a good.

So let’s get started.

Best CalPak Luggage Reviews

CalPak Winton Luggage Set

CALPAK Winton' Expandable Luggage Set, Black

Best reasons to buy this:

Reason 1: Two different sizes for different functions

The CalPak Winton Luggage Set comes with a 19” suitcase that you can carry on with you and a large 27” suitcase for longer trips. This feature makes this set a perfect pick for someone who needs several suitcases and is looking for the best quality at a reasonable price.

Reason 2: Hardshell luggage

With a TSA approved combination lock, these hardshell suitcases are perfect for long trips. They can bear the handling at airports easily and will last you for ages. On top of that, both suitcases are expandable, which makes it easier to pack any purchases you might do in your trip.

Reason 3: Eight double spinner wheels

For a low price, you get all the best features of premium luggage: eight double spinner wheels that help you maneuver the suitcases easily, plus a retractable telescopic wheel handle that is even cushioned at the top to make them more comfortable to carry around!

  • Expandable
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Eight dual-spinner wheels
  • Some sets come with defected wheels

CalPak Sydney Luggage Set 

CALPAK Sydney Spinner

Best reasons to buy this:

Reason 1: Three pieces

This CalPak luggage set comes with three pieces: a 20” carry on, and the larger 24” and 28” suitcases. This way, you can get in one purchase all the luggage you’ll ever need, be it for small or longer trips. The fact that this set comes with a carry on allows you to keep all your valuables with yourself along your flight.

Reason 2: Double spinner wheels

For softshell luggage, it’s quite unusual for suitcases to come with double spinner wheels. Well this set comes with a eight wheel system that provides effortless, multi-directional mobility and stability in every suitcase. This will make it easier to carry any of the suitcases included in the Sydney Luggage Set wherever you go.

Reason 3: Spacious packing compartment

Not only these softshell suitcases have a lot of space already to pack any items safely, they also come with a large zippered pocket on the top flap and a slip pocket so you’ll have easy access to any valuables or documents you might need in a hurry.

  • TSA approved lock
  • Expandable
  • Push-button heavy-duty handle system
  • Not as affordable as other CalPak luggage

CalPak Davis Luggage Light Pink

Davis Hardside Expandable Carry-On Luggage Light Pink

Best reasons to buy this:

Reason 1: Stylish and durable

With its eye on women, the Davis Pink Luggage comes with a pretty stylish design that is also quite durable, being a hardshell luggage. For the ones who might not like pink, this luggage also comes in black and there’s the option to buy it as part of a luggage set.

Reason 2: Expandable

This CalPak model is expandable up to two inches, which improves its usability and helps you carry on those extra items you had to buy in your trip – because we all know that always happens.

Reason 3: Two packing compartments

The CalPak Davis comes with two packing compartments inside, divided by a dual tie-belt divider panel. It also includes two zippered accessory pockets and crisscross elastic tie down straps.

  • TSA approved lock
  • Modern design
  • Spinner wheels
  • More expensive than the average CalPak luggage

CalPak Silver Lake

Cal pak silver lake

Best reasons to buy this:

Reason 1: Best-seller from CalPak

This duffel bag is one of the top best-sellers from CalPak, and has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5, which is quite good for a product whose pricing starts at $30 for the Olive colored one. All this means is you get great quality for a quite reasonable price.

Reason 2: Two different sizes 

The Silver Lake duffel bag comes in a 22” version which can be used as a carry on, and a 27” version for larger items that might need checking in. This means that you can pick the size that best serves you, according to your needs and the amount of weight you’re willing to carry since this duffel bag comes with no wheels.

Reason 3: Great for electronics

With a large amount of pockets, this model from CalPak helps you carry all your electronics and accessories needed without any hassle, and you’ll always know where everything is with the amount of external pockets provided.

  • Great for organization
  • More than one size available
  • Bottom protection
  • Several external pockets
  • Does not come with a key ring
  • Does not come with wheels

CalPak Malibu

CALPAK Malibu 22-inch Lightweight Duffel Bag

Best reasons to buy this:

Reason 1: Padded carry handles and comfortable shoulder strap

These two features make this duffel bag from CalPak quite comfortable to carry around everywhere, and the CalPak Malibu is thought out to be more comfortable than anything. If you need to carry heavy materials in a carry on bag, this one should be perfect for you.

Reason 2: Lots of space

I know you’re probably thinking that if you need a lot of space, you should probably get a suitcase instead of a duffel bag. Well the Malibu from CalPak proves you wrong. If you need to prepare your luggage for a short vacation, this is the right bag to keep all your valuables in the same place without needing to check it in.

Reason 3: Adjustable shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is another reason to pick this duffel bag. With 50” when fully extended and fully adjustable, it makes it very comfortable to carry around everywhere you go without the hassle of wheels that can get stuck on some floors.

  • Shoulder strap length
  • Lightweight
  • Few external pockets
  • Only one compartment inside

Is CalPak worth it?

calpak luggage review

Reasonable Prices

This reason couldn’t stay out of my review. For much cheaper, you get premium-style luggage that can compete with Samsonite’s. According to user reviews from Amazon, these options from CalPak do not compromise quality because of their more accessible pricing.


All of CalPak’s models are quite well-made, with good materials that fit the bill for every traveller. Whether you’re looking for a suitcase, a duffel bag or even a laptop tote bag, you can rest assured that you’ll have a good quality option within CalPak’s luggage offer.


According to user reviews, the options mentioned above are quite durable and will last for quite a long time even if heavily used. This means you get a good price/quality ratio, and that your luggage needs will be served for quite a while.


Even though I’m talking about cheaper products than their competition, CalPak still offers quite a nice design with all their proposals. Their suitcases, tote bags and duffel bags come in several colors that will suit anyone, and they don’t have a cheap look at all.


All of the CalPak products that I tested were quite comfortable to use, and help you with the strain of having to carry your luggage with you when taking connection flights and all the hassle that is part of traveling.

All in all, CalPak offers pretty good options for their prices and you can rest assured you get good quality and durability from them. Watch out, Samsonite!

Wrapping up on California Luggage Brand

So there you have it! An entire article on the best California luggage products in 2019.

And remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for luggage products. I always recommend reverse engineering your requirements before committing to a specific product (especially when it comes to luggage)


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