Best Rated Luggage Sets in 2019 (with customer reviews!)

If you search online for “best and highest rated luggage sets in 2019” you will find generic listicles that barely scratch the surface…

Take for example —

Best luggage kits in 2019

Do you want to read boring blocks of text?

Certainly not! Instead, you want something that tells you the whys, hows, and whats of luggage kits. You want something short but enough to help you make the right decision.

This is where I come in…

I’ve spent the lax six months traveling and working around the world have met many different types of travelers — wanderers, couples, families and other solo travelers. I realize everyone travels and packs different and thus decided to research and write an article as opposed to other luggage set reviews.

Bottom line? This is why you should read this article: 

  1. My recommendations are not based on rating but instead on quality, value for money, consumer reviews, and brand history
  2. I organize my recommendations based on the type of traveler ((2 piece, 3 piece 5 piece)
  3.  I cover both hard side (hard shell) and soft shell luggage sets
  4. I share the best deals on luggage sets
  5. All my recommendations are compatible for international travel

(this is not an extensive list, there are many more benefits to read this article)

Best luggage kits for travel

That’s me in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Bottom line? This is an authentic review article from a fellow traveler to another fellow traveler(s) to help you’ll choose the best travel luggage sets that will actually work for your needs!

Okay, Let’s get started

Quick Answer: The Best Luggage sets 2019

Rockland 2 Piece carry on Luggage Set

See Customer Feedback>>

Best Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight body (great for solo travelers)
  • high quality and durable luggage set (can withstand 200F of heat)
  • Contractible body

Samsonite Winfield hard side Luggage Set

See Customer Feedback>>

Best Reasons to buy:

  • Durable polycarbonate exterior body
  • Smart internal organization
  • zipperless luggage model
  • Mobile wheels with aluminum handle for ease-of-use

Coolife Soft Shell Spinner 3-Piece Kit Luggage Set

See Customer Feedback>>

Best Reasons to buy: 

  • inexpensive and affordable luggage set
  • Extremely durable body for maximum protection
  • Best spinner luggage set

Wait! Why buy luggage sets

I’ll be honest; luggage sets are not cheap! In fact, they are a more significant investment as compared to only spinners. But if you often travel with more than one luggage, it definitely makes a lot of sense to get one.

So, before I dive into the nitty-gritty, I decided I’d dedicate a section to tell you exactly why getting a branded luggage set is a good idea:

Reason #1: You’re getting a variety

Luggage sets do not necessarily include sets of 5 or 7 suitcases. Instead, they are thoughtful combinations of a range of different bags. You have a hardside, soft shell, spinner, and even carry-on luggage sets.

For example, you can have 2 luggage sets like one spinner + carry-on that’s perfect for lone travelers, and then there are 3 luggage sets like spinners + duffel +cary-on that works great for families.

Reason #2: Nesting Property (great for minimalists)

Many luggage sets have great compatibility and often can be nested, i.e. each piece packs comfortably into the next biggest piece. Nesting is great during the off-season of travel which works great to save storage space.

Reason #3: It’s Actually Cheaper!

If you really sit down and calculate the costs. You will find that luggage sets come out to be much cheaper as compared to buying them individually. Don’t worry I’ve only covered the best and most affordable luggage sets for the money.

Reason #4: Complimentary Features

Apart from the nesting feature, luggage sets often have features that work together. For example, in 2-piece luggage set the carry-on bag has a nifty piggy-back sleeve that mounts it over the spinner for easy transport.

Some 4 piece luggage sets come with complimentary travel kits that are a great option to pack toiletries.

(This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more benefits )

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Luggage Sets

We’re about to get the good stuff (my top 10 list!). However, there’s just one more thing you need to know first — what goes into a good luggage set. It is essential to know this to better pick the right luggage set for your needs.

Remember, whatever the brand may be it ultimately comes down to what works for your brand. Here’s a list of features you should look out for:

1. Compatibility

This is basically how all the individual pieces in your luggage set work together to form one nice compatible and coherent luggage set for your needs and preferences.

For instance, the spinner + carry-on combination works excellent for backpackers and travelers; on the other hand, the 3,4 and five-piece luggage sets work great for families.

