Best Waterproof Duffel Bags In 2019 (with reviews)

Are you planning a trip to the beach?

Or maybe the lake?

Whatever it is you’re most likely going to carry a bunch of stuff. Sure backpacks and luggage are great but not so great for everyday use?

This is where a duffel bag comes in handy and offers an excellent solution to carry extra loads without breaking your back!

However, an ordinary duffle bag is prone to leaks and water damage. This can leave a mess inside your pocket, and that’s the last thing you want!

Cue: waterproof duffle bags.

They’re pretty much the same as a duffle bag but waterproof. Now you don’t have to worry about your gear being damaged — sweet huh?


In this article, I cover only the best water duffle bags in the market. Additionally, I share a buyers guide that will help you understand what makes a good duffel bag.

Ready? Let’s go!

TL;DR: My TOP 3 Waterproof Duffels

Såk Gear DuffelSåk Waterproof Duffle Bag

Sak gear duffelsak waterproof duffle bag

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Best suited forGreat for both short and long trips
Best reasons to buy
  • Excellent waterproof protection (with the splash-proof exterior)
  • Great internal organization
  • Functional carry handles

Aqua Quest White Waterproof Duffel

Aqua Chest White Waterproff duffel bag

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Best suited forGreat for both short and long trips
Best reasons to buy
  • Lightweight and durable body (1.8lbs)
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Multiple sizing options

COR Waterproof 60L Waterproof Duffel Bag

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Best suited forA large sporty duffle ideal for long road trips.
Best reasons to buy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Duffel cum carry-on option
  • Complete waterproofing

Why Get a Waterproof Duffel Bag?

Duffel bags are great and waterproof Duffel bags are even better. So, before I dive into the nitty-gritty and review them, I want to tell you exactly why you should get a waterproof Duffel Bag.

Here are the best reasons to get a waterproof duffel bag:

Reason #1: Duffel bags are super versatile!

In my opinion, Waterproof duffel bags are one of the most versatile types of bags. These bags can be used by nearly every kind of occasion and by just about anyone. You can use them for simple trips to the gym, take them with you to the mountain, throw them in the trunk and pretty much anything!

Additionally, since this type of duffle bag is waterproof, you can take it with you on a kayak and even when you go stand-up paddle-boarding! (Sweet huh?)

Reason #2: Convenient Size

Another great thing about duffels is they are big enough to carry absolutely everything in one bag but are also small enough not to be a burden to bear.

So, if you are planning to take your bag for a weekend getaway or just as a carry on bag, a duffle bag should be more than enough. Also, if you are planning for a more extended trip, you can get one of those big duffels (they can be as big as 130 liters!), and it should work just fine.

Pro tip: I recommend going for a 90 liter as it’s the sweet middle ground between big and small duffels.

Reason #3: Functional Design

Duffels have a shoulder strap that enables you to use this bag comfortably on your back for easy transport. This means that you can bring your wallet to most places (Yay for functionality!).

Reason #4: Maximum Protection

Lastly, since these bags are made of rugged material they ensure your belonging are safely protected. Moreover, since these duffels are waterproof, they offer maximum protection from water damage.

In my opinion, waterproof duffle bags are the go-to choice for pretty much any type of weather conditions. Right from the sun to heavy downpour they will keep your belongings safe.  Moreover, you will no longer have to worry about your gear getting wet!

How to Choose the Right Waterproof Duffel bag?

The industry is flooded with a variety of designs and styles. There are the knapsack types with drawstring, duffels with shoulder straps (that double as a backpack) and the standard long cylindrical duffel bag with cushioned handles.

Many factors go into an excellent waterproof duffel bag and as mentioned before the industry is flooded with many options. This makes it quite overwhelming to decide on a single waterproof duffel bag.

To give you a head start in the right direction, I’ve curated a list of things you need to consider when buying a Waterproof duffel:

1. Pick the right duffel size

Many people that look for waterproof duffel bags have one size “How to choose a waterproof duffel bag size?”.

That’s a great question as the duffle size is one of the most important factors to consider. Moreover, the size of a duffel can range anywhere from 20 liters to upwards of 140 liters making it difficult to pick one.

The size of the duffel bag entirely depends on where you are going to use the duffel.  For example, A large 110-liter duffel bag will not be practical if you just need it to store a beach towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

It is a good idea to think about what you will put into it and what situations you’ll use it in. It’s also important to check the legal carry-on size of your airways before taking the duffel onto the plan.

Pro Tip: Use compression straps to reduce the size of your duffel bag

2. Comfortable Price range:

Fortunately, waterproof duffel bags don’t cost a fortune. However, some good options can quickly go up to $250 (or even more). These options are much more reliable, but they may be out of your price range.

