Best Paraphrasing and Rewriting Tools in 2020

TL;DR: Here’s a list of the best rewriting tools in 2020 that we shall discuss in this review:

  • Best rewriting and paraphrasing tool: Grammarly
  • Runners-up rewriting tool: WordAi
  • Best spinner tool: Spinner Chief
  • Professional paraphrasing tool: Content Professor
  • Budget spinner tool: ProWritingAid

There’s a constant need to stay updated and staying up-to-date without reading is some sort impossible.

Hmmm! Except you’re a magician. Spooky!

Well, you can say you “listen” to the news, but guess what? The newscaster “reads” it from a script.

Either you’re the one reading, or someone is reading it to your ears, that action has taken place to keep you updated.

Have you ever read something somewhere and it feels like you’ve read that exact thing in that same location before?

Déjà vu? You could say that.

But have you written something in an article for a client five years ago, and you’ve just rewritten that content again today?

Probably because you need to reuse, rewrite or fine-tune that content or you’re finding it hard to get an alternative.

Is this déjà vu? I’ll laugh and say, “No!” “Dude, you just plagiarized!” Big time!!!

How can you avoid this?

Roll up your sleeves as we’re about to dig into this!

Best Rewriting and paraphrasing Tools in 2020

Best rewriter tools

Getting the right paraphrasing tool for writers depends often depend on the purpose of why the content is existing.

With paraphrasing tools existing for writers, contents are said to become better than their previous states.

When you come across topics that are search engine related, then you probably know that content is a limitless gold mine.

As you keep mining for content daily, the number of visitors you get determines how successful and relevant your materials are.

The more the content hooks them, the higher you get on the search results.

But to also avoid being stale or even being tempted to touch other peoples’ content, the better it is to learn how valuable these paraphrasing tools can be.

Like a Genie in a lamp, I’ll grant your wishes by bringing you the top paraphrasing tools of 2020.

My favorite remains Grammarly over any other paraphrasing tool of 2020.

You wonder why? Well, see for yourself.

#1.   Grammarly paraphrasing and rewriting tool

Grammarly premium

Grammarly has become one of the most widely used and accepted tools to become a precise, logical, and conscious writer.

Its AI-system is top-notch! It helps detect plagiarism and gives synonyms and suggestions that will help rewrite your words.

This tool consists of selections that ensure you write like and become a pro.

On another note, I’ve reviewed the Grammarly’s premium subscription in detail. Check out that article for more information.

Key Features:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Spelling check
  • Writing style recognition
  • Vocabulary enhancer
  • Performance reports
  • World-class thesaurus

Best reasons to use Grammarly?

Reason 1: Fast content analysis

Grammarly holds one of the fastest speeds when it comes to analyzing your written content.

Once you import the content, you get your work analyzed quickly within seconds.

With this speed, one would think it to make some errors when breaking down your write-ups.

But Nah! You get to see your punctuation, grammatical, spelling errors—and you even get to see suggestions to replace them to the most suited for their contexts.

Reason 2: Integrated versions

Having a paraphrasing app is good. But having the best writers’ software that comes in various versions and suitable plans, is the bomb.

Grammarly has its browser extension, Microsoft Word add-in, downloadable desktop version, and a mobile application.

It makes Grammarly reachable to you in whatever way you want.

Placing your write-ups on the online tool, desktop, or even mobile app keeps you above the rest.

Reason 3: Easy-to-use interface

Although we’re in 2020, no one wants stress with anything that pertains to computers.

But with the Grammarly app, you don’t have to be a Computer Whiz to get it, use it, and even understand it.

As advanced as Grammarly is, it has an incredibly simple user interface and trusts me, you get to enjoy Grammarly when you use it.

Reason 4:     Human proofreading availability:

There’s this famous saying; “Two heads are better than one.”

Grammarly even brings you one extra head to your palm with ease.

Aside from working with built-in AI, you can also work with a human proofreader. It is to ensure a fresh eye catches the wrong arrangement or content agreement in your writing.

Now, three heads are better than two!

  • Precise suggestions
  • Easy use on browsers
  • Refines your writing completely
  • Doesn’t catch every error
  • Limited free version
  • Supports only the English language (American, Australian, British, and Canadian)

#2.   Ginger Rewritting tool

Ginger software review

Ginger is a tool gaining grounds in the writing sector. Teachers, students, content writers, bloggers, etc. are known to use this tool to ensure they are error-free.

When students and writers are working on an article or project, they might get some information online. But rewriting them without being accused of plagiarism could become difficult. This where Ginger comes in!

Some featured highlight of using Ginger:

1.     Language translator

If you’re not conversant with English, that’s not a problem with this tool.

It is so powerful that it can translate your texts into over 40 languages.

Does your client speak a completely different language from yours? It is your tool for maximum communication.

2.     Rephraser tool

This feature is what makes the Ginger software stand-out.

It can rephrase your sentence! Not just words, but a sentence.

Plagiarism comes mostly with sentences, and this tool will help change that sentence into something completely different.