2. Material

Luggage sets come in different pieces. This makes some manufacturers try to cut corners by creating some pieces from different luggage sets of lower quality. Always make sure the quality among all the individual sets is similar and of high durability. Don’t worry I’ve checked this! ?

3. Weight

Weight is another critical factor you should definitely consider. Especially when you think about luggage & airport limits (fuck budget Asian flights!). If your luggage is heavy, expect to pay hefty luggage fees.

4. Functionality

What I mean by this the usability of your luggage sets. You’re looking for something with nice uni-directional wheels, extending handles, hassle-free zippers that won’t require a bodybuilder (this is a killer!)

5. Storage Capability

This one’s pretty obvious. After all, storage is the primary reason for getting your luggage set. Especially if you find yourself packing to the brim! Look for something with nice compartments that contract and let you stuff more.

6. Lining

By this I mean look for water-resistant or even better waterproof luggage that makes your luggage set more weatherproof and suitable for most weather conditions.

7. TSA Friendly Locks

The last thing you want at the airport is a bag that isn’t TSA friendly, i.e. easily accessible during security checks. Don’t worry most of my recommendations have TSA friendly locks

8. Warranty

Fortunately, most luggage sets come with a whopping 5-year warranty (some even 10 years) unlimited warranty. This may not seem as useful right now but always comes in handy when you have something unpredictable happens to your luggage.

9. What will you use it for?

Ask yourself: “What do I need the luggage set for?” 

Do you need it for travel?

Or maybe you need it for business?

Are you a woman you travel with a lot of grooming kits and essentials?

Or maybe freelancer that needs room for a lot of gear?

The answers to these questions will help you pick the right luggage set for you.

10. What’s your budget?

Not everyone can afford to shell out thousands of dollars on their luggage kits. It’s important to consider your budget and then decide whether you want to go for an inexpensive luggage kit of something more premium.

Remember, price does not determine quality (although what’s cheap is usually not good). Don’t worry if you’re on a budget I’ve recommended some of the best affordable luggage sets.

So, there you have it — everything you need to consider while getting yourself the right luggage set.

Now, let’s get to the important part — my recommendations!

My Top 10 Luggage Sets in 2019

In the previous section, we looked at the factors that go into a good luggage set. However, it’s still going to take a bit of time and research to look through all the noise.

Fortunately, I’ve already done the hard work and curated my top 10 luggage set list based on the exact traits mentioned before!

Alright, Let’s get started:

Rockland Two-Piece Luggage Set
Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Set
Coolife Soft Shell Spinner 3-Piece Kit Luggage Set
Samsonite Ultralite Extreme 2-Piece Luggage Set
TravelPro Maxlite 4
Merax Travelight
Five-Piece Nested Set by Samsonite
Flieks 5 Piece Luggage Set

1. Rockland Two-Piece Luggage Set

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type: Two-piece luggage set
  • Weight: 18.56 lbs

Who is this kit for?

This luggage kit is perfect for Solo Travellers, weekenders and traveling businessman who pack light.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Lightweight and functional design

Weighing in at 18.56 pounds, the Rockland two-piece luggage set is one of the lightest on my list! Additionally, this model features a durable, expandable body that helps in packing.

I also love the nifty periscope aluminum handles that make it easy to carry around. Lastly, there’s a great set of unidirectional wheels that work great for added functionality.

Reason #2 Well-organized Internal organization

Next, is the internal organization that is entirely separated for storing small, large and even delicate items such as your tech, IDs, etc. This is especially great as the last thing you want is for your contents to mess around while you’re in transit.

Reason #3 Extremely durable materials

Another essential feature of luggage kits is durability. After all, they function to keep your contents safe. Fortunately, the Rockland two-piece luggage set is made of 100% ABS plastic, which protects up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Lightweight body
  • 100% ABS plastic durable exterior
  • TSA-approved locks
  • Good internal organization
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Not suitable for longer durations

What do the customers say?

2. Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Set


  • Type: Two-piece luggage kit
  • Weight: 30.1 lbs

Who is this kit for?