So, pay attention to your budget and pick a duffel that costs something you can actually afford. Remember, you don’t need the best duffel—just pick something that works for you!

3. Waterproof or water resistant?

Most people blindly buy regular duffel bags without realizing the difference between Waterproof and Water-Resistant — These are vastly different things!

Waterproof means the contents of this bag will NOT get wet under any conditions. This means you can literally submerge this bag in water and still keep its contents dry.

On the other hand, a water-resistant duffel bag can only withstand getting a little wet. It cannot be submerged! This means it’s not suitable to store valuable and especial tech gear like cameras.

4. Design and features

A poorly designed duffel bag can be the worst companion for your travel journey. After all, you’re going to use it a lot and if it’s a bad fit—it just won’t work!

5. Zippers

Zippers greatly influence the ease of access you have to your duffel bags. Some duffels have a single zipper at the top, but this tends to make it harder to get to the bottom.

I recommend going for a D Shaped Zipper as you’ll be able to access all your belongings without having to dig through the bag.

Pro Tip: Zippers reduce the waterproof seal of the bag so look for ones that explicitly state the zipper is waterproof.

6. Wheeled or Carry?

Most duffel bags are quick similar. They have little to no variance with most differences in colors, strap, and materials. However, recently some manufacturers have introduced “wheeled duffels” that is rapidly gaining popularity.

Wait why do you need a wheeled duffel bag?!

Yes, I get that wheels on a duffel bag may seem a little extravagant!

But wheeled duffel bags are a lot easier to carry around because you can just drag them on the ground. This makes it ideal for those who will take their duffel over long distances.

A good wheeled duffle bag is made of study and high-quality wheels that are easy to maneuver and strong enough to hold heavy weight. It’s important to note that these bags need a smoothly paved surface to remain practical.

(Now, you can’t expect to drag your wheeled duffel up a mountain!)

7. How many Pockets?

Ideally, you want a good number of pockets on your waterproof duffel bag. This will allow you to organize your gear efficiently. For example, if you have a lot of techs, you will find a good use for small pockets to store your chargers, memory cards, etc. etc.

A few good duffel bags have zippered interior pockets that help you put store valuables like cards, mobile phones or your wallet. These pockets are quite important if you’re in a less safe place.

Pro tip: Most duffel bags have water-resistant exterior pockets. So, do not to store valuables on the outside of your duffel bag!

8. Materials and durability

A duffel bag should be firm and sturdy so that it can withstand things such as being stuffed into an overhead compartment, back of your trunk and pretty much any spontaneous situation.

I recommend going for material like ballistic nylon and polyester. These materials are highly durable and are also quite easy to clean. Another thing you need to look out for is the quality of the seams and zippers, weather.

Pro Tip: Look for companies that run stress tests on their duffel bags as these have the most reliable zippers.

9. Aesthetics and looks:

Let’s be honest; nobody wants a boring regular duffel bag with a typical industrial look. Instead, you want something that looks stylish and aesthetic.

Fortunately, many options look great! You have a knapsack, wheeled and even multi-strap options. Duffels also come in cool backpack styles that allow you to strap it on as a backpack (some yet have a waist strap).

A wheeled duffel bag is similar to a carry on bag. It has 100% waterproof materials with wheeled and came with an extendable handle. This is great as it essentially replaces you carry on and is more versatile allowing you to bring it with you to more places.

Best Waterproof Duffel Bags Comparison Table

Såk Gear DuffelSåk Waterproof Duffle Bag
Aqua Quest White Waterproof Duffel
COR Waterproof 60L Waterproof Duffel Bag
Base Camp Duffel Bag By The North Face
Dry Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag By Kwik Tek
Expedition Dry Duffel Bag By Wolfman
Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel 120l

Best Waterproof Duffel Bags Reviews:

1. Såk Gear DuffelSåk Waterproof Duffle Bag

Sak gear duffelsak waterproof duffle bag

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Duffel Specifications

40-Liter Duffel Sak Pro  60-Liter Duffel Sak Pro  
  • Volume: 40L
  • Weight: 2lbs 3oz
  • Volume: 60L
  • Weight: 2lbs 8oz

Best used for?

The Duffel Sak is a well-rounded duffel bag perfect for both long and short trips. Right from nifty waterproof compartments to functional carry handles — this duffel has a little bit of everything!

Top 3 reasons to buy this waterproof duffle

Reason #1: Hassle-free waterproof protection

saf gear waterproof duffel review two

Unlike other duffel bags the Såk Gear DuffelSåk Waterproof Duffle Bag has a simple and easy waterproof system. Just roll it down, snap the top and side clips, and you’re set!

