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TL;DR: Looking to get a discount off Blubrry?

Great! You are at the right place. I've partnered up with Blubrry to give my users 1 month free of Blubrry. So, you can try out Blurbby podcast hosting and see if it's right for you.


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In this article, I’ll give you a brief walkthrough of the fantastic podcasting tool and a Promo Code to get discounted access to it.

Blubrry is one of the most flexible and handy tools for starting a great podcast. You can easily host your podcasts, share it on social platforms, and keep track of your efforts with the help of detailed analytics reports. Moreover, you will get free access to the leading podcast plugin, Powerpress.

With Blubrry Promo Code, you can have free access to it for a month. You can use the link below and start your one-month free access or use the code manually “dherealmark.”

Get One Month Free Access to Blubrry

PROMO CODE: dherealmark

About Blubrry – The Coolest Podcast Tool

Blubrry podcast hosting

Blubrry is one of the most exciting and trusted Podcasting Tools, making it easy to succeed with your podcast. It comes with all tools and features needed to make your podcast incredibly amazing for your audience.

Moreover, Blubrry Podcast Host is managed by podcasters, who made it easier for beginners to get started. You don’t need to have any technical skills. You can store and publish your podcast files in a few clicks, easily. Aside from this, with their optimization tools, you can optimize it for better search performance.

Let’s have an eagle eye over Blubrry Features.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Features

Blubrry offers a complete range of features needed to get the extra mile with your podcast including,

  • WordPress Site Optimization.

Blubrry gives you free access to an intuitive WordPress site with full optimization. You can easily upload and publish your podcasts and optimize them for better results.

powerpress blubrry

Moreover, the PowerPress plugin helps you in improving your podcast SEO with no efforts. This ensures stress-free site management.

Get One Month Free Access to Blubrry

PROMO CODE: dherealmark

  • Unlimited Bandwidth.

Bandwidth is one of the essential features that you need without limits for incredible results. In the case of limited Bandwidth, only a limited audience can hear and download your podcast. Thanks to Blubrry podcast Hosting, you can get unlimited Bandwidth to unleash the power of your podcast.

  • Professional Stats

To perform better in the future, you need to have an eagle eye over what is profitable in the present.

Blubrry helps you in determining the effectiveness of your podcast and the tactics you test with your podcasts. With the help of detailed analytical podcast statistics, you can keep track of your podcast performance.

blubrry stats 1

With this, you will get details of

  • Total Download and Plays.
  • Trending Data.
  • App and Platform reporting geographic data.
  • Technical Support.

blubrry podcast support

All Blubrry Accounts come with 24/7 expert technical support who remain active to help you with issues. If you encounter any problem in any step, you don’t have to be worried. The support team will be there to tackle your issues.

Additionally, Blubrry is the only podcast hosting services provider who offers phone support, video conferences, and even one-on-one technical support.

  • Podcast Distribution Channels.

The most crucial factor which determines the success of a podcast is its marketing to the audience. If it doesn’t reach out to the targeted audience, there will be no listeners and, ultimately, no results.

blubrry podcast distribution channels

Blubrry helps you distribute your podcast to all podcast directories and distribution networks so it can reach out and get listened to by the right audience.

  • Perfect for Non-WordPress Users.

Blubrry is supported by all platforms and works perfectly fine for non-WordPress users too. You can still publish your podcast with ease, optimize it for better results, and embed a podcast player for comfortable playing.

Additionally, you will get access to all standard blog posting features with podcast scheduling features to publish it as per your calendar.

Blubrry is an amazing podcast hosting service which is designed to make the process easier for everyone.

Get One Month Free Access to Blubrry

PROMO CODE: dherealmark

Blubrry Pricing

Blubrry offers four different pricing plans depending on the needs of different businesses. Depending on your needs, you can select the best plan for yourself to get excellent results.

blubrry coupon code

How does the Blubrry Promo Code Works?

Ready to purchase Blubrry and want to save some bucks? It’s simple. Follow the steps to get your one-month free access to Blubrry Podcast Hosting.

  1. Click the button given below containing the Promo code.
  1. Select the plan that suits your needs.
  2. Proceed with clicking on the SIGN UP NOW.
  3. You will get to the Order Page with Promo Code.

Blubrry promo code

  1. Fill out the credentials and hit the Place Order Button.

All set. Have fun with the free one-month subscription of Blubrry Podcast Hosting.

Is Blubrry Worth it?

There are many podcasts Hosting services providers available. But only a few are all-in-one podcasting solutions.

Blubrry is one of those who lets you maximize your productivity by making the process quicker and easier than ever so that you can get exposure to the best audience to get the best results.

Depending on these factors, yes, Blubrry is worth the investment. Either you are a WordPress user or have any other CMS, Blubrry got you covered. It is perfect for those who really want to touch the heights of success without getting involved in technicalities.

Get One Month Free Access to Blubrry

PROMO CODE: dherealmark

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