This 2 hard side luggage kit is perfect for Solo Travellers, weekenders and traveling businessman who pack light.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Polycarbonate durable exterior

The Winfield 2 features an extremely durable polycarbonate exterior that ensures protection for your contents. This durable further extends to the zips that have an add-on closure for maximum security.

Reason #2 TSA-Approved locks

This bag is ingrained with 2 TSA-approved locks that keep your valuables away from prying eyes and more importantly, enable you to have a hassle-free airport run (and while checking it).

Reason #3 360 Spinner wheels

This model also sports 360 degree Spinner wheels that work great to move around (in any direction) effortlessly!

What do the customers say?

3. Coolife Soft Shell Spinner 3-Piece Kit Luggage Set


  • Type: 3 pieces of soft shell luggage set
  • Weight: 28lbs

Who is this luggage set for?

This is a good option for people in business, wanderers, and weekenders that have like aesthetic (but functional) products.

Top 3 reasons to buy this luggage kit:

Reason #1 Extremely functional design

Right from 360-degree silent spinner wheels to adjustable telescoping handle—This luggage kit screams functionality! It’s also important to note that this luggage is under the legal carry-on size and TSA-friendly (Score!).

Reason #2 Amazing internal organization

From large quick-access front pockets (for different storage) to compression straps and even separate mesh pockets — this has got to be one of the best private organizations on this list!

Reason#3 Trendy and stylish color options

Aesthetics is the last thing I consider in my products. But I must say the cool life luggage kit has changed a boring outcome into something styling and fashionable (perfect for those chic travelers).

What do the customers say?

4. Samsonite Ultralite Extreme 2-Piece Luggage Set

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type: 2 Piece SoftSide luggage set
  • Weight: 25 pounds

Who is this kit for?

This is a lightweight luggage set that is perfect for business and solo travelers that like to pack light. It will be quite small if you travel with many essentials, grooming kits and clothes (among other things).

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Works for all weather

Unlike other models, this luggage kit features SamGuard ™ which is a water and stain resistant coating that repels water and dirt. This keeps your luggage neat and tidy no matter where you go!

Reason #2 Mobility

The model also features ultra-quiet and smooth sphere-spinner wheels that provide functional and effortless mobility.

Reason#3 Expandable storage body

One thing most travelers have in common is a shortage of space! Fortunately, the Samsonite Ultralite last 2 features contractible storage body that gives in for those extra goodies (think chocolates, souvenirs, and other ‘important stuff! ?)

What do the customers say?

5. TravelPro Maxlite 4

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type: Three-piece luggage set
  • Weight: 27.9 lbs

Who is this kit for?

Perfect for a traveler that needs ample storage space with additional requirements for storing valuables like gear.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Great internal organization

This model features an ample amount of space with additional pockets for neat organization. Additionally, the interior is lined with fabric to cradle your clothing and protect your valuables.

Additionally, the interiors are made of expandable interiors that make it easy to stuff more. Finally, you can wrap it up in a nice secure zipper closure, and you’re good to go!

Reason#2 Ergonomic design

When I say ‘ergonomic’ I’m talking specifically about the telescoping airline-grade aluminum handle system that’s adjustable up to 38″ to ensure a comfortable roll (no matter how tall you are! ?)

Reason #3 Weatherproof coating

The icing on the cake is the exterior polyester fabric that’s coated to repel water and stain. This is great as most soft shell luggage doesn’t come with any coating.

What do the customers say?

6. Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type: Three-piece hard shell luggage kit
  • Weight: 25lbs

Who is this kit for?

This luggage kit is perfect for business travelers, wanderers and solo travelers need maximum protection for their valuables.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Extremely functional design

The Merax MT image is one of the best spinner luggage sets that has an extensive set of a feature in the functionality department. Right from comfortable side handles, spinner wheels, corner protection, and even a sturdy telescoping handle — it’s made to be functional.

Reason #2 TSA Approved Locks

As you already know airport check-ins are a bitch! Fortunately, this model comes with TSA approved that allows airport security to inspect your luggage without damaging your locking mechanism. This features makes this model the best luggage kit for international travel.

Reason#3 well-organized interiors

The interior of this luggage set is fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets that work great in organizing different types of clothes (both wet & dry) without having them jumbled up in transit.

