Airbnb Coupon Code That Works in 2020

Want a discount coupon code for Airbnb? Then, it seems like you have stumbled on to the correct blog!

In this article, you will learn how you can get the maximum possible discount on Airbnb when signing up a new account, but not only that, you will also be able to get the deal as an existing user!

Click on this link to get a total discount worth $55, $40 of which goes towards your Airbnb rental credit, and the remaining $15 for Airbnb Experiences.

If you have already registered an account, fear not, because you can still avail of this discount we are offering you. First, log out of your account.

Then, follow our link and create a new account. And you are done! Congratulations, you have gotten yourself a $55 worth of discount.

Note that the link we have provided here is the only way to get yourself a discount, so hurry while the offer still lasts!

Airbnb Coupon Code 2020: Max Airbnb Promo

While looking for the discount, you might have come across several websites or blogs claiming to give you an Airbnb coupon or another way of getting the deal like coupon code or promo code.

However, there is no such coupon or code for Airbnb, and any blog or website saying otherwise is undoubtedly fake or an outright scam.

The only way to get an off for Airbnb is to follow the link we have provided you in this article, so click on the link below and get your discount today!

A step by step guide for getting the discount on Airbnb

Getting the discount for Airbnb is pretty simple, follow through with these steps to get it:

1. First, click on the link that we have listed here. It’s a referral link that will get you the promised money off. No other discounts exist, just this link that we have provided here.

2. You will reach a page where Airbnb tells you to join them and get a discount off your first trip. The amount listed would vary from region to region.

Airbnb coupon code that works

3. Follow through the registration form that will pop up (if it doesn’t automatically appear, click on “claim your credit” to avail it manually).

Airbnb dicount 2020

4. Now, all there is left for you to do is make a reservation. Once you make your first reservation (must be above $75 or else you won’t get any discount), you will see the value during checkout under the price breakdown tab.

5. That’s it, done! Congratulations on getting your Airbnb account!

Types of Airbnb Discount Codes that work in 2020

1. Airbnb coupon code for first-timers

If you are looking to sign-up a new account on Airbnb, follow the link we have provided in this article, and you will get an instant $40 off on your first Airbnb booking.

You will only see the money off that you got during the checkout window under the price breakdown tab, so check it to see if the discount is successfully applied.

If the discount didn’t apply, then it can mean one of three things: The first and the most common possibility is that it could be that the cost of your hotel or travel reservation is less than $75.

Your booking will need to be worth a minimum of $75. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of our discount. So, go for a bit more expensive option if you can since overall it will be cheaper for you, thanks to the link.

By the way, some people think the $75 restriction is absurd, but if you think about it, $40 is still more than 50% of $75, that’s a considerable discount in itself, so the limit isn’t that poor, at least in our opinion.

The other possibility is that the booking you are looking at is not your first booking on Airbnb. Remember, our discount only applies to the booking that you do right at the start of your account.

If your first booking didn’t get the discount applied to it due to it being less than $75, then it means that you have permanently lost your chance at some money off.

The last possibility is that you have an existing Airbnb account. Our discount link only gives a discount to those who register using it, and you will not receive any discount by clicking on it if you are an existing user.

The next section will answer the people under the third possibility: the existing users.

2. Airbnb coupon code for existing users

Alright, it’s excellent, and all for first-timers since the discount link only gives you $40 if you sign-up for a new account. But what if you already have a registered Airbnb account?

No worries, you can still make use of this discount link by using a simple trick. Since the link only works for signing up an account, why not just sign one up?

The trick that you are looking for is just that. You can either sign out of your account or enter the incognito mode in your browser to achieve it. Now, go to the link listed below and sign up an account using a different email or Facebook account.

With this simple trick, you can get the discount as many times you want! The only limit is the number of email or Facebook accounts you have. Once you run out of them, you can create new ones instead.

There are several things you can use the discount on, like $40 off your first hotel or $40 travel credit. Like we mentioned before, you will need to make a minimum purchase of $75, though.

By the way, if you are traveling with multiple people, you can create a new account for each one of your friends/relatives/coworkers and get the most discount by booking for everyone separately.

