Best Gifts for Writers in 2019 (from a Writer!)

If you quickly run a google search for “best and unique gift for writers” you’ll find articles that were published back in 2018!

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What the hell is up with Google?!

Moreover, these top-ranking articles are BIG publications that simply a bunch of writers to churn out random lists of recommendations flooded with Amazon affiliate links.

My point is their primary goal is to make money!

Fortunately, you found this article and don’t have to worry about wasting your time and energy reading some me-too churned bullshit.

Top three reasons NOT to read this article:

  1. You don’t want to buy a unique gift for a writer
  2. Instead, you’re lazy and want to buy them something from Barnes & Noble
  3. You don’t want to buy a gift! (why are you here?!)

Remember: Nothing says, “I didn’t put any thought into this and just resent buying you a gift” better than a Barnes & Noble gift!

This is not one of those topgift recommendations you’ll see on top blog publications.

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We love words but NOT on us! Got it?

Those sites are nothing but genuine content and have one goal: to recommend products that give THEM the highest commission!

The only reason I am writing this article is that I am a freelance content writer who’s been traveling the world and working from his laptopand I love gifts!?

The real goal of this article is to simply share it with friends and family that ask me what I want for my birthday. I know I’m crazy (sometimes).

I did that with me how to build a WordPress website without code” article.

Guess what?

It works like a charm and saves me the hassle of explaining the same thing over and over again!

Anyways, since I do this writing thing for real, I figured I qualify to recommend what gifts I (read: writer, aspiring writer, serious writer) would want!

So, if you’ve come here looking for recommendations to buy your writer friend the best and unique gifts for WHATEVER reason — you’ve come to the right place!

These gift recommendations are not unique but also extremely useful to just about any writer. In fact, I have personally used some of these recommendations and have benefited a ton from it.

Let’s get started!

#1: Audible Membership (Good for any writer)

Who is this for?

This gift is perfect for any writer who likes to read and more importantly is into audio books (which most of us are!).

What is this?

Audible is an excellent audiobook platform from Amazon. It is hands down the biggest and greatest audiobook app you will find. It costs about USD$14.95 per month.

As a digital nomad, I am always on the move. This lifestyle doesn’t allow me to sit down and read a book. So I prefer wearing my headphones and listing to an audiobook — as it’s so much more convenient!

How do I get this?

Audible offers membership plans starting at USD$14.95 per month, click on the button below to access their website.

#2: Skillshare Membership (great for aspiring writers)

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Who is this for?

This gift is perfect for someone aspiring to be a writer (or a serious writer) looking to improve their writing by taking up a writing course. It’s a good idea to ask them what they are struggling with before getting them a course.

What is this?

Skillshare is an online learning platform that has a whole multitude of courses. I have mainly used it for writing and business, but there are many more options like entrepreneurship, design, illustration, etc. etc.

As mentioned before, I am a full-time content writer and continuously improve my skill by enrolling in courses on platforms like skillshare. This platform helped me a ton, and I’m sure your writer friend will find a look for value in the same.

How much does this cost?

Skillshare offers membership plans starting at USD$15 per month. Click on the button below to access their website.

Pro Tip: I would get Skillshare and share it with my friend — win-win!

#4 Grammarly Premium (great for serious writers)

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Who is this for?

This is perfect for an aspiring (or a serious writer) that writer for others (clients) and would benefit from having 100% error-free text.

What is this?

Grammarly is basically spell check on steroids! It uses machine learning to determine errors even professional editors would miss out.

I regularly check my work using Grammarly Pro and always find a ton of embarrassing errors that make me question my career choice. Thank goodness there’s an app that can fix that!

How much does this cost?

Grammarly is available at a monthly plan of USD$29.95 and annual plan of USD$139.95.

Pro Tip: ​I would get Grammarly Pro and share it with my friend — win-win!

#5 A Goal Journal (recommend this!)

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Who is this for?

This is perfect for writers that are serious about their career in writing and have ambitious goals to accomplish.

What is this?

This freedom journal is one of the best daily planners on Amazon. It even has a specific template to accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days.

To be frank, I never thought I would use a diary. However, the pressure of freelancing can be incredibly overwhelming.

In fact, I even reached a point of almost having a mental breakdown.

Why? Because I wasn’t getting work done and simply living a life without goals!

Do you know what helped?

Sitting down for hours, and jotting down EVERYTHING I wanted to accomplish in my diary!

So, if your writer friend is just starting their career, relieve their stress by getting them a journal that will help them stay productive and start on track!

How much does this cost?

The freedom journal is currently available on Amazon. Click on the link below to go to their website.

#6 Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle

Who is this for?