Reason #2: Protective Pockets (including the exterior)

Sak Gear takes waterproof seriously as all of its pockets are lined with waterproof zippers. Even the outer pockets have a splash-proof zipper with easy access for keys, IDs and other items on the go.

Reason#3: Easy to Carry

DuffelSåk has extremely functional duffel with two sturdy handles and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap. Additionally, it has D-rings that can be latched on to a boat, bike, kayak or backpack.

  • Extremely functional design
  • Great waterproof system
  • Economical pricing
  • Lifetime warranty
*Honestly none

What do the consumers say?

2. Aqua Quest White Waterproof Duffel

Aqua Chest White Waterproff duffel bag

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Duffel Specifications

  • Volume: 50, 75 and even 100 liters
  • Weight: starts at 1.8

Top 3 reasons to buy this waterproof duffle

Reason #1: Lightweight and durable body

At just 2.7 pounds the Aqua Quest is one of the lightest duffel bags on my list. What’s even better is the Oxford 420D RipStop fabric that makes this an incredibly durable bag.

Reason #2: Multiple Sizing options

Unlike competitors, the aqua quest comes in multiple sizes. You have 50L, 75L and even 100L capacity that gives you the option to pick exactly the right duffel for your travel journey.

Reason #3: Great internal organization

The attention to detail on the internal organization of this duffel is merely incredible. This duffel has two external rubberized mesh pockets that provide easy access for small items allowing you to keep both wet and dry gear in separate compartments!

  • World class service and warranty
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps (can be removed)
  • Lightweight body
  • Only one sizing option making it impractical for light use

What do the consumers say?

COR Waterproof 60L Waterproof Duffel Bag

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Duffel Specifications

  • Volume: 60 liters
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Best used for?

A sporty duffle, perfect for a long road trip. It also features adjustable straps that work great with motorbikes, boat trucks, and even snowmobiles.

Top 3 reasons to buy this waterproof duffle

Reason #1: Simple and hassle free-packing

The COR sports duffel features a simple roll-top and clicks system with a large mouth opening. This makes it easy to access to its contents quickly and ultimately does packing and unpacking a breeze.

Reason #2: Highly durable materials

From waterproof PVC to nylon webbing straps, the bag holds up well to ripping and tearing.  This is an ideal feature in duffel bags as they’re prone to rough usage (especially on road trips).

Reason#3: Complete waterproofing (Both inside and out)

The COR duffel has an excellent waterproofing system on the indie and the outside. On the inside, it has safe lockable nylon compartments, and on the outside, it comes with water-resistant pockets.

  • Lifetime warranty with free returns
  • Padded and removable shoulder strap
  • Two compression straps
  • Cannot be turned into a backpack making it difficult
  • Slightly bulky

What do the consumers say?

The North Face Base Camp 71L Duffel Bag.

Check Customer Feedback>>

Duffel Specifications

  • Volume: 71  liters
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Top 3 reasons to buy this waterproof duffle:

Reason #1: Functional Design

This duffel bag feature and excellent D-zip opening with zipper flap(for extra protection from water). It also has four compression straps with a main compartment with internal mesh (more than most competitors).

Next, it has an end-cap zippered compartment that lets you separate wet clothes, dirty shoes or extra gear without sacrificing on volume. Lastly, the inner chambers are quite rugged with sturdy locking zippers that gives you the option to secure the zippers with locks.

Reason #2: Extremely Durable Make

The base camp duffel is made of 1000D Phthalate-Free TPE Fabric ballistic Nylon that basically means it’s super tight! Additionally, the construction follows double stitching that enables this duffel to pack (and carry) a ton!

Reason#3: Great Aesthetic look

The base camp is one of the most stylish duffle bags on this list. It features over 20 color options with every one of them looking rad! You can rest assured you will find the duffel of your choice,

  • Great internal organization
  • Padded side handles that serve as both duffel and carry
  • The north face lifetime guarantee with free returns
  • Slightly expensive

What do the consumers say?


Watershed Ocoee 15L Duffel Bag

Watershed Ocoee Duffel Bag-min

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Duffel Specifications

  • Volume: 15  liters
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Top 3 reasons to buy this waterproof duffel

Reason #1: Excellent craftsmanship

Watershed bags have an extensive quality testing process that ensures every single pocket meets high quality and standards and is completely leak-proof.

This duffel also features a rugged seam construction that is welded together with high pressure and radio waves. This overlaps multiple seems at once creating an ultra-strong seam construction.

Reason #2: Watershed technology

Unlike other duffel bags, the watershed Ocoee seals shut like a freezer food storage bag. This gives you a lot more grip and power (and much more protection).