3.     Smart algorithm

The algorithm of this software is built to make suggestions based on the context of the sentence, not per word.

With this detailed feature, the software is known to be more accurate in its corrections.

  • Language translation to over 40 languages
  • More functions on the free version
  • A great sentence rephrasing tool
  • Poor user-interface
  • Can’t identify plagiarism
  • No explanation for its edits

#3.   ProWritingAid Paraphrasing and rewriting tool

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is known to be one of the best online writing tools. It is a tool to improve your writing.

If you’re a pro writer or an aspiring one, the tool can be your aid in achieving blockbuster and breathtaking write-ups.

Some featured highlight of using ProWritingAid:

1.     More third-party integrated

The ProWritingAid supports various third-party software and extensions as compared to other rewriting tools.

You can integrate it with Chrome and Google docs. ProWritingAid also supports Windows and macOS.

2.     Learn as you write

You can’t get this any other comfortable way. As you write, you tend to see your mistakes.

By seeing your spelling errors, you are subconsciously learning the right words.

The ProWritingAid makes you a better writer!

3.     Vast knowledge

ProWritingAid has a resource library with over 10,000 books.

This library works with the integrated algorithm to give you genres and suggestions.

That’s not all! You can add books with the genre of your choice into the software. It is to help in pimping your writing to suit that genre.

How cool is that, right?

  • A detailed explanation of corrected errors
  • A thesaurus and various dictionaries
  • A great sentence rephrasing tool
  • Not smartphone supported
  • Misses few punctuations
  • Lags when document pages are too much

#4 Content Professor summarizing tool

Content Professor summarizing tool

Not an actual Professor if that’s what popped up to your mind now.

Anyways, the content professor spinner uses a basic technique of rewriting an original content into a series of newer contents.

You say, so what? What you don’t know is that with this set of new materials, it creates a different style—each different from the other.

All these come at a $19.95 monthly or $29.95 quarterly subscription.

Key Features:

  • Cloud database
  • Multiple articles created
  • Simple user interface
  • Learns users’ favorite synonyms
  • Also, available as software on Mac and Linus Operating systems
  • Advance spelling checker

Core reasons to make use of the Content Professor

Reason 1: Generates a vast number of articles

This unique spinner is capable of generating a large number of new materials in seconds.

It is so unlike other spinning software that requires the writer to choose their preferred words or sentences.

Reason 2: Users’ choice adaptability

How spooky will you feel when a software efficiently predicts what you are thinking? Shocking, right?

Don’t let it be a surprise to you that the Content Professor memorizes your favorite words after a few uses by the user. It helps you save time, especially when using a particular tone for your articles, and so on.

Reason 3: Updates are easy

This web-based app is so easy to use to the extent it doesn’t require you to click some buttons to update.

An update is done automatically even when you don’t know. Also, regular updates enable the software to deliver fresh content without stress.

#5 Spinner Chief spinner tool

Spinner chief review best paraphrasing checker

The spinner chief is one outstanding paraphrasing software.

Trust me when I say excellent! It is one of the few software that has its desktop and website version.

It uses the latest statistical replacement technology, part-of-speech analysis, AI (artificial intelligence), and other natural language methods that can create quality content.

Key Features:

  • Perfect rewording
  • Available in desktop and web version
  • Offers both free and paid version
  • Supports over 20 languages

Core reasons to use the Spinner chief

Reason 1: Fast use

Trust me. Nobody wants a snail for software.

Like you, I believe that efficient and reliable programs for my use should respond to my commands at the snap of my fingers.

The spinner chief is so superb that it generates thousands of articles within a few minutes.

Reason 2: User-friendly

The spinner chief has an extremely friendly user interface.

Too much tech talk? All I’m saying is that the Spinner chief is very easy to use and users like yourself, and I enjoy a friendly and understanding experience.

The operation makes paragraphing and sentence rewriting very simple.

Reason 3: Cloud technology

Great software like the Spinner chief has to depend on a reliable source of current information.

Amongst Spinner chief creation is the Cloud technology. And boy am I glad to tell you that this creation paid off as it supports over 20 languages.

So, What Are the Best Rewriting and paraphrasing Tools in 2020?

One of these tools can be your secret to receiving the writers’ award. Shhhh! Let’s keep this between us.

The Ginger software’s unique “sentence rephrase” function helps in achieving faster rewriting. All you’ll be required to do is inputting the sentences and “Voila!” something new comes up.

Grammarly focuses on the words majorly and rarely pops up the “rephrase sentence” suggestion.

ProWritingAid’s ability to work on Google docs as compared to others is a plus.

Although all of these tools will get the job done, I always stick to Grammarly. Why? It’s interface and ease of use!

Grammarly has the “finest” and most attractive interface. It’s the most user-friendly of them all.

Does this mean Grammarly is the best? It all depends on you!

In conclusion, with either of these three tools listed, you can never go wrong. Get either, and you’re on a quest to coping that award we discussed.

Remember that’s still a secret! *Wink*

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