How To Get Free Audible Books Without Credit Card 2020?

TL;DR: Can you get free books with Audile?

Yes. Currently, Amazon's offering a holiday discount where it's giving users up-to 3 books and 1 month free on their subscriptions. Click the link below.


In the world of technology, it’s rare that you don’t get a free trial of something, but it is very rare to not have to enter a credit card to access these free trials.

There’s a ton of different options, to access free Audible books but just typing ‘free audiobooks without credit card’ or ‘audible free trial no credit card’ into Google is going to get you nowhere fast.

With this in mind, I’ve created a quick guide to help negate any of these issues and potential scams, and help you get your Audible free trial without a ‘credit card’.

Searching ‘Free trial Audible’ isn’t going to get you very far in a search engine so I thought I would create this crash course on how to sign up to get a free trial of Audible, get a free audiobook, and all without a credit card.

But before we start, to tell you the truth, I used to be fairly unsure about listening to an audiobook and didn’t know anyone in my direct circle who used Audible. Despite this, I went in with an open mind.

I always felt like I wanted something tangible, but my Audible free trial changed my opinion on the whole industry, and how I definitely could see myself finding the time to enjoy audiobooks regularly.

For me, to put it in a few words, the Audible membership proved to be great, had a good library, and plenty of Audible originals.

In addition, I enjoyed the Audible ‘credits’ system, which allowed you to spend your membership points on books, so credit where credits are due.

Despite not being a listener before, I really grew to enjoy listening to the audio; free book and two free Audible originals at the end of the membership was definitely a plus too!

How Do I Get Free Audiobooks Without a Credit Card?

As mentioned above you can sign up for the Audible free trial without a credit card (you can use any form of payment, from a debit to a prepaid card or a credit card) and have one month’s free trial of an Audible membership.

There is a lot of different websites that advertise that you can not use a credit card, and while that is strictly true it doesn’t have to be a ‘credit card’ you still will need a payment method, but as the majority of people have an Amazon account it can be done through that and no new card or credit card has to be added.

The Audible free trial also gives you one free audiobook and two free Audible originals. You’ll get a massive freedom of choice for what free books you can get without using a credit card, and also get a choice of Audible originals too, from recognizable franchises like Jungle Book or Alien.

What is Audible?

Sometimes in a busy schedule, it’s hard to fit in everything you want, but maybe you still want to get the most of your time but can’t read as many books as you want.

Here is where Amazon Audible comes in, which is Amazon’s books in audio platform, which has a range of audiobooks, audio shows, Audible originals, and programs, amounting to over 200,000 different titles available to download.

You may not listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or shows right now but their popularity is growing and more and more people use them every year, and Audible is the market leader.

With an Audible membership, you’ll be able to access classics, romance, thrillers, fantasy, non-fiction, and pretty much anything you can think of, and with a range of celebrities and authors reading the books it really adds extra value and something that appeals to everyone.

The Audible service gives users the ability to purchase or stream audiobooks and other spoken-word content, either via a subscription that provides you with credits to spend on books monthly or as a pay-per-book system.

Linked to your Amazon or Amazon Prime account, you just need your email address to login and get started. Audible is the industry leader in audiobooks and is the largest audiobook producer and retailer in the United States.

The free Audible app is very easy to use and gives your account easy access to the Audible originals and audiobooks. In terms of a free trial, Audible offers a really nice offer with the ability to keep your free audiobook or free audiobooks at the end, regardless of your choice.

You will not run out of books to listen to, you have everything you want to listen to and more with the unparalleled and unprecedented library of audiobooks available when you use the Audible free trial or have a full membership.

Audible free trial no credit card

Now, Is an Audible Membership Worth It?

Owned by Amazon, Audible has gone from strength to strength, and with the huge library of Audible books, it's definitely worth trying out for a month and getting an audiobook free.

As anyone should be I was a little hesitant at the start of the free trial and thought they’ll try and catch me out to keep my Audible membership but it was simple to cancel, and you can get 3 free audiobooks, and options of some great Audible originals.

I cannot recommend the Audible free trial enough, and the best part was that even if you cancel you still get to keep your free audiobooks. I've actually reviewed and answered the question of whether audible membership is worth it?

I enjoyed listening to them much more than I thought I would, whether I was heading to meet friends, driving, or even in the gym, it was easy to listen and the Audible app was super easy to use and find good audiobooks.

Having the feature to swap an audiobook for any reason was a great feature, it is and was definitely a very user-focused platform (note this does not apply on the free books you get with your free trial).

If you are a vicarious reader (or listener), such as myself, then you will love Audible and see its value almost instantly, and if you’re not, there’s absolutely no reason not to try the free trial, you might surprise yourself and love it, I know I did!

Audible free trial no credit card

How to Cancel Your Audible Free Trial?

Canceling your Audible free trial is fairly easy due to it being an Amazon company, to your Audible free trial, sign in to your Audible account, go to the account details page, under account settings and click on cancel my membership, then follow the instructions.

This is much easier than the majority of cancelations, but I’d always recommend setting yourself a reminder for a few days before, so you can make your decision in plenty of time if you want to end your Audible free trial or continue your subscription.

Unsurprisingly, if you do not cancel your trial before the end of the month you will be charged the full month’s rate on your selected payment method, so always make sure you know when it’s up, or don’t if you want to continue it!

You can always do a second trial with a different method of payment if you truly haven’t got your fix yet, but hopefully, by the end of the month, you’ll know which way you lean.

Audible Free Trial FAQS

1. How Do I Get Free Credits on Audible 2020?

As alluded to before, when you sign up and get your Audible free trial, you will get one free credit and two Audible originals, so yes you will get three pieces of content for free, to keep! That one credit is good for one audiobook. On another note, check out my guide to get free amazon prime without a cc. It's a simple and easy method to get amazon prime.

