Article Forge Review: Is it worth it?

TL;Dr Is Article Forge Worth it?

YES! Article Forge is a great tool for writing articles at speed. This tool enables users to write unique content in just a matter of seconds. What’s more, Article Forge automatically lets you publish SEO optimized articles making in a comprehensive content tool.

(Or try Article Forge free for 5 days!)

Are you thinking about hiring a content writer? Or you want to get relief from all of the SEO duties? Article Forge has all the features you want from writing your content to SEO optimization and publishing to the web.

Article Forge is not just a spinning tool, but an excellent tool for research and for getting you a unique content in the least amount of time.

For your convenience, here I have covered all the best features, pricing and details about Article Forge.

Article Forge Pricing: What will you get?

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge is available for five days free on a trial basis, and you can also avail the Money Back Guarantee within 30 days. Therefore, if you do not work according to your requirements, you can get your refund immediately upon informing their customer support.

You can take advantage of the exclusive launch discount, and get the full package for $ 47 / month and an annual membership for $ 297 which is $ 24.75 / month. If you work for bulk content, you will get a monthly subscription at best.

You can have unlimited content monthly or yearly as you wish and get a solid article, which will not disappoint you in any way. The final article created by Articles Forge is comprehensive, grammatically correct, and of the highest quality, and will pass Copyscape in any way.

Article Forge: Overview

Article Forge Review

Article Forge is one of the latest online tools to write entire articles for you, even if given the same keyword to write on. It uses its intelligence and research skills and gives you completely exclusive articles within just 30 seconds!

The article is not only intended to make perfect sense and to give sentence fluency, but also passes to Copyscape. And other literary detectors, making it appear that a person writes them.

Therefore, as you can see, Article Forge is not just a spinning tool, but a writer. It writes the entire sentence using its vocabulary.

Article Forge Review: Best Reasons to buy

Reason 1: Article Forge is Better than Other Similar Tools

The primary element that distinguishes article forge from other tools is that it does not just constitute the text. It writes text, adding a personal touch to the sentences.

Articles can easily pass Copyscape as intelligent tools personally write them. In this way, the content is always real and original, perfect to the end.

It's fast! Get the full article within 30 seconds in just one click!

It also adds videos, pictures, and headings where necessary. This tool is on its own, and you get a full blog, even if it is for affiliate articles, fully automated and extensively researched.

Reason 2: Get your article with just One Click!

Article Forge is designed to work for amateurs with a ‘single click' principle. You do not need any programming or proxy to use this tool. Just one click and voila! Easily publish your WordPress web page and get SEO optimized articles with one click!

Reason 3: Automates all SEO Efforts

The article forge gives your text the required title, adds external links to other relevant blogs. Provides articles with other graphics that add to the essence of the overall article.

Need an affiliate article? No problem! Just one click and you get articles, outbound links, images, and videos are all created by smart tools!

The best thing is that it takes you barely half a minute to get what you need and that too, without any trace of plagiarism, with the same qualities as the corresponding author.

Reason 4: Get different variations of a single article

Generate different versions of an article and get more than a thousand articles for the same keyword. You can get a sentence/paragraph, various forms of super-spun together to get a thousand different pieces.

You can compare each article, and it will have different words, sentences and paragraphs, which will make it uniquely written in all aspects.

Reason 5: Increase Search Engine Rankings of your website

Content is still king, and if you are running a website or websites and want them to rank high in search engine rankings, you need a lot of content. This situation is where software like Article Forge can do wonders for you.

Article Forge uses its smart algorithm, and this intelligent tool gives you a thorough, detailed article, written from scratch.

Reason 6: Save a lot of time & cost

Save a lot of time and expense by hiring a full-time writer, and I guarantee that you will like the results. Try it out; even if it's a 5-day free trial, you won't be disappointed.

Pros & Cons of Article Forge

PROS of Article ForgeCONS of Article Forge
  • Writes an article within 30 seconds
  • Unique and exclusive content
  • Videos, images, external links, etc. are added to the articles
  • Get unlimited articles on your monthly or annual package
  • Quite pricey, Although compared to other similar tools, the pricing should not be a concern

Final Verdict: Is Article Forge Worth it?

In the era of automation, content spinning devices are becoming a growing necessity. Although some earlier tools failed to deliver as promised, users are increasingly looking for better and better versions.

Article Forge is a tool that saves all the time involved in checking and verifying content, as well as manually making changes to the article. The article generated by Article Forge requires absolutely no changes or corrections.

Besides, its ability to actively view relevant content, titles, images, and videos make things so much easier for your blog site. You can order it to write an article just for you, and it can be published via Autopilot immediately or later; however, you need it.

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