Mark Xavier Quadros

I specialize in long, detailed data-backed content for SaaS And Online Business.

After graduation, I plunged into the freelancing world and at the same time left home to live life on my own two feet.

Since then, I’ve built  my skillsets as a content writer, while discovering my true passion — writing for SAAS and online business.

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I specialize in blog writing, copywriting and ghostwriting actionable content, backed by data — and a dash of personality!

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Who the hell is this guy? ?

Hi! I’m Mark Quadros.

I am a freelance content writer hyper-focused on writing in the SaaS and online-business field. My secret sauce is my friendly and conversational writing tone that turns any topic (no matter how dry) into fun, and engaging copy —readers simply love!

Initially, I started out building WordPress websites but then found myself spending countless hours trying to figure out the best way to develop the content for it, aka content strategy. I realized — I love the ‘content part’ even more! 

In December 2018 I deviated into freelance content writing, and till now worked with a bunch of online-business to develop actionable content that’s not only brought in traffic but also increased engagement.

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