2. How Many Audiobooks Can You Get With Your Free Trial?

You can get one free Audible audiobook with your Audible free trial, and two Audible originals without having to add your credit card details (as mentioned above you don’t need a ‘credit’ card just a payment method).

3. Can I Still Get Two Free Audiobooks?

Previously with the Audible free trial, you could get two free books, this has now been changed to one free audiobook and two free Audible originals.

4. Who is Audible For?

With the sheer amount of audiobooks available on Audible, it's hard to say that anyone will struggle to find some things they’ll love listening to, it’s a great way to spend some downtime, in your spare time, or on a commute or trip.

Audible has everything from bestsellers, to obscure and unique fandoms, to autobiographies, to shows, there are a real range and breadth to the content available and I really was surprised at how much I ended up listening to.

5. Does Amazon Prime Include Audible?

In short, no. In terms of Audible, Amazon Prime doesn’t include a membership, but you do get different discounts depending on where you are based.

6. Where does the Audible Free Trial Work?

The Audible free trial works anywhere, at any time, for anyone, think about how far Amazon spreads, this is part of their empire, so it really is accessible to listen anywhere, providing you have data or have downloaded the content.

7. What are Audible Originals? Do I Get Them With My Free Trial?

Audible originals are content available in addition to your monthly audible credits, with an active membership you’ll have access to Audible originals, which are special exclusive audiobooks to Audible.

At the time of writing, Audible is releasing six Audible Originals on the first Friday of each month, with an active subscription, you can download two of these, every month, for free.

These exclusive bits of content range from all ends of the Audible spectrum and you will get two of them free with your Audible free trial.

8. Can I Listen to Audible Without a Subscription?

The short answer? Yes, you can listen to Audible audiobooks without a subscription or membership, I don’t like companies that force you to create a membership, it’s not for everyone.

But, for reference, it is very easy to sign up for the Audible free trial with your Amazon account.

9. How to Buy a Book on Audible?

You can purchase audiobooks from Audible directly and not need a membership, either from Amazon or Audible, either way, it goes through your Amazon account, so just click the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Buy for X’ or ‘Add to Cart’ option.

The downside to this is the fact that as audiobooks are a newer trend, they are more expensive than traditional books, with a lot of them being around $10 a book.

This price is relative to how often you buy books or audiobooks in this instance, if you’re an infrequent listener then you’ll be fine but if you read more, you’ll be racking up a big price tag.

The alternative is to buy a subscription and to simplify the process, you get either one or two credits (depending on your membership) to spend on books and one credit = one book, regardless of its price.

So it’s important to note sometimes to get the most value for money, you want to buy the more expensive audiobooks.

how to get free audible books without credit card

Audible Review – A Quick Review of the Audiobook Platform

It can sometimes be hard to see the black and white answers, so I’ve created a very quick review of Audible, so after (or before) your free Audible trial, you can decide if it’s for you or not.

So without further ado, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of having an active Audible account.

Benefits of an Audible Membership

  • The sheer amount of different audiobooks available on the platform (Over 200,000) which is probably a lifetime of listening!
  • User-friendly Audible app, which is great for finding whatever content you want and making valuable suggestions to help you search for your newest listen
  • New audiobook every month
  • Unlimited listening to Audible originals (from documentaries to podcasts to more)
  • Some great deals offered to members throughout each month
  • Industry-leading service and customer support – as with Amazon, the customer support teams are second to none and really are helpful with a range of issues.
  • Easy and effortless exchange system, I love the fact you could switch your books with no questions asked, if you are not loving your book, switch it out!
  • Credits (payment method for new books) rolls over if you don’t use it in a certain month, so you never lose them, so long as you have an active membership
  • Your personal collection keeps all the books you buy or have, even when you cancel or end your subscription
  • Offline access via the app (download your book and listen wherever you are)
  • Sleep timer, I found a great time to listen to books was as I was going to bed
  • Custom narration speed (from 0.5 to 3x) this was a really fun feature that I like to use, if you don’t like the speed it’s great for switching it up

Drawbacks of an Audible Membership

  • Best value if you have the time to commit to listening
  • Can become another fee if you do not engage properly in the platform
  • You have to commit to listening to at least 1 audiobook a month to make it worth it
  • You may not even like listening to audiobooks (hence the recommendation of the free trial to help you decide)
  • The narrators might be a bit slow or fast (you can counteract this with the app)
  • Smaller or more independent books are very unlikely to have an Audible counterpart but the library is vast

Is the Audible Free Trial Right for Me?

Hopefully, the above guide, FAQs, and review has given you enough information to decide if you want to sign up and use an Audible account, the beauty of the free trial isn’t just the lack of need for a credit card, but the fact you get a free audiobook and the option to see if it is for you.

So whoever you are, I’d always recommend giving it a go and get the Audible free trial, all it takes is your Amazon account or email address.

Because you have the best part of a month to decide, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mull over if you want to take the full plunge into the world of audiobooks.

To conclude this was how to get free audible books without using your credit card, and now you know, enjoy your free audiobook or your Audible free trial!

So what are you waiting for? Get Audible today and give it a go, it's one of my new favorite digital services and definitely worth the cost, even if you just try the trial.

Did you enjoy reading this? Have you done an audible free trial? What’s your favorite Audiobook? I’d love to hear from you, best of luck and happy listening!

Footnote – Audible and its content are subject to copyright with all rights reserved, so do not make copies of your audiobooks, this has been a subject of debate in the industry, but in short, audio is covered by all rights reserved.

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