Reason#3: Engineered to Endure

The Ocoee duffel is constructed with 420 denier Cordura nylon ripstop that makes it five times the abrasion resistance of PVC, UV and chemical resistant. Basically, it’s hella’ strong and will endure most conditions.

  • Rugged carrying handles with several lash points
  • Multiple compression straps
  • Durable Multicam material
  • At 15L this duffel is too small for longer trips
  • Expensive price tag

What do the consumers say?

Expedition Dry Duffel Bag By Wolfman

Check Customer Feedback>>

Duffel Specifications

  • Volume: 20/40/60
  • Weight: Varies

Top 3 reasons to buy this duffel:

Reason #1: Strong and durable construction

This bag is probably one of the most durable on the list. You can use it on and off-road for thousands of miles, through snow, ice, rain and even in the desert.

Reason #2: Innovative and functional design

Unlike traditional duffel bags, this duffel features an innovative design that makes loading and unloading quite easy. The roll-top can be rolled more times for smaller loads or unrolled for those extra things. This makes the bag ideal for most uses.

Reason#3: Multiple SIzing options

This duffel comes in multiple sizes available for just about any purpose. A short trip across the town? Weekend getaway? Full-on kitchen-sink-style touring? No problem! Choose from small, medium and large options.

  • Four compression straps
  • Dual carry handles
  • Heavy-duty vinyl construction
  • More expensive than competitors

What do the consumers say?

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel 120l

Check Customer Feedback>>

Top 3 reasons to buy this duffel

Reason #1: Ultralight and easy-to-carry duffel

Now, although this is a sizeable 120L duffel, it only weighs 4 pounds! This makes it an excellent choice for travelers that need a long-term solution that won’t break their back.

Reason #2: Mobile design

This duffel has four carry options that enable you to take it literally anywhere you go! It has a removable backpack strap, padded top haul handle, side grab handle and even a sturdy top pull handle.

Additionally, this duffel features mobile wheels that make it easy to move around wherever your travel takes you.

Reason#3: Strong exterior body

The exterior of this duffel is made of a strong and durable Bi-Tech Armor Lite fabric with bartack reinforcement on any stress point that results in a high strength to weight ratio — basically, it’s hella’ strong!

  • Innovative wheeled design
  • Ultralight body
  • Strong and durable exterior
  • Water resistant body
  • expensive

What do the consumers say?


FAQ: Waterproof Duffel Bags

Q. Is a Duffel bag 100% waterproof?

A: Yes, unlike regular duffel bags, waterproof duffel bags are 100% waterproof. You can completely submerge them in water without the risk of your items getting water damaged.

Note: Most external pockets are water-resistant and not suitable to store valuable.

Q. Why Should You Get A Waterproof Duffel Bag?

A. You should get a waterproof duffel bag if you’re going to go to places (or do activities) where you will encounter water. Think kayaking through rapids, portaging a canoe or even paddle boarding.

Q. What is a Duffle Bags For?

A. A duffel bag is a versatile carry-on bag that’s suitable for most situations. You can take it to the gym, pool, beach and even during watersports.

Q. How To Clean My Duffel Bag?

A. Most waterproof duffel bags are made of materials (like nylon) that are easy to wash. While some duffles can be removed in the machine, it is not advisable to do so as it can break down some of the technology.

When looking to wash your duffel bag, it’s best to use a wet cloth and wipe down the sides. This is an excellent way to clean most areas without damaging the technology of the duffle bag. Also, use toiletry kits to store your travel essentials in the duffel bag to avoid a mess.

Q. How much can I stuff in my Duffel bag?

A. This is an essential question to those that carry around a lot of gear. The answer to this question entirely depends on how big your duffel is and more importantly, how you pack.

Some duffels have a huge internal organization that can stuff quite a lot! It’s a good idea to pick a  D shaped zipper over a top zipper as the former will let you pack more and is also more accessible.

Q. How should I store my Duffel bag?

A. This is an important question to answer to maintain the condition of your duffel bag. It is a good idea to store the duffel bag in an area with a bit of space.

Laying it flat with access to direct sunlight is the best way to store your bag. However, make sure to save the duffel in an area that is away from extreme heat.

Pro tip: Do not crumple it into a ball in the back of your closet!

Conclusion: What’s the best waterproof duffel bag?

After reading this article, you’re probably wondering the same right? The truth is there is none. Instead, there is only the right duffel bag for your needs.

With all this sleek marketing, it’s tempting to go for something trendy and flashy but go for something that works for your needs. Remember, what works for someone else won’t work for you!

So, that’s it, guys!

Thank you for reading through the end and if you have any queries do leave a comment below.

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