What do the customers say?

7. Five-Piece Nested Set by Samsonite

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type: Five-Piece luggage set
  • Weight: 25.4 lbs

Who is this kit for?

This luggage kit is excellent for families or couples that have a significant requirement for luggage.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Affordable pricing

Compare to other five-piece luggage sets, the Nested set by Samsonite is much cheaper. More importantly, it’s not just cheap but also features an extensive set of features paired with high-quality materials.

Reason #2 Great functionality

This luggage set is built with excellent functionality. For example, every individual piece is fit with nifty handle and grab handles to help in easy lifting no matter what the situation.

Reason#3 Strong and durable body

The exterior is made of an extremely durable 1200 denier polyester, and the interiors are fully lined to ensure maximum protection on both the outside and inside. Additionally, these bags have a 10-year warranty to ensure they last a long time.

What do the customers say?

8. Flieks 5 Piece Luggage Set

Check Customer Feedback>>


  • Type:  5 Piece Luggage Set
  • Weight: 24lbs

Who is this kit for?

An economical luggage kit perfect for families and couples that value good functionality.

Top 3 reasons to buy:

Reason #1 Great functional luggage kit

Every individual piece in this luggage in this kit serves a specific purpose. For instance, there is a full flight bag that is perfect to safely store tech like laptops, and on the other hand, there is a travel bag that works great to hold 3-4 days of clothing for short trips.

Reason #2 Affordable pricing

For a five-piece luggage set, the Flieks 5 is priced reasonably budget luggage set. It includes a deluxe, expandable individual piece crafted with durable materials. Add to that the premium features — and you’re looking at an excellent value for money luggage kit!

Reason#3 Lightweight and durable polyester

The Flieks luggage set is constructed of lightweight, durable 100% Polyester ensures long-lasting usage and easy transport. Additionally, there is a lightweight and durable tear-resistant fabric that is perfect for storing your valuables safely.

What do the customers say?

Luggage Set FAQs

Now, that you have a good understanding of what are the best luggage sets in the market. Let’s take it home by answering some frequently asked questions regarding luggage sets.

Q: What Size Luggage Set Do I Need?

A: Now, this entirely depends on why and how you will use the luggage. I’ve developed a small mini guide you push you in the right direction:

  • Business: If you travel for business you most likely pack suits, shoes men’s essentials and maybe a travel kit. So you need a minimum three-piece set.
  • Leisure traveler: You travel when you feel like it and just have a fun time aka ‘a nice holiday.’ Some even work remote and pack a bit of gear (digital nomads). In this case, you need a minimum three-piece set
  • Weekend Trips: If you’re more of a person who likes to escape on the weekend you need a minimum three-piece luggage set.
  • Family: Now, if you travel with a large family (3+ people) you’ll need a minimum five-piece luggage set.

Q: Can Luggage Be “Too Big” for Air Travel?

A: Yes it can. However, this also depends on the airlines. It’s a good idea to look into the dimensions before picking the luggage set (Most of my recommendations are below the maximum legal carry-on size).

Q: Is a luggage set TSA Friendly?

A: Yes and no. This depends on the manufacturer. However, most of my recommendations are TSA friendly (no one likes a hassle at airports!).

Q:  What’s the difference between Hardside and Softside Luggage?

A: Generally, the softside luggage is relatively lighter and has a more flexible interior making it easy to stuff.

On the other hand, hard side luggage is heavier but offers more protection (especially against water). It’s also TSA-approved which is a feature lacking in softside luggage.

Q: What is a Nested Set?

A: A nested set is a feature common to good coherent luggage set. It lets to stuff smaller individual bags into the bigger pockets making it easy to store without taking up too much space. This is great during the off-season.

What’s the best luggage set?

There’ you have it! My complete guide to getting luggage set in 2019. I’m pretty sure one thing on your mind is “what’s the best luggage set?” and to be frank it’s a complicated answer.

However, ask yourself: “Why do I need a luggage set?” and you should have your answer! Remember, don’t get carried away by sleek marketing and select brands.

Just get something that’s right for you and that will be the best luggage set for you!

On another note, I recommend checking out my Samsonite Omni review for more information.

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