If you’re rich or feeling a little generous get your writer friend an Amazon Kindle! Honestly the perfect gift for just about any writer! Especially those that have too many books to carry! (writer problems people!)

What is this?

The amazon kindle is an e-reader from that Amazon that works like a table but is wholly used to read books.

The best part? You can download millions of book titles from Amazon’s online marketplace and read them anytime and everywhere.

Moreover, the battery is absolutely insane and lasts for weeks!

How much does this cost?

The Amazon Kindle comes in various variants and can be purchased from the Amazon website. Click on the link below to go to Amazon.

#7 Amazon Kindle Gift card (the subscription)

Amazon kindle gift card

Who is this for?

If the Amazon Kindle is too expensive a gift, or if your writer friend already has a Kindle, then get them a Kindle gift card!

What is this?

The Amazon Kindle gift card works like every other giftcard. It will give your writer friend some credit that can be used to buy Kindle ebooks.

How much does this cost?

Kindle gift card starts at USD$25.

#8 A domain name (I personally use this)

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Who is this for?

This is a perfect gift for an aspiring writer or serious writer who’s been thinking of starting a blog but just hasn’t had the time to but it. It’s a good idea to ask them what name they want before getting them one.

What is this?

A domain name is the name of a website on the internet; for example, is the domain name of my site.

The primary function of a domain is to guide a visitor to access its website — just like an address!

How much does this cost?

The best place to get a domain name is Namecheap. It is a premium domain company that offers domain names at economical prices and provide top-notch support if anything goes wrong (it  !).

#9 Web Hosting – SiteGround( I personally use this)

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Who is this for?

This is a cool gift for a serious writer looking to create a portfolio website for their services.

What is this?

Just like how a house is first built on a foundation — a website is created on a host. In a nutshell, web hosting is a space connect to the internet where your site lives and breathes.

I personally rely on my website to get my clients and think ever aspiring freelance writer should get one. I’m sure your writer friend would love website hosting as a gift.

How much does this cost?

There are many website hosting services, but something I personally use and recommend is SiteGround.

They offer premium hosting service backed by an excellent customer support team that will help your friend set up their freelancing website in no time!

#10 A book of the month membership

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Who is this for?

This is perfect for any writer that loves books and would love a unique collection of books carefully wrapped and sent to their doorstep.

What is this?

Book of the month or (BOTM) is a cool company that curates a collection of 5 hardcover books in different genres for their subscribers every month.  I love BOTM because their pricing is extremely low and about half the price of a hardcover book.

How much does this cost?

BOTM is available for a monthly membership that starts at USD$14.95. Click on the link below to go to their website.

#11 Handmade leather journal (unique gift for writers)

Leather journal for writers

Who is this for?

This gift is perfect for a writer of any caliber who loves keeping a journal and doodling or writing down stuff.

What is this?

This is a beautiful handmade leather journal that makes for a unique gift just about any writer would love to have!

This journal sports 240 pages and is made of 100% genuine leather with a naturally tanned special oil. Moreover, the pages are complete unruled that make it a perfect journal for creative writers.

How much does this cost?

This lovely journal is available on Amazon. Click on the button before to go to their website.

#12 Handmade Leather Books Scented Candle (we love this!)

Handmade Leather Books Scented Candle

Who is this for?

This has got to be one of the most unique gifts for ANY writer! In fact, the secret to any writers’ heart is the scent of handmade leather-bound books.

What is this?

Writing is an extremely challenging task! It takes the right mood and more importantly, the right environment, and little additions like scented candles can make all the difference!

How much does this cost?

This scented candle is available on Amazon. Click on the button below to view the latest prices.

[BONUS] Be the Present!?

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By now, you should have a good idea of what to get your writer friend. Moreover, these gifts are completely unique that will quickly win you major points!

However, there’s nothing more unique than a friend. Honestly, if I love my friend and don’t really need them to give me a gift!

In fact, the greatest gift is to anyone is the people they have in their life. So the best gift you can give them is YOU!

Now, I don’t mean show up without anything. Sure get them something but more importantly, give them your energy. Take them out, write them a card or even better — compliment their work!

Here are a few things you can do that we’ll absolutely love:

  • Read our work and share your honest opinion
  • Ask us what we’re working on
  • Offer to help (if you can)
  • Read our books (or buy them)

There you have it! A long list of unique gifts for writers from a writer.

Remember, don’t be lazy and get us crappy mugs (we already have one!) and most importantly, don’t buy cliche gifts from Barnes and Nobles!

I personally use (and love) some of these recommendations, and I am sure your writer friend will love them as well!

Mark Quadros is a Content Marketer for SaaS and Online-business. He also runs 'The Real Mark', a blog about travel, remote work, and online marketing. Affiliate Disclosure.

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