Want engaging content that drives traffic?

You found it!

Cyber Monday 2018 hit $7.9B in Sales!

(Which should come as no surprise because online business today is one of the most profitable and fastest growing industry in Commerce.)

The only catch? The competition is INTENSE! ?

  • Amongst hundreds if not thousands of online businesses, how will YOURS stand out?
  • How will YOUR brand build the authority that converts traffic into sales?
  • How will YOU convince your customer that your service is worth the price?
  • Or maybe even convince a visitor to trust YOUR review and click on that affiliate link?

While sleek SEO strategies tend to work in the short term it’s content connects to your audience and brings in the money — Content marketing is what YOUR business needs!

OKAY, Why not Upwork??

With a ton of freelancer platforms flooded with writers — Why hire me over some cheaper alternative?

“Cheaper Alternative.” There’s your answer right there.

A cheap writer does not value their time and has one goal: make a quick buck. They spend a few minutes on finding similar content and quickly churn out thoughtless ‘me-too’ content that will NEVER connect to your audience.


Instead, hire a writer with personality!

A writer that understands your business and writes content that resonates with your TA…

A specialist writer hyper-focused on SaaS and online-business…

A writer that researches a topic thoroughly to find a unique angle on it…

A writer that mindfully curates fun and engaging copy…

(Psst… That’s ME!)

I am MARK XAVIER QUADROS, a budding content marketer hyper-focused on SaaS and online business.

Why? Because I genuinely love it! I used to build WordPress websites but soon realized I love reading and writing even more.

On another note, I’ve been traveling the world for the past four months and wholly funded this lifestyle through content writing because I am able to consistently deliver — and get paid!

Bottom line, If you’re reading this and are most likely looking for one (or all) of these:

  1. Actionable content that provides value and drives traffic

  2. Content that’s free of grammatical errors and plagiarism

  3. Content with a dash of personality as opposed to random me-too bullshit

 I’m your guy! ?

P.S. I know that I haven’t published content with big publications but am absolutely determined to prove that I am worthy! Give me a short and I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

WAIT! is this guy full of Shit?

Digital Nomad laptop funny picture


I get it, I’m a random guy on the internet so why should you even trust me?

Well, in most cases you can’t, but you’ll have to take my word for it:

(I’ve also ghostwritten a ton and can share that in private.)


Don’t just take my word for it…

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What can I write?

I specialize in blog writing, copywriting and ghostwriting actionable content backed by data and a dash of personality.

Types of content I create:

Blog articles, Landing Pages, emails and Ebooks.

Topics I specialize in:

  • Online Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • SEO
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Travel


Also, How do I write?

If you’re interested in working with me, I figured you’d also be interested in knowing how I work — precisely how my content writing process.


1) Project Tracker


I first set-up a project tracker (google spreadsheet) to maintain efficient and effective communication with the client.


2)Analyze competitor posts (and references)


I don’t look at re-inventing the wheel (unless asked to) I look at the market and find what works. First, I simply look at the SERPs and find similar content, find gaps and then beat them  improvise!


3) Review and Quality Check


After writing the article, I then perform a Grammarly PRO check to get rid of pesky typos, punctuation and all the bad stuff! Then I proofread the article by finally reading it out loud to look for errors I would’ve missed otherwise.

(I also procure images and check for reader tone before writing but for simplicity sake haven’t gone into that.)


Got a Project?

Great! However before you contact me, I have the following conditions:

  • I don’t like one-off jobs I work with clients that offer a minimum one-month engagement
  • I charge $40-$60 per 500 words

(I also ghostwrite. But that’s between you and me, ok?)

Afraid to commit? No problem let’s test things out with a trial post.

If that sounds good, Let’s get to work!


Email: [email protected]

Linkedin: Mark X Quadros