Mark Quadros: A Brief Bio

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Mark took the next obvious step of becoming a freelancer. He spent three whole months developing his skills to attain commercial viability.

After landing his first client on October 2018, he decided to leave home and live life on his own two feet. Since then, he's developed his skill-sets to become a content marketer while discovering his true passion — content-marketing for SaaS and online-business.

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Fun Facts about Mark

✅ A 21YO guy from Goa (India's smallest state).

✅ Traveling the world since October 2018.

✅ Learned everything from the Internet.

✅ Scaled freelancing business to 4-figures/mo without prior connections or experience.

✅ Started a side-hustle (read: affiliate marketing blog).

✅ Lives from a single backpack.