3. Airbnb credit card promo

As of this article, no Airbnb credit card promotions are going on (or any other promo for that matter, except for our link), meaning that if you need a discount, our referral is the only possible way to do so, at least right now.

That doesn’t mean Airbnb doesn’t get any credit card promos, though. It very well does, although only occasionally. And, whenever these discounts happen, they are only for a limited time, too.

If you want to make a reservation, it’s recommended you do it as soon as possible, use our link to get the sweet discount, and don’t wait for any other promo.

It’s just not worth waiting as you don’t know when exactly such a promo would arise, and who knows? Maybe the next one won’t happen for quite a while, so if you already have plans, go through with them instead.

Tip: Use a VPN to earn more discount

As we mentioned a bit earlier in the article, the total discount that you will earn entirely depends on your region. In some areas, the value off can be as low as even $25.

If you are in one of these regions, there is no need to worry! As with anything else, there is a trick to bypass this as well. Thus you can still earn the sweet, sweet $55 discount that you would so want.

So, how to achieve this? It’s quite simple, and you will need to change your region using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

If you are unfamiliar with VPNs, the basic idea is this: They allow you to change your region (to any country of your choice) so that any website or app you use will think you are browsing from that region.

If you are getting a new VPN, we recommend that you only get a paid one, as “free” ones might steal your info and sell it to some shady place (they also have poor security so you might be open to hackers).

Anyways, so you have got a VPN up, now which region should you select? The country that offers the most discount is the United States of America.

As you would have guessed, you will get a $55 discount if you sign-up from that region. The US is a region readily available on all VPNs, so switching to it won’t be an issue.

Why should you use the Airbnb discount coupon code?

Well, first of all, it’s a discount. Who doesn’t like some good old money off? Secondly, the Airbnb discount code is significantly better because of the simplicity involved in availing it.

Like, as you know, you need to click on our discount code link and sign-up an account to get the discount, things can’t get simpler than that.

Another significant advantage is that you can take advantage of the discount as many times as you like, you need to create a new account each time you get it.

Travelling can get a bit expensive, but thanks to our Airbnb discount code link, you can get a hefty discount on traveling and accommodation charges.

You can take it another way too: it means that you not only get cheap hotels at a much less expensive cost, but you can also go for a bit expensive options at the same price as you would have to pay in a cheap hotel without the discount link.

So yeah, the Airbnb discount coupon code link that we have given you here will only help make your traveling more economical, there are zero downsides involved so don’t think twice, go ahead and get that discount!

Airbnb discount Code FAQs

1. Where should I enter the Airbnb promo code?

There is no need to enter any code because there is no code, just the link we have given in our article. Follow it, sign-up an account, and you will get the discount.

Any blog or website claiming to provide you with a discount code is fake or quite possibly a scam, so it’s safe to ignore them and instead use our reliable discount link.

2. Are there any credit card promotions for Airbnb?

There are no credit card promotions available as of the time of this article.

Although they are for quite a limited time, the credit card promos occasionally happen, so keep an eye out for one if you think it would benefit you.

3. Is the Airbnb discount code region-locked, or can I use it anywhere in the world?

If you were to ask this question a few years ago, perhaps the answer would have been no. But, today, the landscape is different.

If you look at companies like Uber, which are quickly expanding and taking over the world, you will find that Airbnb is showing a similar pattern.

So, you will be able to use our discount link no matter where you are, as, in 2020, Airbnb has already spread to most parts of the world. No matter where you are, be that Vietnam, Bali, or India, you can use the link to get a discount almost anywhere!

Also, even though it’s not region-locked, there is still one difference between the different countries: the amount of discount that you can earn through our link.

The highest discount is available in the US, so it’s best if you use a VPN to change your region to the US before using our link to get the maximum amount of discount.

4. Okay, I got the discount, but how do I use my credits?

Using your credits for traveling or staying is simple enough. Just make your first reservation, and on the price breakdown tab, you will see whether you got the discount or not.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding this. You get only $40 off on your travels or stays, and the total cost of your reservation must be greater than $75.

If your reservation is below $75, you will not get any discount, so be sure about to check for this! Also, it has to be a first-time reservation. If you fail to get the money off on the first one, you won’t get it on the second one, either even if it’s over $75.

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